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My name is Jake, and I'm very excited to join this community with you all. I grew up in Michigan and have worked in Los Angeles for almost ten years as an editor and digital artist. After watching all the breakdowns included with the Blu-ray, Cloverfield was the movie that interested me in VFX after finishing college/university. As an AE user initially, I've forced myself not to use it for the past three years as I continue to learn more about node-based compositing. I can't wait to grow (and level up) alongside one another. What made you interested in VFX? Thank you!



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    Their fascination for Animation and Visual Effects first grew inside at an early age. Back then i was totally unaware of the process and techniques used in this industry. I decided that I wanted to learn visual effects and started with After Effects.Video Copilot was my first online school. After a few month, I realized that I needed to learn The Foundry Nuke if I wanted to become a digital compositor for film. then i start learning Foundry Nuke from Youtube, Lynda, Digital tutor, Fxphd, cmivfx ect. Another thing, Community and Good relationship helped me lot.

Hello everybody! To get the ball rolling, let's see how spread out is our community around the World in this new platform!



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Hello everyone! Imposter Syndrome is way more common than you might think across the entire spectrum of professional development and independent of the number of years of experience someone might have. There are several well-accomplished professionals that you probably look up to that also deal with it in one way or another. One of the most important steps to deal with it is to talk about it with your peers. You will see that there's a good chance that, they too are dealing with the same! We want this platform to be a safe place for everyone, so I would encourage you to share what triggers your imposter syndrome, what goes through your mind when it kicks in and what strategies you follow to deal with it.



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    I am from an engineering background and learned compositing from the internet. Before joining studios, I thought that what I learned from the internet may not be good enough for professional work. Yes I can feel it.

Watch this video to begin. I look forward to hearing from you in this community



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    I would like to express my gratitude to you for creating this wonderful community for us.

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