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How to Make $10,000/Month?📈 (The 4 Steps)
Hey Achievers! It's Harut. In this new video, I'm sharing how exactly to make $10,000 monthly when you’re broke. (Learn the 4 main things you need to start making money online in 2024) Here is the link - Enjoy!
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Thanks for this, I think alot of people have an issue with this because it's expensive to pay people for creating a video on upwork/fivver
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@Harut Martirosyan Proud of you bro 👊
2024 Financial Freedom Challenge! 🔥 (Day 2)
Hey Achievers! 👋 Here is the Day 2 of the "2024 Financial Freedom Challenge". The second day's topic is "How to Win and Become Financially Free in 2024?"🚀 We covered the following things: - What "Winning" even is? 🏆 - How to win? - What to do? - How to do it? - Why to do it? - When to do it? Basically, a FULL ROADMAP that will give you more clarity for your success in 2024. So if you're interested, Click the video below to watch it FOR FREE👇 - Harut
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@Harut Martirosyan Hey bro, is this information staying up on this group? or is it only for a limited time?
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@Harut Martirosyan how future are we talking? lol
Outsourcing work
How much are you spending to have your videos edited?
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@Harout Bouldoukian Would you mind letting me know your channel Harout Bouldoukian. I'd be happy to have a browse, no judgement at all. No worries, if thats uncomfortable for you, or you wanna keep it private, totally understand.
0 likes • Jan 10
@Harout Bouldoukian Nice, congratulations on the new bundle of joy, and best of luck with your youtube journey. Let me know when you're back on board and I can throw you a few tips and feedback about your videos. I've watched them and have a couple of idea's that could help you build your channel. Thanks Harout
Sport Niche Advice!
Hi fellow legends! I'm trying to break into the NHL (Ice Hockey) niche. Looking to collaborate/chat with people in the NFL/Soccer(football) markets. Hit me up! Cheers!
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@Mirsad Keric How would that be helpful to making youtube automation videos?
AMAZING NEWS!🔥 (Important)
Hey Achievers! I have amazing news! We are starting a completely FREE 3-day Challenge to help you make money online to build wealth and financial freedom for yourself and your family in 2024 and beyond. I’m going to share EVERYTHING I learned that helped me to become financially free at the age of 21 through YouTube Automation🔥 And the cool part is that it’s going to be FUN! 🙌 Because I understand that no one wants to go through boring stuff, I personally hate it myself as well when people make something good, but it’s so boring, you don’t want to do it! So this is going to be DIFFERENT! It will be a fast-paced, simple challenge that will show you how to get started and succeed. No BS, No fluff. But an actual system that is PROVEN to work📈 Because we don’t only TALK about stuff, but we actually SHOW you results. So, if you’re interested and want to be a part of this, just like this post so we can add you to the free waitlist. The challenge is going to start on January 12, Friday (11 AM ET/4 PM UK Time/8 PM Dubai Time/1 PM CT Time) P.s IMPORTANT: Make sure to Add it to your calendar now, to not miss it! And stay tuned! To your success, - Harut
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Thanks Harut
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