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This shit is fucking hard. I am crying like a baby as I write my script for loving yourself. 😭😭😭 Its been a struggle writing this script and even more so as I got closer and closer to the peak of the journey with the scream release. Our greatest fears, hurts and limiting beliefs are truly also our greatest gifts. Keep sharing everyone, so many people need this medicine. 💛🙏🏽💛



I don’t know what you might think of this song, but to me is a beautiful one that could be used for a transformation BW journey. Past the minute and half of the song, I can see myself breathing during the middle of BW to it while listening “all we can do is keep breathing” right spot on lyrics 💨☺️ And even its frequency would make me push myself beyond my limits. For all of you that are already working on your own journeys, just wanted to share it in case you have not heard it yet. ENJOY 🤩⬇️ https://open.spotify.com/track/3wpZTp7HM8Dv25oExNgCC6?si=DA88LZ9wQ3SsTebYuOd8Yw



Michelle Voytko
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So, I'm working on a new script. "Diving deeper into Self Love" and the playlist has evolved into mostly songs from female artists. I have 2 songs by male artists and I am even thinking of replacing those. Should I do an all female playlist or should I include more male artists? I don't want to make anyone feel un-included, everyone needs to work on their self love. What are your thoughts?



Chris Hardisty
Marta Takacs
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    @Chris Hardisty Awesome, thank you. I will have a listen

I came across an interview with Bruce Lipton on YouTube. He talks about theta brain waves and the first 7 years of a child's life. Also speaks about the conscious and the subconscious. Here is the link if you are interested. https://youtu.be/GjcuD_Y9w9U



Taz Street
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Hey y'all, I've been experimenting with a dramatic synopsis for a film promoting Breathwork. I'd love to hear your feedback about the concept I've drawn up so far! You're encouraged to share interesting ideas and concepts to possibly incorporate. Anything from character development to plot lines to events that could happen, etc. The story ties closely with my personal journey and the main character "Brian" is obviously inspired by the past decade of following the journey of @Brian Kelly ❤️ (The main character's name doesn't have to Brian @Brian Kelly 🤣) I will update with your comments that resonate with me! Here's the initial concept so far: "The Breathwork Revolution" This film follows the journey of Brian, a man stuck in a cycle of depression and frustration. He stumbles upon the practice of Transformational Breathwork and it completely transforms his life. He becomes a breathwork evangelist, traveling the world and connecting with a diverse group of professionals who have also been saved by the power of breath. Together, they embark on a crusade to heal the world from the mental and physical suffering caused by degenerate behavior and ignorance. Brian's journey is one of personal growth and self-discovery. He starts off in a state of victimhood, but as he embraces the discomfort of his past and takes responsibility for his life, he becomes a master of his own mind and emotions. Through breathwork, he learns to flow with the universe and finds true connection with others. The themes of the film center around revolution, growth, and transformation. Brian's actions are bold and extreme, but they inspire others to wake up and take control of their own lives. The story's climax is a revolutionary moment in which the world, due to Brian's influence and teachings, collectively realizes how good times create weak people and how weak people create bad times. In light of this realization, the international collective agrees to intentionally make it a priority to design systemic childhood and early adulthood experiences that are hard on purpose, but in a healthy and informed way, with support systems to make sure people don't have to live in conditions that are too hard. This will help people become strong and independent so they can keep the enlightened state they reached during the global Eureka moment. The world recognizes that each person has an incalculable amount of value and makes sure that every educational system is regularly and openly audited so that the highest standards of education and human development can be kept. To instill as much balance and trust in the civilization as possible, all scientific departments become open-source and can be audited without a warrant by anyone.



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    Really creative, would love to see a movie or short film incorporating this plot

Hallo Tribe I wanted to Share my Last 3 Werks Journey of sleeping mouthtapped! 😅 I have to admit the first 2 nights were a bit freaky, cause I always felt, like I am being suffocating, but my Willpower and Mindset made me keep going on. 😃 Now since starting this I feel so much more rested, able to focus better, my skin looks healthier, i even lost weight! It simply seems as if my whole metabolism is working smoother and better! And now it has become like 2nd nature.. the mouth tapping routine! How about you tribe? What are your outtakes and experiences on that?⭐️ Cheers Nadya



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    Oh and I fold over a small piece of the tape at the edge, just incase you panic at night, it's easier to rip it off 😅😅

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    @Nadya Seeberger at the very beginning, I did have a "moment" but now no issues. Just thought I would throw out the suggestion if someone was feeling hesitant

Hello Revolutionaries--can we call ourselves that?? I let myself get triggered this afternoon. Badly. Over stupid crap. I went into trauma brain mode and I was half watching detached and half raging at myself. I screamed in the bathroom and hit myself several times. It's like the pain calms me, but I know it isn't healthy. I hate self harm because my mom did real visible damage like scratching herself with keys or burning her forearms repeatedly with an iron. I never wanted to hurt myself at all, but the screaming releases something and the blows--almost bring me back. It's an abrupt switch. I can have absolutely fatalistic, borderline suicidal thoughts, but I really, truly am NOT suicidal. But I hate this. And the shame I feel after I do this amplifies it. And, damnit--today was going SO much better. I wish I'd just stayed in my little office and breathed instead of choosing to go into the situation that was already triggering me. Building the habit, I guess. I was planning on doing the first trauma release tonight. Really hoping my husband doesn't choose to sleep on the couch--again. This is similar to what happened on Sunday, right before my Breath Masters enrollment call the next morning. If anyone else has any ideas...let me know. Or call me on my crap I'm missing.



Marta Takacs
Beth Rouintree Pritchett
Yara Tarek
Vanessa Naja
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    It sounds like you are very focused on working through your triggers and it can be easy to slip back into old patterns as you are doing the work. I don't have much advice on your specific situation, but I do have a pretty good understanding of the cycle of feeling shameful for reverting to old habits. Please be kind and compassionate with yourself, we are way more sympathetic with other people than with ourselves. Count each time that you realize you are being triggered as a victory and build on those. Sending you much love ❤️

I just did the 9D breathwork, thank you brian for this gift. I have been through so much trauma recently i find it hard to even speak in an open forum. I feel the shift, i am beginning to feel that fire that was lost. I used to be one of those people who could never sit still. Being an athlete I only knew one way to calm the mind. It was to sweat it out, whether it was the gym, riding, boxing or dance. Love every challenge you put us through. So grateful to be here.



Marta Takacs
Marina Savic
Rowena Connolly
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Soufiane Naftahi
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    It's such a gift to start to feel ourselves shift and evolve ❤️

This morning I revisited one of the MB30 breathwork practices. As I was doing the practice a lot of physical sensations were coming to the surface in my throat area. I was feeling very congested in the throat with lots of mucus, phlegm and needing to cough and clear my throat. I'm a true believer that our repressed emotions and our issues are stored within our bodies. Last week I spent a lot of time with my parents going to doctor's appointments. I tried to vocalize some of my opinions about the doctor's appointments but they were met with resistance by my dad and I felt like he dismissed a lot of what I had to say. The dynamics in our family has always been that whatever my dad says goes. I am aware as an adult that this is a trauma for me and I know that I have reluctance to speak up at times. Towards the end of the week I reverted back to my childhood behaviors with him and did not speak up or offer my opinions anymore, as I felt unheard and that my views were insignificant. Today was a much needed practice and I felt like I was able to release some of these physical manifestations of my issues from my body.



Vanessa Naja
Monica Benedetto
Ngahuia Hemara-Wahanui
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I finally got around to doing the purge breathwork journey a several days ago. I had spoken to my sister that morning and we discussed some of our health goals for this year . My mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and it has awakened in me to examine what lifestyle choices I have been making so far and what I can do to improve. I had told my sister that one of my goals was to start fasting. But in my head I couldn't figure out how I would even begin to accomplish this since my relationship with food is somewhat addictive and I eat in order to emotionally soothe myself. I feel like I had an incredible breakthrough during this session, and after I finished, I decided that I would start a 48 hour fast right then and there. Happy to say, that I successfully completed that 48 hour fast. It gave me huge insights into my relationship with food and how I use food when I feel triggered. There is so much power in breath work, but when we can experience it our own lives, WOW! does it hit home 🙏🏽 Thank you Brian for bringing this beautiful medicine into my life.



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Ngahuia Hemara-Wahanui
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