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Ai Powered Real Estate empowers real estate professionals to grow their revenue by optimizing content creation, social marketing, and team building.

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Jan 11 
Introduce Yourself! (Start Here - Please Read 👀 )
Welcome to the community. You are now entering a hidden oasis on the internet for contentpreneurs who want to achieve financial freedom through building a profitable online community. Here's EXACTLY what to do first: Step 1: Introduce yourself HERE using this Copy/Paste Template: What's your nickname? Where you from? Biggest strength? Biggest weakness? Which content platform is your favourite? What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Step 2: Learn how to unlock everything by reading this. ------- Best practices in this community: • Try to level up quickly by commenting and posting your insights in the community. • Hit 'Like' 👍 on every helpful post or comment you see to help others level up. • When you write a post, break up your paragraphs into single sentences like I am doing now - this way more people will read what you write, and actually reply. • Make sure your profile picture is a photo of you. • Be cool. • If you ever get stuck, feel overwhelmed, are not sure what 'next step' to take, just ask the community. ------ Group Rules: 1) No Self Promotion 2) No Selling in the DM's 3) No Spamming the Community Feed
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New comment 9h ago
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@Jo Mo Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!
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Target 1 Achieved
Thanks @Ted Carr and community Hit my first target with my paid community $1k monthly revenue in my $20 low ticket group. Group is 8 weeks old. Learning every day. Onto the next goal! 👍👍👍
Adam Harrell
Scott Maclean
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Oct 25 
31 P's
What's your promise?
Most contentpreneurs either have a TERRIBLE promise or not promise at all and then wonder why they struggle with making sales... The clearer you are on your promise and the better your promise is, the easier it will be to make sales. What's a promise? This highly desireable end result people get when they've gone through your program is called the “promise”. Example promises: Drop 10lbs in 30 days Earn $10,000 in 90 days Speak fluent Spanish in 60 days Eliminate your Germany accent in 90 days Get a date on Tinder within 7 days Grow your Instagram by 1,000 people in 2 weeks Notice how NONE of these examples are vague or general? They're all highly specific, and often highly desireable. If you're unsure what YOUR promise is, one of the easiest ways to determine what your promise is to just look and see what other people are already selling. This tells you what other people are already buying :) The 4 main ‘desire areas’ that people spend the most money are: 1) Relationships 2) Money 3) Beauty 4) Pain Relief Note: You do NOT have to be an expert in any of these fields right now, but you need to at least be interested in a field and be prepared to study it and learn more about it. You should like (but ideally LOVE) the topic enough to be talking about it in your content & conversations daily. When I first started coaching business, I knew very little, but I knew enough about it to help people with it and I knew I wanted to study it more. What sort of end result would someone happily pay at least $1,000 to achieve? What sort of end result would YOU pay $1,000 to achieve? Chances are, both answers have to do with 1 of the above 4 categories. An amazing bonus question is: Who is already promising this end result and making good money selling it? If you can’t find at least 3 people who are already selling something like this, you’ll likely have an incredibly hard time selling it. So make it easy on yourself and just find something other people are already selling!
Mark Van Dyke
Thomas Freeman
Anshu Shukla
Lauriena Cruz
Bobby Boyd
New comment 10d ago
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@Ted Carr For my Real Estate Offering, I was thinking my Promise could be like... "Earn $25k in Commissions in 14 days!" or "Attract Paradise Valley Home Sellers in 14 Days!" "Attract Scottsdale Home Buyers in 14 Days!" Thoughts?
Oct 22 
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What do you charge?
Pricing is a powerful leveraging mechanism that will either allow you to hit your income goals quickly or slowly. The higher you price your programs, the less units you need to sell to reach your income goals. Example: If your monthly income goal is $10,000, and you have a $1,000 program, you only need to sell 10 per month to hit your goal. But if you only have a $10 program, you have to sell 1,000 per month to hit your goal. So, how will you price your products & services? Even before you know WHAT you want to sell yet, it’s important to get clear on your pricing model. When starting out, I suggest having 3 pricing tiers... 1) Free 2) Low ticket 3) High ticket I always suggest starting out low, and then slowly increasing your prices over time. This allows you to enter the market at a competitive price, and removes any doubt you might have around the thought of “people can’t afford my products and services!” General suggestions: - Freebie: $0 - Low ticket program: $20/month - High ticket program: $997
Mark Van Dyke
Troy Milligan
Jerry Hunter
Karen Luniw
Bobby Boyd
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This makes great dollars and sense.
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@Fernanda Largo what’s your high ticket program?
Oct 31 
7 Ways to Get People to Buy Your Stuff :)
I 🙏 each of you understand these 7 ways... If your brain can wrap itself around these 7 ways, you'll find making money becomes a lot easier :)
Spike Warner
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Dillon Olias
Ted Carr
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This made good sense to me Ted! Thanks for the straight forward approach!
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