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Opt in VS Apply Funnel
I'm running a VSL funnel however not sure which one I should do: #1 - Ad > Opt in > VSL > Schedule #2 - Ad > VSL > Type form application > Schedule I've ran #2 in the past with success. These were the numbers: - $200/day budget - $10.79 CPC - $85.28 cost per application - $142.14 CPBC Really good lead quality and decent cost per call. Not sure if #1 would be any better but I see most people in the industry running an opt in funnel. Because let's say its the same CPC, 20% landing page CVR - that's a $50 CPL. Let's say 20% VCR that's a $250 CPBC. But maybe with our setter calling that could be brought down to $150? Also because I'm on a lower budget should I be optimizing for a cheaper conversion event? i.e. opt ins are almost half the cost of an application. Or because I've got a good CPBC it doesn't really matter. Here's the current funnel - Curious to see what your thoughts are 👇
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If you place a setter to call the people who opt-in, I'll try the first one. If not, the booking funnel should result in cheaper calls booked
We just partnered with Cole Gordon & his team at to help YOU collect more cash while running paid ads!
Hey Ad Men, exciting news! We just partnered with Cole Gordon and his team at to help YOU close more deals and collect more cash while running paid ads! When you become a client of ours at, you'll also be getting exclusive access to Cole Gordon's 7-Figure Selling Academy where you can work with his team to review your sales calls, improve your sales ability, and collect more cash for your business from your paid ads! You see, over the last 6-months, we've been working on fine-tuning this 'HYBRID' offer and fixing all the potential "roadblocks" and "failure points" that YOU might run into when becoming a client inside this program... And one of the most common "failure points" has been the sales process. We help our clients create and run the ads to get the leads they need... but... sometimes, they have trouble closing. A lot of the time, they're not used to closing COLD traffic leads... Aka people that are potentially interested, but not very familiar with you, your brand, or your company yet... Which is a totally different skill than closing someone who's coming to speak with you from your organic or WARM traffic! Like someone from your YouTube audiences, your email list, or maybe word of mouth/ referrals... And having the ability to close COLD traffic leads, for example, from YouTube Ads... Is what separates MOST businesses from staying stuck at 6 OR 7-figures... to profitably scaling to 8-figures and beyond... Which is exactly why we've decided to TEAM up with the biggest and best Sales Coaching Company in the entire industry... To ensure you get the BEST results for your business possible! Now, that's the good news... The "BAD" news is... Well, we're going to be raising the price of this offer at the END of THIS month! Which means that if you've been on the fence of working with us and having us help you get your YouTube Ads setup and running to start scaling your course, coaching, or high-ticket service based business...
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We just partnered with Cole Gordon & his team at to help YOU collect more cash while running paid ads!
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Cole Gordon is the GOAT - I've learned a lot from STA
Hi everyone! My name is Sergio Peña. I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico. I currently work as the Marketing Coordinator for MNP Consultores, a law firm in the legal and accounting niche. We help our clients achieve permanence, profitability, and significance over time through good practices, corporate strategies, and tax services.I'm excited to join this community, learn about YouTube Ads, and share my thoughts and experiences in general! Here's a picture of my workspace:
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Nice to meet you brother 💪 Saludos 🇲🇽
3 things I learned making $137k last month from YouTube Ads
Just made our best month ever at $137k cash collected in May. ​ I spent $200K to buy almost every coaching program you can imagine from the top guys in our industry and hired about 13 closers. Out of 13 closers, only 3 were worth keeping on the team. ​ Here’s what I learned: ​ 1. Most of them call themselves closers after taking Cole’s course or Dan Lok’s course but don’t they don’t understand sales fundamentals and how to communicate without causing any friction. ​ 2. Really good closers are already making good money. If they’re broke, it means they don’t know how to sell themselves to a good company, if they can’t sell themselves, they won’t be able to sell your offer. ​ 3. Don’t remove yourself from sales until someone can match your performance. Biggest mistake I made was to remove myself too early from sales because I was tired of it. Suck it up, get better and learn to enjoy sales. It will serve you a lifetime. ​ That's why I fired all my old sales team and decided to do all the setting and closing myself again. ​ Not gonna lie, I'm starting to feel a maxed out as I took over 100 live demos as the founder on top of calling over 600 new leads. ​ Our bottleneck right now is the appointment setting. ​ My goal is to bring on an appointment setter this month to at least remove myself from that part so I can take 120-140 live demos and reach $200k/mo cash collected. ​ For setters, unlike closers, I don't think they need experience to succeed fast. The main thing is looking for someone eager to learn, with a TON of drive and hunger. ​ When I was 16 years old, that was me. I had dropped out of high school, with zero skills and zero income but I was disciniplined and driven. ​ 7-figures seemed so far away and I could have never reached it simply because I was lacking a lot of skills. Looking back, the first skill I should have learned was appointment setting because it doesn't matter if you're good at closing if you have no calls in the first place... ​ Anyways, hopefully this can inspire some of you guys in here.
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3 things I learned making $137k last month from YouTube Ads
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This is so true! In the company I was setting the closers said that the leads were bad. But then the company hired a new closer and then “magically” she started to close the “bad” leads That month, we hit $20k month of new cash collected
Anyone knows a great setter?
I'm looking to hire a setter. OTE is $6-8k/mo. DM me for all info!
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I can't message you
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