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New comment Jan 22

Hey guys i finally decided to ditch my FB Group which has 5k members (i plan to move most of them over) and excited about it. I am already have a paid Skool group for my mastermind members. I would love to get some tips, advice, suggestions from Skool members who also have done this as well and found success by giving value, building trust and also getting sales for their offers from the FREE group. Thank you so much 😊



Ted Carr
Manjit Rukhra
New comment Mar 29
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    @Ted Carr thank you sir. Would you have an example Of yours?

Has anyone here moved/closed down their Free (public) Facebook group and moved it over to Skool? I am considering doing this, i currently have about 5,000 members in my free group, i use it to give value, build our brand, promote free training ect. The engagement of members posting is ok. I am a little leery if i do this move and people aren't sitting on FB now (in Skool) the engagement might die Love to hear the groups thoughts or any feedback you may have. Thank you 😀



Hey everyone i am in the process of uploading my MP3 files i had on Kajabi into Skool but i noticed you can upload files that are larger then 100 megabytes. Is anyone else finding that to be the case or knows how to resolve this issue so i can also have a MP3 of my video course in each module? @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thank you



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment May '22

Everyone I recently ditched/closed on our Facebook group and moved over to the new platform here on Skool. We had about 230 members in our Facebook group and now we are down to 137, I lost some people in the transition for whatever reason…. I’m having a very hard time having people post, answer other members questions, comment etc. A lot more lower activity than our Facebook group. Probably because everybody’s used to Facebook, it had an app, people done like change, etc. Some members have commented that it’s not active as much and they don’t like it… I’m a little frustrated by this…. any suggestions, comments for me that where I can get other members to use the new platform Skool more, get more community engagement just like we were having on FB? i’m open to all suggestions 👏🏽



Kiryl Melnichenka
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Manjit Rukhra
New comment May '22
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    @Kiryl Melnichenka Itll take some time to hit a 1000 lol...great goal to shoot for

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Not sure if you have experience with this but based on my eight week course with about 25 modules is there a recommendation in package you would recommend me?

Hey guys I’m planning on moving over my course from Kajabi to Skool. Question if I host the videos on YouTube, will ads run and play for my clients when they’re watching the video training? Not sure about this.



Nick Guadagnoli
New comment May '22

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