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Facebook Ad/ Campaign
HI EVERYONE! I was late joining the ads and campaign call and was not let in. Is there someone I can talk to about our facebook ads? @Mark Ford @Matt Zahorec @Leah Ford
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Hi @Jake Gentile yes I can!
Collaboration Call Schedule for Week of 12/5
We are having our live event this week so we will only have one collaboration call and we are changing the time. The collaboration call will be TOMORROW @ 1PM ET. Same call link.
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@Olivia Neyland
How to plan 2023 to be your best year ever
We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a live event in Florida in December to help you setup your business for success in the new year and beyond. Ron Bullis and the Lifeworks team will be partnering with us for this special event at the Bohemian Hotel in Celebration, Florida from December 7-9. The Agenda: Wednesday the 7th: We will host a welcome reception/cocktail hour from 6-8 at the Bohemian. And yes, Carmine will be in attendance! Thursday the 8th: We will kick off with a continental breakfast and a full day of teaching by Ron Bullis. He will share… The Future of Advice - State of the wealth management industry - Technology and client expectations that are driving change - The three (3) most significant challenges advisors face and how they can build a practice that will win their ideal clients today and the next generation of wealth creators.  - Where advisors should be investing and focusing their efforts  In another session, he will share how to build a “future-proof” practice - Why you need to focus on scale and not just growth - Foundations of your strategic plan He will also present on Revenue Models - Why every advisor should implent a fee-for-service model - How to price your services - Hands on breakout sessions to implement this into your business with 1-1 Q&A. …and much more! And that’s just Thursday. Friday the 9th: We will also start with a continental breakfast and a half day of teaching. - I will share database reactivation and, how to get clients without spending money on ads or anything else. - I will also show you how to implement and leverage Ron’s training to create more powerful offers - And convert all of it into new clients. - I will also be sharing our new proprietary software platform called Apollos and how you can use it to automate your follow-up, manage your pipeline with ease, and centralize all of your lead sources from all social media channels into one place so it's easier to track and convert more leads and turn them into clients.
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What is the group code to book the hotel? W14 does not work @Ron Bullis @Mark Ford
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@Mark Ford thank you!
Business Plan Templet
This might be a silly question but is there a business plan templet that you guys utilize? @Mark Ford unless I am over seeing it with the links you guys have provided.
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@John Neyland @Olivia Neyland @Mark Ledson
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@Olivia Neyland This should be great!
Intro: Josh Olfert, CFP
Hi, I'm Josh Olfert. I'm from Canada. I run an independent wealth firm called Haven (or Haven Wealth Management Ltd.). I started in the business 7 years ago at 19 and found most of my success through online content creation. 3 things that would make Vanguards a huge win for me: 1) Better define my target niche 2) Market and deliver an irresistible offer that *I enjoy* for that niche. 3) Drive traffic through a system optimized to ascend prospects through my value ladder (hierarchy of potential services). All of this to create the income I want, with the freedom of time I want, doing work that I love while providing massive value to the right people. Big ask! For fun I love to Golf ("addiction" would be more accurate), fall down obsessive rabbit holes of developing whatever skill is currently piquing my interest, fitness and travelling. I've also always been an exotic car fanatic. Here's a picture of my workspace: #1. Vision
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Wow @Josh Olfert awesome accomplishments! Welcome!
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