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A BIG change…! A real challenge
I’m glad to be here. I really appreciate to be part of this challenge and to be integrated in this community. I used to be a journalist, working with so many different people around me… And now, I’m focusing on people that are counscious about their capacities and everything around that can be « toxic », negative thoughts or habbits which are here just to put limits. Which are creating limits and sadness. Brian Kelly is a source of inspiration, a guy that is here to make these bad patterns change in the better way. Just thank you Brian and thanks to all of the people who are sharing these moments 🙏🫶 I’m just at the very beginning of this journey and I’m happy to be part of this change.
Kevin Smith
Paulo Silva
Kristi Battalini
Katy Green
Mike Swaney
New comment Jul 30
3 likes • Apr 28
@Dani Trewhela It’s quite the same for me. I’m not easily convinced to follow any add or sale stuff on social network, but Brian’s approach and method just « talked to me ». I haven’t tried the 9D challenge yet, what is it about ? About the style of breathwork I enjoy the most… it’s hard to say… I’m used to breathe deeply, with my belly, to calm down (with many different « counts », the box breathing has helped me a lot during years, I’m also doing everyday a 5secs inhale, 5secs exhale, during 3 to 5mins. And I know that it’s only a little piece of the cake that I’m about to discover with this group :-) And you ? What are your favourite breathworks ? How do you use them in your everyday life ? In your work maybe ?
Daily routine
Which is the best breath work practice to incorporate into your daily routine please ?
Emile Verkerk
Fabian Wesselink
Yvonne Wierenga
Mark Weller
Mike Swaney
New comment Jul 29
5 likes • May 4
My really personnal experience… is that I’m not able to have any morning routine but during the day I’m doing my best to apply the 5/5 breathing, the 4-7-8, and also other activation techniques you can learn in « day4 », of the breathwork challenge. And you ??
3 likes • May 5
@Mark Weller Ok, I’m quite sure that it’s a good habit to breathe as soon as possible when we wake up. I’m trying to do the same, just not enough organised for the moment to have this discipline. What kind of breathing would you like to practice during the day ?
Breath Awareness <3
Anyone Get some breath awareness, after starting Breathmaster education ? :D And what has i done for you? Love from Daniel
Lucie Brissaud
Paulo Silva
Marion Dekindt
Margarita Florodimitri
Katy Green
New comment May 5
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@Margarita Florodimitri
5 likes • Apr 28
I don’t find the right words to express how gratefull I feel now with all your answers… thanks a lot for all of your words, so strong, so powerfull. Nothing happens for nothing and I really feel your positive energy even if it’s threw a screen and far away from your countries… Thanks a lot again 🙏♥️
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Lucie Brissaud
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I'm passionate about science and neuroscience. After more than 10 years managing a film company, I’ve decided to become a sophrologist.
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