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Hey Sam and the Team, I am thinking of moving over to Skool from Kajabi, but was wondering if you guys were working on a mobile app for students/clients to go through the modules on their phone? This is one thing I love about Kajabi because you can listen to courses on the go. I imagine you will be coming out with an app sometime in the near future?



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Introducing two new features for courses: 1. Drip — Now you can drip course content to your members over time. When adding/editing a module, turn drip on, and enter the number of days you want to module to drip after. 2. Course permissions — Now you can give some of your members access to course A, but not course B. When adding/editing a course, set permissions to "All members have access" (default), or "Only some members have access". To give specific members access, find the member from the member's list, click the "..." menu, click "Manage access", and select the course from there. These were two of the most requested features we've had, so I hope you guys like them! Check it out and let us know what you think. Enjoy!



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