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Winning Wednesday
Drop your wins below! I can't to celebrate them with you!
Laura McKaig
Leah DeLong
Emma Green
Jeanette De Witt
Greg Todd
New comment Feb 17
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    This Saturday (Feb 18th) I will celebrate my 5TH business anniversary!!! I would not have made it this far without this community and Greg's coaching--thank you all!
Hi, my name is Laura McKaig, I’m from Olathe Kansas (Kansas City), and I’m a physical therapist. We’re in the pelvic health niche, with special focus in men's health and age 55+ populations. I want to get these things from the SSHC Group: 1. Community and collaboration with a group of like-minded healthcare professionals. 2. Learning more how to scale and grow a very unique niche in creative ways. 3. Energy and fun--I started my business at age 53, you all help keep me young! :-) . For fun, I like to: 1. listen to live jazz. 2. go to local coffee shops. 3. cheer on my favorite MLS soccer team.
Greg Todd
Deanna Marr
Laura McKaig
Amy Schnacker
Delia Duran
New comment Feb 6
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    @Deanna Marr nice to meet you! Let's talk further. I think OT's have a LOT to contribute to pelvic floor rehab!
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    @Amy Schnacker Midwest neighbors! Where in S Central Nebraska? My dad grew up in Franklin, NE
Throwback Thursday
Happy Thursday, the week is almost done! Let's throw it back to when you decided to start your business. What led to that choice?
Leah DeLong
Cat Ludwig
Laura McKaig
Jeanette De Witt
New comment Jan 27
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    I got thrown to the wolves. I got back into the PT profession after being out for 14 years, felt called to specialize in pelvic PT. It was a rough re-entry! Got fired from my first job, got fired from my "backup" dream job before I even started. Worked for a friend as an independent contractor and that didn't go as we had hoped. I wasn't fitting into her way of running her business so I was given 3 options: 1) quit the profession 2) go work for someone else, or 3) start my own business. My desire to continue on this path outweighed the sheer terror of being a business owner. So I chose option 3.
Winning Wednesday
Happy Wednesday! Drop your wins for the week and be part of Feature Friday
Emma Green
Jeanette De Witt
Leah DeLong
Nick Hopkins
Laura McKaig
New comment Jan 20
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    This month, I was able to pay myself triple the amount I paid myself last January. Met with my accountant today and we are discussing moving from LLC to S-corp. Those of you who know me from SSHC, that is a HUGE move! Slow and steady does pay off :-)
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Laura McKaig
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Pelvic PT in Olathe KS. Love cooking, listening to jazz, and soccer! I have 2 adult sons who I'm very proud of!

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