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Productive Brain 4.0 Is HERE!
In 4.0 we have some exciting developments, this group will now be a paid subscription that will give full access to all the templates and courses I've released. Lifetime members will get to keep access to Productive Brain without subscribing. Access 4.0 Here Productive Brain now has new features that I'm so excited to share: 1.) Packs - We have introduced templates within templates with packs! - Notion Finances: Includes bank sync live and P&L! Perfect for doing my taxes. - Notion CRM Template: Including sales pipeline and follow up system! Notion. - Notion Book Tracker Template: Includes a book tracking database with a connection to your Notes! 2.) Sessions - Now tasks can be tracked with an intuitive time clock, you can track down to the minute of every task you are working on through the day and total up tasks on a goal. This is great for invoice line items or just tracking how much time your spending in certain areas! It's seamless, easy and fun to use! 3.) And of course it includes all of the classic features from earlier versions of Productive Brain, including Task Tracking, Note Taking, GTD Capture System and Processing System, Planning System, Habits, Areas and a simplified "Goals" database replaces Sub Areas! With the rise of LLMs and Ai, data is more important than ever, so collecting this information in your Productive Brain creates a massive leverage point! You can analyze your data like never before using tools like ChatGPT and Claude by Anthropic! Notion also has an api that connects with many popular tools like Make and Zapier along with other native integrations. Tracking things like your sleep hours, workout time, true/false habits, qualitative habits and daily journaling, are easier than ever! This adds to the capturing functionality in a very meaningful way and allows you to magnetically attract all of your data to one centralized Second Brain!
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@Carter Surach Are we supposed to be using the beta version below? In Classroom, under latest version, the drop down is empty :(
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🥳 Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow!!
Hide completed tasks in Sub Areas
Hey everyone, I love my productive Brain. i need some help: After some time there are a lot of tasks in one sub area and it is kinda overwhelming to see which are the incomplete tasks. How can I hide the completed tasks in the sub areas. And is it possible to add filters or a sort function? I added a picture so that you know where I am. Thank you.
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Hide completed tasks in Sub Areas
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I have the same question -- I have some that have more than 100 entries, and if I'm looking for a more recent one, I have to click "More" over and over to populate the whole list.
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Solid workaround, thank you @Carter Surach !!🔥
Subtasks in Productive Brain! 🧠
Watch this quick guide if you're struggling with setting up sub tasks in Productive Brain.
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Subtasks in Productive Brain! 🧠
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@Carter Surach I think it was still a WIP, but are you still planning on creating a guide for us 3.0 peeps who don't have yet have Sub Tasks or other nifty features of 3.1?
What have you learned about Notion so far?
Share something you learned about Notion. What surprised you? What do you still have questions about? Comment below.
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This template and your tutorials have taught me so much about my life and how I spend my time. While also keeping me on-track and accountable for the things I have to do, want to do, and am doing. For someone with ADHD, having a quick capture for To Dos, a place to process things I've forgotten, and the ability to plan out things in the future... absolutely a game changer. I am looking forward to the video updates on how to change 3.0 to 3.1 (like adding sub tasks) -- and I can't wait to dive into them when they're ready!
Recurrent tasks
Another little question - when I put in recurrent tasks, they only stay for one day then disappear when done. The template says that they should recur every day. What is the glitch? And on the same subject, what is the best way to put in tasks that recur, say, every Wed and Sat at 3 pm? Thank you
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Hi @Maria Kungurov ! I could be way off base and maybe there's a new feature that I'm not referencing or taking advantage of, but @Carter Surach did a video on recurring tasks (linked in this post) -- I think the easiest way for you to accomplish what you're asking is to create a new template of that task, then setup the recurrence as needed. Carter's video linked below does a thorough step-by-step walk through on this -- I hope it helps 😁
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