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Skool Directory - Find and discover groups
Announcing While browsing Skool and thinking about how to be a good affiliate for the platform, I found a number of threads around the discovery of groups: - - - I also feel like none of the Skool marketing describes how mature and well adopted the platform is. It's only through Google I can see how many groups exist the number of users, and whether they are active. As such I've built a directory for Skool: I hope to solve a couple of problems with directory: 1. Make discovery of other communities easier 2. Bring visibility to the fact that Skool is a well adopted and popular platform I find it very interesting to see how many groups there are and how popular they are (there are some groups with thousands of users). I have plans to do more, but I would like to hear feedback and what you think. So please let me know. And of course, if you're an admin -- please feel free to submit your group!
Sam Ovens
Leah Davis
Noel Ng
Alex Stiehl
Diane Ziomek
New comment 7d ago
  • 6 likes • Oct '22
    @Sam Ovens appreciate it! @Leah Davis I used a UI library called Mantine ... easy to use, I recommend it. @Oli Reitmaier Thanks! Inspired by how active the community is here, compared to other products I've seen.
  • 0 likes • Jan 30
    @Richard Woods All groups, you can filter which are free vs paid on the site by clicking the filters.
German Translation of Skool?
Hey guys, is it planned to release a german translation of skool? Its just a few words. Maybe, we can translate it by our self? Would be really great and helpful for our clients.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dennis Kraus
Swen Galster
Nadine Pulver
Cepand Yegani
New comment Oct 25
  • 5 likes • Oct '22
    Agreed! Would be nice to offer it in native languages. Really liked @Julia Weber's idea of doing some kind of crowd sourcing of the translation also!
  • 2 likes • Oct '22
    @Julia Weber Yah that is great. I think this doesn't even need user interface. Maybe you could just download a JSON file from Skool that has all the strings and you can overwrite them and upload as needed / desired.
What's the #1 Feature You Want?
If you could wave a magic wand and add one feature to Skool, what would it be?
Benjamin Nabers
Oli Reitmaier
Franck Rocca
Scott Fury
Peter Svenning
New comment Oct 21
  • 5 likes • Jan 25
    For those on this thread asking about a mobile app, I created Skool Kompanion (iOS only for now): The application increases engagement within Skool thanks to native push notifications on your phone. It's completely free to use so I recommend taking a look!
Introducing Skool Kompanion - A Free Mobile App for Skool
Hey everyone, Introducing Skool Kompanion - A Free Mobile App for Skool I’ve made a number of tools for Skool over the past few months such as Skool Directory or the Members Export Plugin. I believe in Skool the product and ecosystem, and am excited to see it grow. As with directory, this project was inspired by seeing numerous requests about a Mobile App. In response I’ve gone ahead and created Skool Kompanion. Skool Kompanion is a simple mobile app that allows you to access Skool as you would from a browser. It also gives you access to real-time push notifications for posts and comments at the tip of your fingers. Over the course of the last couple of weeks — I have found myself more engaged with Skool due to the way notifications keep me looped in. I think this mobile app with notifications will lead to higher engagement within your groups. I encourage everyone to try it for some time, and see how much of a difference it makes. I think it will be an essential tool in order to stay engaged and connected with your groups. At this time Skool Kompanion does not support Android, and notifications do not support chat. These are things I may look at in the future depending on support and feedback. So please try it, and let me know if you have feedback.
Josh Gavin
Oli Reitmaier
Oliver Cantin
Fitzgerald Council
Megan Smith
New comment Apr 10
  • 5 likes • Jan 10
    @Joe Wu @Andrew Kirby I've made the app free. Your feedback was extremely helpful in helping me get to that point, so appreciate it.
  • 1 like • Jan 12
    @Student Thanks! I do think that this app will have a positive effect on engagement, as I noticed I'm opening Skool more frequently due to push notifcations.
The weird way I use Skool (I think it's pretty powerful)
Hey all. I've started using Skool as a front-end marketing group instead of a back-end product group. Is anyone else doing this? Attached is the model I'm using. The key differences to the model most in here use: - No ads - No direct outreach - No sales tactics - No content treadmill - Focus on audience building (specifically YouTube) - Focus on community - Using Skool as a marketing community, not product community I ran the new model past Sam and he said he liked it! I also asked for permission to post this here and he said yes. I think this new model is a game-changer for getting to $100k/m profit. I know it's quite difficult to get the full picture from the image, so if you need more info then just comment "Loom" and I'll send you a Loom fully explaining the model. Hope it helps.
Ted Carr
Cody McDowell
Jordan Sylvester
Vincent Stefan
Fabiana Mersan
New comment Sep 22
  • 0 likes • Oct '22
    Loom This sounds really cool @Andrew Kirby . I'm very curious about Skool and always looking for different ways that people use it.
FREE SKOOL Communities
If you have a free group that anyone can join post your links here and tell us what your niche is.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Dan Harrison
Rick Wagoner
Ming Fung
Marc God
New comment Sep 21
  • 19 likes • Nov '22
    I built a site called Skool Directory ( for this exact reason. To help make free or popular Skools more easily discoverable. If you have a group, please submit it to get it listed.
  • 5 likes • Nov '22
    @Fitzgerald Council @Shivam Jha @Roman Pearl Thanks, really appreciate it ... will continue to add some cool stuff as time goes on.
What Skool lacks for $250 million in annual revenue
Please watch the video first before participating in the poll
38 members have voted
Jakob Neumann
Oli Reitmaier
Myrko Thum
Devin Zander
Paul Saunders
New comment Feb 1
  • 2 likes • Oct '22
    Good idea! It seems like a natural progression of the gamification feature that already exists.
Group Directory?
How do people find public groups hosted on Skool?
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Daniel Morel
Rene G
Brett Dev
Joe Moss
New comment Aug 24
  • 5 likes • Oct '22
    I'm curious if you could use Google search results to put together a rough list of Groups (as Sid mentioned). You could also use some kind of survey here on the Skool Community and have people submit.
  • 2 likes • Oct '22
    @Jakob Neumann Thanks for the help. It's pretty cool to see how many groups there are!
Public or Private group and why did you choose this?
I'm curious if anyone had a strategic through behind their decision to go with a public or private group? Please share insights into your thought process behind this. Additionally, does anyone know if this can be changed later?
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Kevin Lee
Julie Willard
Asim Kazi
John Mueller
New comment Jun 24
  • 4 likes • Oct '22
    I've been thinking about the same thing recently and found this thread insightful: It seems like the admin of this group ( is using his public Skool as a centralized home from where he can attempt to make sales to his members. That in itself feels like a really powerful strategy and reason for a public group. Your community can then be infinitely large as opposed to being only paying members.
I think a mobile app would be super nice mainly for the community portion and communication. I'd love to be able to check my messages and posts on the go to see if I can answer quick questions without having to log in on my computer. Anyone else?
Nick Guadagnoli
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Erik Shirkey
Kevin Lee
Michael Giele
New comment Apr 19
  • 2 likes • Jan 23
    I built Skool Kompanion - A Free Mobile App for Skool This thread does a good job of highlighting the main benefit of the app, which is ultimately loss of engagement from not having notifications on your phone. Skool Kompanion solves this by giving you and your users instant access to Skool. Please check out my announcement post here
Language files
Even though most people naturally speak English or at least understand it sufficiently, it would be a sign of inclusion if the few English-language terms (frontend) could be translated into the respective local language - here I'm only talking about what happens in the frontend. In the backend, most users should be able to cope well with English, but if my customers are e.g. German craftsmen, some unfortunately find it overwhelming to be confronted with the English language in the frontend. To avoid having to translate countless languages (in my case, of course, I vote for German), it would be advantageous to let the group owner do the translation himself in the settings. This way, the translation could be adjusted precisely. Additionally, it could be an enormous help to be able to export/import the translations made in the settings themselves - in the form of a language file. This way, the work would not have to be done over and over again and the translations themselves would be a community effort - similar to the contributions in Wikipedia. One could also reward such translation contributions with receiving a gem or similar. The Skool developers would then practically "only" have to implement the translation option for the individual terms and phrases in the settings and, if possible, create the option to export/import the language file. If there was an export/import function for the language file, the selection of categories (user feedback, bug reports, feature requests) could be supplemented by the category "language files" to make the own translation available to the community in a central place.
Julia Weber
Dennis Kraus
Oli Reitmaier
Lars Küster
Robert Rother
New comment Apr 6
  • 3 likes • Oct '22
    I love the idea of being able to contribute to the translation effort! Definitely seems like it would help take some of the strain off the Skool team also.
Affiliate signup on Skool Community
Affiliate signup on Skool Community The Skool Affiliate program is one of the best. I’ve built a number of tools in order to be a better affiliate of Skool and to help continue to grow this amazing community. I noticed recently that when creating a group from here, Sam always gets the affiliate credit. I think this is slightly unfair to the affiliates of Skool who are getting users to signup. Skool Community is one of the best entry points for users to see the value of Skool as a whole, and as such I send a lot of traffic to this group. I believe this group should honor pre-existing affiliate codes for users who ultimately choose to signup from here. I don’t think it’s fair to punish affiliates who want to show their potential signups this group. Does anyone else agree? Affiliates, please let me know what you think.
Peter Svenning
Roman Pearl
Brinley Rebstein
Bogdan Ilies
Sam Ovens
New comment Apr 2
  • 0 likes • Jan 27
    @Sam Ovens Thanks Sam! This is exciting news.
  • 0 likes • Jan 27
    @Andrew Kirby It appears that it is whoever had the original affiliate code on that user.
Any thoughts on a Skool app in the future? I think students would love it!
Nick Guadagnoli
Brennan Schlagbaum
Kevin Lee
Cameron X
Tom Sult
New comment Mar 22
  • 3 likes • Jan 30
    @Christina Westergaard Larsen @John Robinson @Tonya R. Portis @Lisa-Maree Walker @Ashley Payonk Checkout Skool Kompanion: App Store link: Although it's not an official app, it is a fully functional iOS app for Skool with push notifications that keep you connected to your groups in real-time.
Did someone say app? When does this come out?
Josh Gavin
Oli Reitmaier
Jonathan Waller
Connie Woods
Tom Sult
New comment Mar 22
  • 2 likes • Jan 25
    @Emiel Kant you're correct about the higher engagement. Which is why I created Skool Kompanion (iOS only for now): Skool Kompanion gives you access to real-time push notifications for posts and comments at the tip of your fingers which leads to more engagement overall for users. It's completely free, so feel free to give it a try!
Mobile app coming?
I would love to offer a Skool mobile app to my students. Is that in the pipeline?
Joao Cascao
Danny Mallinder
Brinley Rebstein
Kevin Lee
Andrew Kroeze
New comment Jan 29
  • 0 likes • Jan 29
    I created Skool Kompanion (iOS only for now): The application increases engagement within Skool thanks to native push notifications on your phone. It's completely free to use so I recommend taking a look!
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