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Please watch the video where Aaron and Mark explain how to access the many free resources we have inside this amazing community! Be sure to read this post to be "in the know" and the START HERE post. Did you know? You get REWARDED for focusing in and engaging in The Ashram. How cool is that?! How does it work? ✅#1 - The Reward System Every time you post a win, a question, or a valuable knowledge piece you are learning from Aaron or Mark, you EARN POINTS when someone LIKES your post AND/OR comments. 1 Like = 1 Point A few rules you want to know about is you cannot promote your own business or products (other than Mark & Aaron’s YouTube, Instagram, or social media posts). This is a community to be focused completely around Living The Course and the teachings of A Course in Miracles. ✅#2 - Levels from your Rewards You get rewarded for being the most engaged in The Ashram with Levels! Levels are a way of us rewarding you for your amazing focus and study. For example, you start on Level 1. It takes just 5 points to get to Level 2 (5 LIKES on any posts / comments you do). In Level 2, you become a “Contributor”. Once you get to Level 3, you get the “Heal The Lie Af Lack" Workshop for FREE as your reward! There are 9 Levels total. As you uplevel, the rewards become more and more valuable. ✅#3 - Leaderboards Every Month, the TOP 5 on the Leaderboard will get a SHOUT OUT. Every month, you will want to set the intention to be the top engager. ✅#4 - Referrals Every Month, you can invite people you know, family, even your social media followers, etc. If you screenshot proof of your invites, whoever has the most invites, will also win a gift! ✅#5 - The Events We will host special events every month and those will be located in the Calendar tab. Again, a quick note is that there is no self-promotion in this group. Please no DM’ing other members promoting your own products/services. We are strict on this and will place an immediate ban on anyone we see soliciting the group.
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Dennis Goodrich
New comment 18m ago
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@Lorraine Preda thank you. So much. 🙏🏻🦋💙
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@Filiz Green existential crisis is absolutely where I’m at and this community is quite literally, a Godsend.
We want to get to know you, so comment below and share with the community: #1 Where you're at with your ACIM jounrey (ex. I'm new to ACIM) #2 What do you want to get out of being in the Ashram? #3 For fun, what do you like to do? #4 Take a pic of your meditation/study spot!
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@Melinda Daniel I’ve been meditating for a couple of years. Struggling to do it right, and often. Recently a friend brought to my attention that meditation isn’t for every person, at every time in their lives. For those of us with early childhood trauma it can be further traumatizing and disregulating to the cns. It walloped me to hear that and I felt the release of the self imposed pressure and the pressure from many in the spiritual community. To hear that perspective that no one wants to say out loud was huge for me. While I appreciate meditation and know it’s value, I will no longer do it from a “should” energy and I believe it will now happen so much more organically and from a space of inspiration and love, if at all… maybe now is not my time for it. With anything, coming from a place of obligation and should instead of inspiration and love… is not conducive to God and healing. Wanted to give you that, hope it helps and does not ruffle. ❤️
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Hey @Darren Weight i’m a novice too! A friend is starting year 2 so I know some. I too love anything Aaron puts out and now that I’m here I adore Mark’s message too. Wonderful co teachers ❤️
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Living The Course
Dennis Goodrich
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@Living The Course I bought the VIP but I’m not sure where to access it 🙏🏻 thank you
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@Juliet Scholz thank you!
HYM,STW Day 2 Miracle Minutes w/Corinne Zupko UNLOCKED
CLICK HERE to watch Miracle Minutes with Corinne Zupko. You can also go to Classroom> Heal Your Mind, Save The World> Day 2.
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@Martha Waltman you have a way with words. You are a gift of gratitude and your comments exude love ❤️🙏🏻
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@Living The Course thank you 🙏🏻
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@Malcolm Nicoll messaged you ❤️
How do you experience the Peace of God in your life?
Comment below and share how you experience the Peace of God in your life! If you want to do a little Activation Statement... Share with us where you want more Peace of God in your life!
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@Michele Dutton yes, yes, yes. I feel such peace only in God’s presence. He makes me better always and still I struggle and cry and beg for help. I do love it here with all of you ❤️
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@Katie Bibbs sending you so much love, I’m in awe of your strength. ❤️🙏🏻
Pamela Mills
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Oh my gosh even when I lived essentially unconsciously, I lived this very lesson and my life was better for it. ❤️🙏🏻
Shawn Helgerson
Hellen Romphf
Lorraine Preda
Nelli Kalashnik
Corry Roarick
New comment 11d ago
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@Shawn Helgerson so much wonderfulness in all you wrote. So much to feel and be grateful for. Thank you 🙏🏻
Heal Your Mind, Save The World - AGENDA
Want to know more about this exciting 3-Day Global Event? Here is the agenda for each day (all times in EST): 7AM - Guided Meditation 10AM - Conversations with Byron Katie and Paul Selig (Wed & Thurs only) 12pm - Miracle Minutes with Alan Cohen, Corinne Zupko, and Jennifer Hadley 8PM - Go Live with Aaron Abke and Mark Anthony Lord Check out the Calendar tab for more details, and comment below to let us know how excited you are for this 3-Day Global Event!
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New comment 11d ago
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@Martha Waltman Oh my gosh thank you. You made me smile so big with this beautiful comment. Feeling the gratitude and sending you so much love! ❤️
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@Malcolm Nicoll Did you get on the live?🥰
Aaron talks about living in the Here & Now
Jacqueline Hall
Lorraine Preda
Naty Tancio
Pamela Mills
Katie Kiss
New comment 15d ago
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Gosh I struggle with living in the now. 🙏🏻this puts a new spin on it for certain ❤️
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@Alicia Nowicki sending you love and peace❤️🙏🏻
HTW,STW Day 3 - Replay of Live w/Aaron & Mark UNLOCKED
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Katie Kiss
Claire Sewell
New comment 15d ago
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It was wonderful. I said in the chat that tonight I’m really going to miss that live call 🙏🏻🤣❤️
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@Claire Sewell oh my goodness yes you’re UK yes? Yes it was wonderful.
Claire Sewell
Mina F
Landon Alberson
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Lorraine Preda
New comment 16d ago
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Yes indeed, the only time I feel freedom and comfort is with Him. I never in 53 years thought this would be where I am. But it is. 🙏🏻❤️
HYM,STW Day 3 Interview with Byron Katie UNLOCKED
CLICK HERE or go to Classroom> Heal Your Mind, Save The World> Day 3 to watch an inspiring interview with Byron Katie, Aaron and Mark.
Claire Sewell
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An Nguyen
New comment 17d ago
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She is beyond wonderful.
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@Peter Colaric Hi Peter!! Sending you love!💕
19d ago 
Welcome to Day THREE!
A quick THANK YOU and preface for tonight's final conversation on "Vision" 🙏🏼
Ryder Huffman
Katie Kiss
Jennifer Spain
Theresa Healy
Terry B
New comment 18d ago
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Thank you both for facilitating this. It’s been wonderful! We love you and appreciate you. 🙏🏻❤️
A little Miracle
I got prompted to share this. During the pandemic I was losing my job b/c I chose not to get the V. The evening b4 my last day of work I was beyond super stressed b/c I had no other support. I lost my parents a few yrs back & I am a single parent. I spent all night preparing grievances for my Union which included all the laws that were being violated w forcing the V. At around 12am, I was going up to bed feeling so disheartened, anxious and exhausted. As I was walking up the stairs I kept repeating to myself "God please let there be light and let the darkness go". I am not very religious. I consider myself an open minded skeptic. I have read parts of ACIM so a friend gave me these q cards a few yrs ago. A few days prior to this night, I had pulled out one of these cards from my night stand to use as a protector for my hot tea. Going back to when I was walking up the stairs asking God to let the light come & darkness go. I sat on my bed and something made me look toward my night stand. I saw this tea stained card & picked it up. I just couldn't believe what it said. Let me see if I can share a pic of it here.
Janet VanAntwerp
Michelle Elizabeth
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Amber Zepeda
New comment 18d ago
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@Michelle Elizabeth That's miraculous and wonderful!❤️
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