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Intro: Katherine Fibiger
Hi, my name is Katherine Fibiger, I’m from Fairfield, CT, and I just transitioned to a new RIA called Farther Finance. I am a financial planner at heart and love putting together the pieces of the puzzle to help my clients succeed. I want to get these things from Vanguards: 1. Identify the right niche market, and create a system to automate my lead generation of ideal clients 2. Learn best practices around sales process and practice management to be able to effectively close and scale 3. Grow my AUM as fast as possible without getting over-worked or over-whelmed For fun, I like to: 1. Travel as much as I can (which is not as much as I would like) to experience new places and cultures  2. Spend time with my family- summers at the beach and playing tennis, and winters in VT skiing (I wish they were big mountains as Mark wrote in his intro, but stuck with what we have here on the east coast) 3. Cook great food, drink nice wine and see live music #1. Vision
Olivia Neyland
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Katherine Fibiger
Edward Condon
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@Olivia Neyland Thanks! And next big trip on the list is to charter a catamaran in the BVI. I've done it years ago, but bringing the kids this time
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@Mark Ford Thanks Mark. We are up there every weekend in the winter, so it's not that horrible, but I lived in SF for a few years and having Tahoe the same distance away was a a real spoiler.
Weekly Sales Clinic Call - Catch MORE Fish!!!
Clients with the best results get this part of the process dialed in...Because mastery takes time and repetition we want to carve out time weekly to work on this in a dedicated call. Starting on January 3rd and the Tuesdays following in the new year, we will be running a weekly sales clinic. In this call we will be helping clients with process, follow-up, role-playing, reviewing calls and meetings with the design to help you master this part of your client acquisition system. To get the most out of these calls, be prepared to share numbers, prospects that have gone dark, specific scenarios that are not dialed-in or anything else you need help with regarding your sales and conversion challenges. This call will be replacing the existing Tuesday collaboration call...looking forward to serving you all in the new year.
Katherine Fibiger
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great! love this idea
Next week in Orlando...
If you are joining Mark and me in Orlando next week for the live event, I can't wait to meet you in person. If you are are going to miss one hell of an opportunity to get prepared for 2023. Here is my desk in my war room: 11 books re-read, 22 hours of video interviews watched, and 2 solid weeks of writing and gathering content for the event. Many of you have asked me for templates for business planning, client deliverables, and revenue models and I will deliver those. I plan to teach you exactly how my team engages with clients, how we built our client engagement system, the significant problem that advisors have in common with clients, and how to lay the foundation for a 21st-century wealth management practice. See you in a week!
Katherine Fibiger
Ron Bullis
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I wish I could make it!!! Sounds like it will be time very well-spent.
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Katherine Fibiger
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I'm a busy mom of 3 young kids who loves to play tennis, ski, cook great meals, see live music, and run a thriving financial planning business.
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