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The State of Facilitation report 2023!
The recently published "State of Facilitation report for 2023" is now available for access. Conducted by SessionLab, the report involved gathering feedback from more than 1000 facilitators, aiming to reflect the current state of facilitation and offer useful guidance, knowledge, and perspective for those who work as facilitators worldwide. You can find the report by clicking on this link: What do you find most interesting? What do you find most surprising?
Sam Pettersson
Tomoo Okubo
David Newman
Dave Gregurke
Jakub Michalski
New comment Aug 21
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Thank you so much for sharing this is great
Using workshop to generate more leads for more workshops
I am trying to create a free short workshop that can help me sell a bigger workshop or more workshops to many clients. Have anyone used such an approach. If yes would you do the first one for free and use as a lead generation tool for future ones?
Mladen Tomov
Kerri Price
Sabine Braubach
David Newman
Lisa Almeida
New comment Jun 26
Freelance facilitation as an introvert?
For quiet some time I’ve asked myself now if freelance facilitation is only something for extroverts. Especially because of the additional marketing aspect that comes with it which requires additional human contact. Am I right or are there any freelance introverts in this community who are happy with it?
Kerri Price
Johannes Berner
Gordana Rauski
Claus Höfele
Mathew Georghiou
New comment Jun 16
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@Regina Hourigan same here Regina having a recovery time by myself is key after i run a full day or two workshop. I find it so difficult to jump into a meeting or another project immediately before recharging.
How to Unlock Special Rewards in Facilitator Club🎁
Hello Facilitators 👋 Thank you so much for all your contributions and active participation so far. We are so appreciative of the value you are all providing within this community. But don’t worry, your contributions will not go unnoticed! A lot of questions have come in about the gamification aspect of this community. What I mean by that is, how you can be rewarded for providing value and actively engaging in this community! In Skool, there is a way you can earn points and level up. The likes, points, and levels system in Skool is a way for you to earn recognition for your contributions and engagement with the group. Here's how it works: 1. Likes: Members can "like" posts, comments, or other contributions made by other members. This serves as a way to show appreciation and support for their efforts. One like = one point. 2. Points: Points are a way to keep track of how much a person has participated in the community. Members can earn points by posting individual posts and commenting on other people’s contributions. 3. Levels: Levels are milestones that a member can reach by earning a certain number of points. These levels serve as recognition for their achievements within the community and come with perks such as access to exclusive AJ&Smart content, course previews, coaching calls and more…). The likes, points, and levels system is a way for us to incentivize and reward active and engaged members, creating a supportive and collaborative environment for everyone here. This Loom video I created will explain everything you need to know about this system and how to unlock rewards! HUGE thank you @Kerri Price, @Will Stammers, @Jeff Panning, @Joao Ribeiro, @David Finnegan, @Hassanein Ismail, @Akshay Chillal, @Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini, @Sam Pettersson and @Andra Stefanescu (our top 10 members on the Leaderboard) who have provided so much value to this community already. We 💛 you!
Jakub Michalski
David Newman
Courtney DeLaura
Tomer Valadji
Haylee Kalani
New comment Feb 21
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Thanks @Rebecca Courtney ⁣⁣for this platform. exciting
Hello everyone! 👋
I'm from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 and work as a UX lead and workshop facilitator🧙🏻‍♂️ at a Digital Agency. I hope we learn form each other and share our knowledge and experiences. If anyone needs some Q&A or help with UX or workshop related stuff, I'm always open to help 🤓.
Jakub Michalski
Jeff Panning
Karl Salibi
Rebecca Courtney
Benoit Tremblay Cormier
New comment Feb 20
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Thank you @Wesley Geesink that is a great offer that I will for sure take on in the future. Welcome to the community
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