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Link clicks to Landing Page views improvement?
Hey all - could get this to show as well on Google ads but same issue, does anybody know how there might be such a big discrepancy from link clicks to Landing Page views? I've checked on Google Analytics and Posthog and verified it's an issue for both Google and FB ads. Given this wanted to ask: - What's a good link click to landing page view ratio? - What can I do to improve this? (Aside from improving page load speed)
Link Clicks vs Landing Page Views
Hey all - running a funnel now for a client and seeing huge discrepancies from link clicks to landing page views (as measured by Google Analytics) with only ~35% of ppl making it to the page. Has this happened to anybody else before and if yes any solutions? Maybe a problem with GA4 or any potential ways to diagnose this?
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Feedback on Ad?
Hey all - just launched a new set of ads recently and this has been the most viewed one on both FB adn YT but clickthru rates are only at ~0.4% which I know isn't ideal. Would anybody be up to provide feedback or thoughts on this ad? Tried to stay within Brian's principles so perhaps just need to test more ad angles but thought I'd ask here as well
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Hey Alan - thanks for this, just realized that we had optimized targeting on so that might be lowering things, let me give it a week or so to optimize further and can come back
Question on running ads to own channel
Hi all - wanted to ask does anybody know how to target our own channel with video ads? Have a client who's wants to run retargeting ads to their own channel to block out competitors (already blocking on AdSense) but still showing up.
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thank you @Jashmin Panigrahy !
BIG NEWS: YouTube Shorts Ads!
What's up team! Good news... YouTube Ads just got a WHOLE LOT more powerful! Now, you can run YouTube Shorts Ads! Shorts are videos that are less than 60 seconds and are perfect ads for people watching YT on their phones! These ads take up the FULL-SCREEN and are QUICK, which makes them super powerful for brand awareness (TOFU) and remarketing (MOFU/BOFU) to get them back over to your page and buy/opt-in/book a call! (see pic attached for examples) Yesterday we had a meeting with our Agency Account Strategist at Google and they gave us the blueprint to launching these with the right setting to begin testing them for our clients. What's crazy is they told us that a recent poll found nearly three-quarters of U.S. internet users said they spent at least 30-minutes per day watching short-form videos... Buuuutttttt with Tik Tok growing popularity so quickly, YouTube is making sure they are giving them a run for their money! So here's a few ways you can use these immediately: 1. Convert your best YT Ad into a quick 60-second or LESS YouTube Shorts Ad. This will allow you to get even more eyeballs to your already proven creative and possibly get even cheaper cost per leads. 2. Create a YT Shorts Ads only campaign To make sure you test this type of ad by itself, you can create a Video Action Campaign to force deliver exclusively on Shorts inventory by targeting mobile devices only. 3. Take your top performing Tik Tok Ad (if you're running them) and follow Step 2 above to start testing that same creative on YT to scale even further/faster and tap into the YouTube world! These are just 3 quick tips to help you start getting conversions/clients from YouTube Shorts Ads immediately! We'll be rolling these out for all our DFY agency clients next week, just gathering the assets we need to launch... So we should have some hard data on the stats to share in the upcoming weeks! Cheers :)
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Hey @Nick Grippando - was curious on if these are good vonersion wise or were they just a shiny object and better to focus on 16:9 videos?
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