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Chronic pain
I’m curious if there are others who are on this journey who live with chronic pain. If so I would love to connect.
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Feel free to message me directly. I’ve had fibro for almost 30 years.
Hi my name is Jasmine. I’m new here and just wanted to say hello!👋
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Community Integration Meeting Highlight 5/30
During the one-hour community integration meeting, an important topic of discussion was the freedom of choice in our thoughts. It was recognized that each one of us is addicted to something while simultaneously recovering from something 🏄‍♂️ Of course, the concept of microdosing was highlighted as a powerful ally in this context to bring more self-awareness to what that duality is 🍄 Remember, always follow you weird! Microdosing offers us the ability to dampen the default mode network, which opens up new opportunities and positive experiences. This shift enables us to gain clarity and purpose in our lives. Instead of being driven by the ghosts of our past or consumed by fears and fantasies of the future, microdosing empowers us to focus on living with positive intentions and aligning with our core values. This is easier said than done, however, that is why this is "a practice" and NOT a magic pill or panacea. By embracing microdosing and its potential to reshape our perception, we can unlock a path towards a more fulfilling life where we renew our relationship with the present moment. It allows us to break free from limiting patterns and embrace new possibilities (ie neural plasticity), leading to personal growth and a greater sense of well-being. If you'd like more information on our 90 Day Journey Back To YOU which includes products and mentorship services, please schedule a call with one of our team members 👁️ 👊 by clicking the link below Looking forward to meeting you, B 🦅
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I’m sorry I missed it! Sounds like it was my jam!
Dropping this here, it came up on Tuesday’s call.
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Community Gathering Meeting 5/9-Microdosing & Intrusive Thoughts
The community gathering meeting last night was truly inspiring as we delved into the core components underlying any addictive behavior (not just addictions to substances, but....) - intrusive thoughts 💭 and emotions 😕 We explored ways to turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones, a practice that takes tremendous courage and discipline. But we all agreed that it's worth it, and we use our microdosing ally to bring awareness 👁️ to this practice. During the meeting, community members shared their inspiring practices for combating negative thoughts and emotions. 🍄 One member suggested listening to music intently from start to finish, without any other distractions, to dissolve the thought and emotion into the ether as the music plays. 🍄 Another member recommended cultivating the ability to redirect focus onto something else and expressing gratitude for the simple pleasures in life. 🍄 While yet another recommended simply sitting with the thought and emotion, accepting it, and adding an additional word at the end to reframe it - a practice often used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). All of these practices are grounded in introspection, which is the turning of one's attention inward to explore and examine the content of the mind - thoughts, feelings, etc. At Medicine Box, we believe that proper wellness starts within, through a journey of self-awareness. That's why our Mind's Eye Introspection 🍄 capsules contain an introspective compound designed to assist with neural plasticity, mood stability, shifts in perspective, slightly altered states of consciousness, and prolonged feelings of well-being. Introspection involves a variety of techniques, such as mindfulness, meditation, and journaling, and is one of the best ways to study ourselves and the human mind. Research has shown that introspection can 👁️ help reduce stress 👁️ improve self-awareness 👁️ increase empathy and compassion for self and others It was great to see some new faces in the community integration meeting (WELCOME) as well as core members.
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Community Gathering Meeting 5/9-Microdosing & Intrusive Thoughts
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Awesome to have been live!
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Julie Anna Johnson
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I am a dreamer, life long learner, artist and athlete who found freedom from chronic pain in movement. I am certified through The Life Coach School.

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