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Hey Facilitators! 👋 We’ve got something super exciting lined up for you! We’re hosting a live Q&A session with the fantastic @Nathy Ravez, who is not only a workshop facilitator and collaboration coach, but also a podcast host! Nathy’s life took a 180-degree turn when she chose to dive into the world of facilitation. She’s going to share her roller-coaster journey with us, and trust us, it’s a story you don’t want to miss! 👉 So, here’s the plan: 📅 When? Wednesday, May 24th at 12pm CEST. 🗺️ Where? LIVE on Zoom: This is a golden opportunity to glean insights, ask questions, and see how you can chart a similar course. Will I see you there?



Shaul Nemtzov
Nathan Brown
Rebecca Courtney
Nathy Ravez
Benedict Odjobo
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    Nice, this will be the first event for me :) Looking forward to it!

Hi there! My name is Julian. I am a Colombian-born Full-stack Designer based in Berlin. I am delighted to be part of this community and get to know inspiring people and their experiences. My background is in Visual Design and for the past 4 years, I have been working as a UX/UI Designer in the fields of eHealth, EdTech, and Sustainable Mobility. When I am not nerding about design, you can usually find me climbing walls, and riding the bicycle in the forests of Brandenburg. 🍃🚲 Happy to meet you all!



Jakub Michalski
Shannon Wagers
Julian Perez
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    @Shannon Wagers The biggest challenge at the moment is getting participants motivated and engaged in a remote setup. Our team is spread all around Europe, and it is hard to "read the room" when we are all behind our screens. Have you faced a similar challenge? How did you overcome it?

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