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All to let go
As time goes by I find that PTSD, RSD and ADHD related trauma, are all getting further and further away. I feel so much more myself, closer to the authentic me, expecting less and less everyday. I know Authenticity is painful and also pretty hard to achieve, we've been so compartmentalized since day 1, that just that little bit feels great. Everyday a bit more, every breath a bit closer is a great feeling, the freedom getting near. I'm simply and completely grateful to all the breathers and all the breathing mentors and lovely fam people that have been helping me cross over in this beautiful journey that is life! ❤️🙏🏼
Annabelle Beydoun
Joana De Almeida
Yvonne Bignall
Hugo Oliveira
Joyce Harris
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What a wonderful testimony! I am so glad that you feel this way. As Breath guides, it is so important to avail ourselves of the many resources out there that help us understand PTSD. Books like " The Body Keeps the Score". " Waking the Tiger." " The Soldier's Guide to PTSD". For all of us doing breathwork, we will be working with people who have had trauma. Every human is different in how trauma affects them. For a few, things get better with time but for many, it is a heartbreaking fight to stay alive each day. I'm so grateful, Joana, that you have had such a supportive experience and that you are feeling that freedom of coming back home to your beautiful heart.
How To Breath + Breathing Exercises
I was recently watch Andrew Huberman’s podcast on breath, and I wanted to share the notes I took, and the exercises you can do to help you out in different situations. Here it is: Breathing while sleeping Sleep apnea (When you are not taking in enough oxygen) Very dangerous How to fix: Become a nasal breather, and breathe through your nose Always breathe through your nose If you can’t breath through your nose while sleeping, you can use athletic tape on your mouth. This way here you also don’t snore Carbon dioxide tolerance test: For this you breathe in as much air as you can, and then you exhale as slowly as possible, measuring the time it took for your lungs to become empty. Under 20 seconds is low (3), 25-45 seconds is moderate (5-6), and 50 seconds or more is high (8-10) Currently at 45 seconds (8) Exercise to get better at this: Box breathing Box breathing is when you breathe in, and then hold, and then breathe out, and then hold, for the same amount of time. You want to do it for the amount of seconds showed in ( ) Do this for 2-4 minutes 2-3 times a week. Physiological sigh/Cyclic sighing Double nose inhale, followed by a slow exhale through the mouth This is good for relieving stress and relaxing You can do one of a few and relax instantly, and you can also do five minutes of this every day to reduce overall stress Also good for when you got a side stitch Cyclic hyperventilation/Wim Hof method Quickly breath in and out deeply and quickly Good for stress management, and overall health Take 30-40 quick deep breaths through the nose After this, breath in and hold for as long as you can And then breath out and breath normally This can be done once or in sets Do this 2-3 times a week Good for adrenaline and being calm while having lots of adrenaline Make sure to not do this in water, and do it in a safe and comfortable environment Heart rate and heart rate variability When you inhale you increase your heart rate, and when you exhale you decrease your heart rate
Joyce Harris
Yvonne Bignall
Theodore Karam
Liezel Bredenkamp
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This is super helpful. Thanks for sharing
Breath (recommended book) by James Nestor.
I’m loving this book, what an insight into the benefits of nasal breathing and the history to it. I tried my first aerobic workout (on a stationery bike) today just breathing through my nose which I found quite hard and hope to continue as it’s supposed to help with endurance, lung function and recovery (according to the book). I’ll also keep an eye on my breathing during the rest of the day and night although I think it ok form a nasal breathing perspective as this can impact snoring and sleep apnea and helps open up the airways to get more oxygen in.
Joyce Harris
Joana De Almeida
Annabelle Beydoun
Yvonne Bignall
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This is one of my favorites! His work is ground breaking!! I use mouth tape at night and feel like I am sleeping and breathing better. Patrick McKeown's work is also really helpful when it comes to functional breathing. Since we are mostly all disregulated breathers, breathing two to three times more breaths per minute than we should, their exercises can make a huge difference to righting the complications caused by mouth breathing and breathing too shallowly. The increase to my endurance, vitality, and peacefulness has been really noticeable. Thanks for sharing Neil.
Sound and Video Engineers Needed
Hi guys! Is there anyone in the community that does sound engineering or video freelancing? I am in need of these services and wondered if anyone had an interest?
Taz Street
Joyce Harris
Tracey Adam
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@Taz Street Thanks Taz! Tech is not my forte, so I really appreciate it
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@Taz Street Thank you
A Gift for You 🎁
This next Breathwork Journey is so needed in the world. 💜💚💙🙏
Joana De Almeida
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Michelle Aurets
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I'm in. Really well done flyer and testimonial, Taz! Super job!
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