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9 contributions to Closers Into Consultants
A survey of 725 B2B buyers conducted in November and December 2021 revealed that 72% of customers said they prefer a “rep-free experience,” or completing their purchase without speaking to a rep at any point I wonder why that is the case? What do you think?
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@Kaleb McCullough Beautifully said!
What's scary about sales?
I've been thinking about how salespeople need to show a lot of courage sometimes. We all have fears, and salespeople are no different. If you ask any honest salesperson what part of selling scares them, they’ll have an answer ready. Why? Because they face those fears every single day. The good ones learn to cope and overcome them. They take action, even when they're scared. The ones who struggle tend to give in to those fears and avoid them . Courage in sales isn’t about taking on new challenges or risks. It's about facing your fears head-on. And salespeople get this challenge a lot! So, what’s scary about sales? You’ll hear different answers: some fear prospecting, others fear getting a "no," asking tough questions, or presenting. There are tons of specific fears, like cold calling or networking, but it usually boils down to the fear of rejection. Putting yourself out there in front of strangers and trying to convince them can be super anxiety-inducing. It takes guts and perseverance to keep going. Often, there's a sales superstar on the team. Some people admire them for their bravery, while others might feel bitter and think they’re just lucky. But the truth is, these superstars don’t have some magic talent. They’ve just found the courage to do what scares them. The more you face your fears, the less they scare you. Eventually, what once terrified you becomes just part of the job. So, let’s all find the courage to face our fears. It’s tough at first, but the more you confront what scares you, the less power those fears have. And one day, you’ll realize you’re not afraid anymore. 💪 #KeepPushing
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Stay consistent and focused
This is a quote by one of the best modern philosophers Bruce Lee(you will see more of these haha): "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." This really got me thinking. You know, we often look at successful people and think they must have something extraordinary that we don’t. But this quote reminds us that it’s not about being superhuman or having some special talent. It’s about having focus.Imagine taking all the energy we usually spread across a million different things and directing it towards one goal. That’s where the magic happens. It’s not about being the smartest or the most talented – it’s about being dedicated and persistent. So, if you’re feeling average (aren’t we all sometimes?), remember that with focus and determination, you can achieve amazing things. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being focused and consistent.
Big Win to End off the Month of Feb!!
Landed my first 'official' offer, with contract sign-off and everything! Excited to jump on this new opportunity, where I will be able to smash out 150 - 200 ⚡️ dials per day, accelerating my process of learning and mastering sales that much faster. So funny, th😎at just over a month ago, I was jobless, offer-less, experience-less, and a total wantrepreneur... 🤘🏽😅 Then I was able to work at a marketing agency for a whole month, banging out dials, 50 - 70 dials (not the best numbers), and then using this opportunity to learn, and get much of my beginner-level mistakes out of the way, I was able to leverage it, into being able to qualify to work for my new offer. This offer is more established and has training and a clear path of improvement. Thanks to @Kaleb McCullough for all those calls and the courses. 🤝 "One small step for Walter, One Giant Leap for Mankind" 😂🤣
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Good job @Walter Patolo !
(🏁 Start Here) - Welcome To Persuasion Academy
Watch the welcome video below 👇 Complete the action item in this video so you can get the most out of this group...
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(🏁 Start Here) - Welcome To Persuasion Academy
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@Paras Kumar Welcome!
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@Luka Tričković Welcome Luka!
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