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🎉 Welcome (Important Information!)
First and foremost, a big warm welcome! I can't wait to see what you'll be able to accomplish here! I've recorded an important video for you to review. It covers exactly how to get the most out of this community. Here's what I cover: - Community - Classroom - Calendar - Points, rewards, and leaderboards - Prices 🫵 IMPORTANT: No promotions or job postings allowed! Don't advertise products or services here, not in public or in DMs. Even indirect ways are forbidden. This will get you permanently banned without warning. I'll be looking forward to seeing all your introduction posts and videos! Let's connect, learn, improve, win, and make some real good money here! Let's go 🚀🚀 PS: Leave a comment below, introduce yourself and share a picture of your workspace to complete the action & get points! 💪💪 PPS: If you like the course & community, feel free to leave your review here: ❤️
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Max Perzon
Syed Ghazi
Fabian van Delft
Kiara Brown
Daniel Morel
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Hey everyone, I'm Josh! I'm from Vancouver, Canada and recently dropped out of university to pursue an online business full time. I've been going through the modules and am incredibly excited to grow my business alongside everyone in this community. Big shoutout to @Max Perzon and all the value he is providing. I'm stoked for this journey!
How I Signed My First Client With ZERO Testimonials 💰
I though it may be valuable to break down how I signed my first SMMA client within a month of starting with ZERO testimonials/case studies. Outreach: Cold Calling (around my 500th cold call). Niche: Home improvement. Offer: $2000/mo on a 3-month contract for FB ads management (plus GHL & its additional ad-ons). Closing The Client: I used the exact pitch deck from the course with a few customizations/ad-ons. The client was already running FB ads. In my pitch deck, I customized a few slides to include a FB ads analysis (ie. ways that they could improve their ads). The client told me that this was what sold him as he realized that his team had little to no idea what they were doing when creating their ads. After running ads for this client for ~2 weeks, they have seen better results than they saw in 2 months from their own ad. I also included a mockup/sample ad with a compelling offer that would suit their niche. If you are pitching a business on a sales call, I would highly recommend including a mockup of the ads that you would run for the client (customized with their company logo, project images, etc.) Service Delivery Status: After signing this client, I didn’t have a Media Buyer so I learned how to run FB ads by myself. It was initially a steep learning curve but is manageable and a super useful skill to know. I would honestly recommend that you learn media buying yourself as an SMMA owner. It helps you sell your service when you actually know the ins and outs of it. Anyways, I hope this helps provide some inspiration for everyone still hurting to sign their first client. If you have any questions, feel free to drop em below. One last thing, LET’S GET AFTER IT!
David Holmgren
Josh Macdonald
Usman Karamat
Dev Ww
Uday Rajak
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@Farry T. 😄
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@Usman Karamat Will do my man! 😊
Client #3 -> Signed 📝
After launching campaigns for my first two clients. I got back to outreach and landed my third. Lesson learned - Keep up your outreach while onboarding clients. I focused all my time and effort into onboarding clients and setting up their systems. This lead to a 2-week period where I had no sales calls. I'm not back at it with the outreach and just signed my third client! To everyone out there still grinding for that first client, I can assure you that they are right around the corner. Keep your volume high and you will undoubtedly bear the fruits of your labour. Let's GO 🦁
Matthew Johnson
Williams Louis
Josh Macdonald
Natan Driker
Dev Ww
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@David Holmgren Thanks brother! I've been running FB ads on my own and had no previous experience. I'll admit that it was a steep learning curve and a bit stressful but you'll find ways to make it work. So far, 2/3 of my clients have gotten good results. My advice is to just focus on outreach and worry about service delivery later. If you work heard at learning it, you will be able to deliver results.
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@Matthew Johnson Thanks man! Hoping to hit $10k/mo by the end of the year.
Niche choosing
Is home renovations a good niche or I should go for glass installers
Josh Macdonald
Alexander Jotz
Andreas Hearn
Zayd Thahir
Althaf Khan
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Home renovations has been a great niche for me so far. I've gotten 3 clients in two months!
🤔 SMMA Vs. SaaS (Beginner Advice: Oversaturated?)
In this video I explain EXACTLY what I would do If I started from scratch, as a complete beginner. I also explain the difference between SMMA Vs. SaaS, what I recommend that you do and why. Complete action: Comment below & share your thoughts on this. The best feedback will get a ton of likes & comments which will help you level up faster. Let's go!
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Axel Kamstedt
Max Perzon
Adamu Idris
Alexander Jotz
Sergiu Ignat
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Very well said @Max Perzon. So many valuable skills can be learned from running an SMMA. Even if you don't reach your revenue targets, you will still come out of the experience with skills that can be leveraged in other ventures/pursuits.
Signed another client!!
Just signed another client for 1 month. They want to see if I can deliver results! Its on a pay per result basis, and I get paid 70 dollars per customer i obtain for their business!
Loveson Kaliraj
Guus Gelderblom
Burak Öz
Simon Hald
Aayush Verma
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Congrats! Now time to deliver some killer results 🤩
Which niche is better between these two?
Hello all I've got a small question. I'm still trying to figure out my niche and I've nailed it down to nutritionists and landscapers. Which one do you think would be better (in terms of ROI, easier, is it always in demand etc..). Thanks!
Alexander Jotz
Hivika Sümi
Josh Macdonald
Oluwatoni Lamidi
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I would recommend landscapers. Nutritionists AOV is a lot lower which makes it harder to deliver an ROI for your clients. I'm sure you could make either niche work though!
Hey everyone
I'm Uwais , 18 years old from toronto ,canada .started my agency 2 months back , everything is set and started my outreach via cold emails and cold dms soon will try cold calling . onto week 4 and i'm excited to be here and start my journey with amazing community
Lukas Hines
Mohamed Uwais
Nilesh Nagarajah
Faizan Khan
Stavros Syrianos
New comment Sep 14
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Congrats man! keep up the high volume of the outreach and the results will certainly come.
NEW YouTube Video: Follow Me Behind The Scenes
Just released a new YouTube video where you get to follow me behind the scenes. Hopefully you enjoy this new style of content! It's entertainment mixed with valuable business lessons. Let me know what you think 💪💪
Demetre Peradze
Ahmed Fauzi
Shahzar Ali
Edward Clarke
Qamar Abbas
New comment Sep 20
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Great video! Cool to see that you have a life outside of your business. Seeing all your accomplishments gives us the impression that you just work work work. Seems like you have a good balance in your life!
Booked my first meeting!🥳🎉
Might not be big for some of you guys, but for me this is the biggest W I've taken since the start of this journey! Thanks to Max and especially to all the community for keeping me motivated!
Leswanth Tammisetty
Joe Poole
Emon Howlader
Theodore Karam
David Holmgren
New comment Oct 21
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Congrats @David Holmgren. It's been a long time coming but a very well deserved appointment. Go sign em now!!
Hello my name is Jayden, I am 21. I live in Oregon. I am starting my second business with Smma. I am very excited and motivated. Thank you Max for this amazing course! #Blessed
Dan Wallis
Josh Macdonald
Jayden Curry
Yuval Yaron
Loveson Kaliraj
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Right on! Let's get after it brother!
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Love the curved monitor 🤩
How to FB Lower Cost Per Lead?
I've been running FB ads for several home improvement clients and am curious for ways to lower the CPL. All of them are currently sitting around $50/lead. I'm not running lead forms but am rather using a survey on a GHL landing page (similar to the one Max provides). The LP conversion is around 4-5% for most of them so I think this could be an area of improvement. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😊
Lukas Hines
Josh Macdonald
Hafeez Ur Rahman
Roman Zain
Leswanth Tammisetty
New comment 27d ago
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@Roman Zain Yea this is it. There are more testimonials below and there is a company logo above the survey.
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@Hafeez Ur Rahman I'm not using a lead magnet but rather have a special offer as I'm running the ads for home improvement businesses. Do you know if lead magnets work well for home improvement businesses?
Connect GHL Chat Widget to Personal Phone Number?
I am wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to connect the GHL chat widget so that it sends messages directly to my personal cell number instead of to the GHL conversations tab. I am wondering as it would greatly speed up my response time. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Lukas Hines
New comment 28d ago
Media Buying for Home Improvement niches
Anyone has any good tips for: The Ad Creatives?
Sk B
Josh Macdonald
New comment 28d ago
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This is a really good video that I have personally used:
Free SMMA Course Update & MaxPremium (Important)
Here’s what I’m working on right now: Updating the free SMMA course. - New & Updated HighLevel Training - Making sure all other modules are up to date as well MaxPremium - Making sure that we’ll be able to release it in Q4 2023. I want to provide as much value as I possibly can for you guys. Both me and my team are working super hard behind the scenes! I’ll have to put 100% of my time and focus into building, because of this I’ll neglect everything else for the time being. Including the weekly Q&A calls. We’ll pick them up again as soon as I get the new training out to you guys. If you have any requests that you’d like to see in either the new freshly updated Free SMMA course (this community) or inside MaxPremium, comment below and let us know! The future is Exciting! Work hard everyone and take massive action, it pays off! 💪💪
Sachith L
Kishan A
Usman Karamat
Taha Shabbir
Sachith L
New comment Nov 1
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Legendary! Super stoked for the launch of Max Premium. I would love see more content on productivity tips, mindset, and prioritizing. Would be great to get more insight into how you personally handle all of these topics @Max Perzon
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