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Hey Manifestation Family, Let's start a brand new week with a simple and easy 5min Money exercise. Here are the steps: 1️⃣ Tag 3 MEMBERS BELOW you don't know in our group and say the following... "I bless you and bless the financial success within you!" (comment this below) Blessing others... blesses YOU back! ✨ 2️⃣ Bless your wallet / purse Say the following while looking through your wallet or purse: "I bless you and bless the financial wellness within you!" Pour good energy into it! 3️⃣ Plan on how you will give an EXTRA TIP to someone this week Who could you tip this week? MORE than you think. Give because it feels good to give. 4️⃣ REPEAT DAILY and COMMENT BELOW! Every day, for the next 7 days, repeat. Allow the Abundance feelings to pour in and feel them all! -Scott



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    @Linda Ray @Adijat Lamina @Tiffany Pace I BLESS YOU AND THE FINANCIAL SUCCESS WITHIN YOU!💫🙏😍

Hey Manifestation Family, Our Team Member, @Sheila Rolling, has a very special Birthday today. Please like and comment below in helping me send her an abundance of Birthday Wishes! Sheila is our Success Coach on our Team and works super closely with all of our mentoring students. She is an expert in helping you get to the next level and soar, helping you eliminate old limiting beliefs and integrating new ones in through our Energetics process. Let's wish her a great day! -Scott



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Happy Wednesday Everyone! Let's set an amazing vibration up for today! FIRST - In the comments, post a positive word that is a reflection of YOU that starts with the letter of your first name. NEXT - Tag one member of the community whose name starts with the same letter. Let's have fun with this! I'll get us started in the comments below.



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A fun question...What is the number one thing you hope to manifest in the next three months?



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I would like to wish and send blessings to all for a beautiful safe Memorial Day! I wish everyone financial success, health and a lots and lots of ABUNDANCE!😍✌️



Elsie Gould matthews
Georgianna Koulianos
Aneeka Abra
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I am new to all of this...BUT I am a true believer in the POWER of positive energy and blessings. I believe it was through other people blessing me during a dark time in my life, I was released from a lot of the darkness I was stuck in. If you are reading this....I truly bless you and wish you success and abundance in anything that is positive and in your best interest...XO



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