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Just figuring myself out
Apologies to alli haven't replied to over the last couple of days, I've been on and off tech. This challenge has been great but also raises questions for yourself. For me it's along the lines of am I really being me or who am I. Honestly I think the answer to that question is always evolving as life changes but I'm trying to be more true to myself what ever that means.... I am learning that I like myself it's funny that a simple phrase is powerful
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Hello, Luke! Good to hear from you. Glad you are doing well. I appreciate your post, reflection, too. Yes, I like my self, is simple yet packs a lot of power. Keep on rocking the authentic self journey! ✨️
Fuck it
My week feels like everything is going sideways. I will keep chanting FUCK IT until things get better.
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Sorry it has been thst kind of week. One breath at a time. Love to you. 🩷
New Fucker Here!
Super excited to join this group! Loved Bryan from the first Fuck I heard!!!
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@Kyle Brown, welcome! So glad you are here! 💗
I hate fucken reading🤨. Never was my best or first choice to pick. I was going through a few totes that had pretty much garbage in them and I came across a book titled “ the Power of Love connecting to the oneness” it is a # 1 New York Times best selling author James Van Praagh. In a tote with old Halloween decor. I am not even sure where the book came from. Anyways I opened it and read the introduction now I can’t seem to put it down. The book has a lot of insight and information that is very useful to finding yourself. I can say it’s a must read if you haven’t already read it.
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@Danielle Frasher, so glad the book found you and you found the book! Seems it was a sign from the universe! Thank you for sharing! 💗
Saturday February 24 Surrender meditation
Saturday February 24 was a rough fucking day and night. Thursday we got my moms stuff moved and unpacked in her cute little studio assisted living apartment. Friday I hung her pictures and put together her cute little table and chairs completing the finishing touches with items she hasn’t lived around since March 2020, I picked her favorite things just the same. Then on Saturday I picked her and her belongings up from her boyfriend’s house where she’s been living since March 2020. He knew it was time, his health is very poor and he’s not king for this world. But he loves her very much so watching him be strong until the goodbyes was impressive but watching an 84 year old “hard as nails” man cry was difficult. We left and drove to the springs for hair appointments at which she fell asleep during the wash, cut, and blow dry! Then an attempt at lunch and off to Pueblo to take her to her apartment. She slept all the way there. Lots of emotions she didn’t understand or why she was there and how did her things get there? It’s hard to explain these things to someone with frontal temporal dementia, a progressive dementia that is robbing me of my mother. So stories are made up, to make it easier, like you would do with a small child. She was latching in to me so it was decided I needed to hide out in my room so she could adjust, she heard my voice and found me! Then she spent a good part of the night looking for me. And the next morning. Ironically the Saturday meditation was all about surrendering and I listened to it 3 times trying to calm my breathing settle my sadness and get some rest. I left the next morning, better adjustment if I’m not there for a while-makes sense and on the way out I get to see her doing chair exercises and then received pictures of her chatting with some ladies, happy and engaged. So good. The point to my long assed post??? Well there are a few - meditation helps more than we know until something like this happens. Fear will destroy you if you let it. Care and be responsible for the people you love-make the hard decisions- even when it feels like you won’t survive them. Surrender and release the fucks.
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@Janae Brown, thinking of you! So much love and peace to you! I am glad you could find your breath in these very trying times. Hugs from Minnesota. 💗
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