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Hey community! This Saturday 9/30 11am EST @David Rovira is hosting a 'Practice Workshop Session' around the topic "Issues of Onboarding". Interested in Joining?! DM @David Rovira or myself to save a spot! Enjoy the day all ✨



Hind Bayane
David Rovira
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Lisa Walker
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    I would love to join but have a prior commitment. Will there be a replay?

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    @David Rovira Awesome. Thank you!

I just completed the Design Sprint Masterclass and I am so excited. The knowledge and information as wells as the tools that are passed along are nothing short of extraordinary. AJ&Smart you guys did a MASTERFUL job in putting this training together. I have scheduled my first Sprint at my church as we want to enhance our visitor experience on our campus! I am looking forward to creativity, team building and great ideas to come forth. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, I would love to hear them! Thanks everyone and have an awesome day!



Keith Wasserman
Jewell Jones
Nathan Brown
Bill Clarke
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I just joined the Facilitator Club from Piteå, Northern Sweden. I've worked as a digital business developer at an IT company for the past 5 years running sprints and workshops, IR and remote, of all sorts. I look forward to learning more how other people work and growing my network in the workshopping community :) Event though I have been at this for a couple of years I still can feel really insecure sometimes of how to best go about picking the exercises to get the most out of a group in the best way. But there is no better feeling than when you get the group working, everyone is engaged and they see how much more they can get done in that setting than in a old fashioned meeting 🤩



Jewell Jones
Austin Govella
Ryan de Metz
Johanna Bodin
Andra Stefanescu
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    Welcome Johanna! One of the greatest things that I have learned with workshopping is the ability to pivot. I usually have 2 or 3 exercises that I think may fit just in case one does not work the best for engagement. You have this Johanna. Don’t be afraid to pivot! Once again, welcome to the community.

Hello everyone. I am excited to be here and learn more about Design Sprints. I am currently a corporate trainer that focuses on Servant Leadership. I am looking forward adding Facilitation/Design Sprints to my list of services offered. I am also looking forward to gleaning from you all. Have an AWESOME day everyone.



David Newman
Jewell Jones
Benedict Odjobo
Ren Yee Quek
Bret Koontz
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    Thank you. I am looking forward to the journey.

Hi everyone, I am new to this group here. Excited to get to know and learn from everyone here. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cheers!



Ren Yee Quek
Jewell Jones
Benedict Odjobo
David Newman
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    Welcome to the community! Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

Being a Pastor, I believe Sprints are something that could help churches navigate difficult decisions and bring cohesiveness to the leadership. Has anyone had any experience doing Sprints for non-profits? If so could you supply and feedback or direction on how to transition from a product based sprint to a service or strategy based sprint. Thank you in advance.



Paul Holer
Aaron Kennelly
Sonja Sayer
Boris Petrovitch Njegosh
Jewell Jones
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    @Paul Holer Thank you for the response. I absolutely agree with you and your assessment of not utilizing everyone in the church for their unique gifts. The Sprint that I want to do addresses that and how do we create a unique experience for our visitors the moment the step on our campus. Let’s connect and see how we could possibly talk some Sprint ideas through. Thanks again Paul.

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    @Aaron Kennelly Thank you for the detailed information. I have ordered the book and have started to look at the additional resources. To answer your question, I am interested in learning about both strategy and sprint designs. Churches/Nonprofits are going to be my niche so I want to be able to walk with them through stragey and service design. I appreciate all of the insight Aaron.

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I am the owner and principal trainer at Champion Living. We do Leadership Development and Training with a focus on Servant Leadership.

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