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Happy to be here and to learn
Excited to be here and learn how to use High Level. My previous experience is I was shown how to use the conversation queue to monitor chats for a company I was working for. I then started watching youtube videos and got really interested in doing this business
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This DR campaign got 5 Invisible Braces (SureSmile) patients - steal it :)
Hi everyone. Looking forward to getting started with DR, too! :) I launched a DR campaign in the past for a dentist, and they got 5 SureSmile case starts from it. In case anyone is interested, the exact script is below. A like would be appreciated so I can get access to Robb's DR and expand my knowledge on the subject a little :)
Suzanna Kiraly
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What offer for Construction/home services ?
Hello community, I saw the Lvl 1: High Ticket Retainers Course. It make me rethink my offer. Robb guide us to propose appointments instead of leads with leadnurturing and DR. I want to work with Construction/Home Services (Kitchen, Bathroom, Pools & Spa, etc..). I haven't decide for a subniche yet since i'm starting and want to test. My questions are : - Is it relevant to offer appointments instead of lead ? since sometimes the contractor needs to make the appointment at the owner's home. - Is the DR campaign relevant for this niche ? most of the time it's a one shoot sale.
Jesse Danku
Taha M
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    Hey Taha, absolutely. DR is relevant for these niches. Definitely offer appointments rather than leads. - Simply create a workflow in GHL with a text & email DR. - When the prospect replies back they will move to the next step in the same workflow called "Appointment Booking bot". Hope this helps :) -
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