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I use PromptSmart Pro for the software. Use can scroll directly from your phone or computer without the need for the other equipment but it is compatible with equipment as well.
Jason Rindskopf - intro
Hey everyone, I'm Jason. I'm the co-founder of Two Waters Wealth Management, along with my business partner, Derek Bostian. We're based just north of Charlotte, NC and started the business in fall of 2018 after a little over a decade of working in the FMO/IMO world. We've primarily focused in the traditional retirement planning market (married, 6-figure income earner, age 60+, typically manager/executive level professionals). However, we've recently started to see a natural shift in our market to a bit of a younger client base. 40-55 year olds, married couples with high school age kids or younger, who want to retire (or have the option to) by 60, so we're excited to begin focusing our efforts here more intentionally. The top 3 things I'm most excited to learn from this group are: (1) A scalable prospecting model that will give us an opportunity to exit from relying primarily on public events (2) A proven framework for charging recurring planning fees, and the skillset to position them virtually (3) The opportunity to learn the best practices of the CA model so that we can begin to break into other niches more strategically as we begin to scale A little personal info - my wife and I had our first child, Jaxon (Jax) in Feb of this year. My family is all from Michigan, and most of them went to Michigan State, so I'm a huge Spartan fan, as well as all things Detroit and Charlotte sports. Looking forward to being part of the group!
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Welcome Jason! Looking forward to working with you.
Intro- Gardner Sherrill
I'm Gardner Sherrill from Bradenton, Florida. Raised in Atlanta and defected to Florida 20 years ago - Still root for the Dawgs though. I work with retirees - see I live in Florida above ;) - I spent 16 years in private banking before going independent and starting my own practice 10 years ago. I am looking to systematize - even though my adhd monkey brain likes to recreate everything every time. 1 - Develop an automated marketing system that can be dialed up and down pending capacity constraints 2 - Master a simple repeatable sales process that is focused on quality over quantity 3 - Create a systematized planning process that is both of high value but also easily transferred to a paid associate 4 - Narrow focus on fewer activities and create more client value 5 - Work myself out of the daily business activities so I can focus on strategy and family
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Welcome Gardner, looking forward to getting to know you.
Intro - Eric Shoenfeld
#1. Vision Greetings. My name is Eric Shoenfeld. I am from Richmond, VA.. My company is Prime Capital Investment Advisors. Our niche is helping philanthropic-spirited people envision their unique goals and getting them on track to achieve a predictable range of happy outcomes. I want to get these things from Vanguards: 1. Setup a predictable marketing system to convert 60 – 80 ideal prospective clients into clients. 2. Learn to the skills to scale this and repeat with new advisors to grow this practice beyond me. 3. Learn new ideas and have fun. For fun, I like to: 1. Spend time with my family (two daughters, wife and dog). 2. Practice Yoga and exercise to maintain my health. 3. Volunteer and give back to others.
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Love how you are focused on Generous people. Looking forward to hearing about some of your successes.
Intro - Andrew Child
#1. Vision Hello All, I am Andrew Child from Utah living in the city of South Jordan (suburb of Salt Lake City). I am with Transamerica Financial Advisors - and our niche is helping people retire earlier than expected. Looking forward to working with everyone. Things I want from Vanguards: 1. Build a proven repeatable marketing system for lead generation and consistent appointments 2. Develop sales techniques to close leads consistently 3. Build a team, operations, and overall business that can scale and grow. Things I do for Fun: 1. Spending time with my wife and 4 kids (traveling, snow skiing, boating/surfing, sports, hiking, movies, board games….) 2. Coaching youth sports (football, baseball, basketball) 3. Cheering on the University of Utah…. Go Utes! Myers Briggs : Protaganist My office workspace
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Looking forward to working with you Andrew.
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