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Hello! Welcome to The MAKEONCE Community. The goal of this group is to help you make money online by selling your advice. Let's get things started by introducing ourselves. Let's hear from you: 1. What's your name? 2. Where are you currently focusing your efforts and what are you trying to build? See you in the comments!
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@Jenna Ostrye I could tell you had a heart of gold from the first live I saw where you were supporting Mike, and now, after reading this, I know it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise! Remember, we're all here to help you too! I love building life strategies, and helping people set goal! Can't wait to see soar!!!! Vr Jeff
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@Sabrina Gordon i feel you and truly believe all the ways can and will work, some just may not produce as quickly (and even if we're swimming against the current of those going completely to school.) My followers are growing, I'm still booking calls, and feel like I can still be successful, even without Skool👊😉 No need to feel bad, we gotta grow where we’re planted, ya digggg.
Mom brain.
I have no problem to solve where I can build a business.
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@Sabrina Gordon thanks. I like to listen and help where I can💪 You're gonna be ok.
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@Sabrina Gordon realizing you can't do and be it all is all a part of this process for you😉 Keep riding👊
Our Roads Are All Different!
Good morning, Y'all! This is not a sales pitch but an honest offer to help you if needed! I've been tossing and turning the last few nights because a thought keeps repeating in my mind! I'm writing to you as someone who's never had it all figured out and, many times, didn't even know where to start to try to figure it out. As a matter of fact, I've stumbled, fallen, and learned how to rise again and again - many, many times throughout this ride we call life. There's absolute beauty in recognizing that our greatest strengths often lie tucked away within the very essence of who we are, waiting to be discovered, nurtured, and appreciated. As I am about to put a bow on my nearly 30 career in the United States Air Force, I've come to a crossroads, and at this fork in the road, it's pushing me to choose passion or comfort. Just like you, I want to chase my dreams and continue to grow what I believe to be my natural talent - helping people! It took me 30 years to recognize how much I enjoyed it, and it will take me even longer to perfect it! Here's the thought that keeps repeating: "Why is it so hard for people to find their passion?" I truly loved serving our Air Force and the people who made it happen! I've recently sat in so many forums where I've heard people say, "I want to do this" or "I want to do that, " but I rarely feel the passion in them that I've felt for the last 30 years. That's also why I wanted to post this here first. Watch the Lives with Mike and see how many times someone says, "I don't know what to sell." - there's no passion or purpose, just a want for something - money, street cred, or something. I do know, though, that passion and purpose are very POWERFUL things and should be our guiding lights on this ride through life. Of course, we can sell or try to sell anything! But when you add passion and purpose - that's next level. Let's think about this for a second: life is a highway (there's a song about this, I know.) We are born with a unique vessel to travel on this highway, which is our natural talent. This natural talent is designed to help us navigate these highways. The key to a fulfilling ride through life will never be wishing for a different vessel but trying to master the one you've been given and are piloting right now. I've seen many people embrace their natural talents and succeed beyond belief!
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@Chuck Ellis I don’t think I could “forget” to eat for 50 hours, but if I was passionate about a project I could see putting off eating to get it done!
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@Paul Perez I can see where you're coming from with passion being misunderstood. Could it be that passion is easy to talk about for some? I also think there's a rule that is often overlooked, especially when it comes to, well pretty much anything, and that rule is - understanding context. Of course, there are always going to be contextual things that can be misconstrued or misunderstood, but what I've typically seen is that passion drives a TON of success - when understood and used correctly. I've also seen good people get good things that they deserve from the universe. With that being said, let's try to look at it like this - I may be good at basketball, and have a passion for it, but suck at it compared to you. So my level of passion wouldn't matter in the big scheme of things, right? With a fixed mindset, yes, but in the context of a growth mindset I can follow my passion - work on it, and maybe one day be better than you. IMHO, neither my example of passion - nor your example of a universal law will ever replace hard work, drive, and determination - and to keep it in context - all of them are key ingredients in the recipe for success. Appreciate you! Jeff
Classroom idea!
Maybe there is, but I haven't found it…Wouuldn’t it be awesome if the classroom and school offered an opportunity to bookmark or like or highlight videos that you thought were super beneficial? There are so many great videos in the pocket coaching series and many of them I’ve watched numerous times (I’m slow like that). it would just be awesome if we. could mark them so that I could go back if I wanted to or even see what other folks are recommending. Just my 2¢ Jeff
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@Jenna Ostrye yes!
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@Mike Gowans very true. A “liking” method could also give you some analytics to build your content strategy too👊😉
Hi Can I search utube videos without having my own channel, yet? Thank you
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Sure you can @Sabrina Gordon
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