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35K views in 6 hours. Legal analysis of Colleen Ballinger
I have not had a viral video in 7 months when my channel grew to 20,000 within a few months. I’ve been struggling and chasing views and sub count but recently I pivoted my channel as well as my whole career to step away from Hollywood and open up my own law firm, representing creators. I wanted to take on this video to explain what I thought was happening behind the scenes with the Colleen Ballinger situation because there have been a lot of gossipy videos covering this issue but no lawyers covering it. It is totally wild to me that this video has taken off the way it has. It just goes to show you that you shouldn’t give up! A few months ago, I actually considered quitting my videos and my channel because it was just too hard and I just couldn’t figure it out but I kept going even though my last 10 videos have not done well. So the lesson is— don’t quit!
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35K views in 6 hours. Legal analysis of Colleen Ballinger
2 likes • Jul '23
a real reality check on how powerful one can become, using the platforms we have access to...and how quickly, things one used to do offline, now done online, can expose the deeper side of a person. Well done on this video.
Community Issues
I've noticed that the Community feed grew chaotic. It's become very hard to find useful insights as they become watered down by not-so-thoroughly thought posts and questions that can be solved via the Search feature. It became less interesting to come to this website due to the sharp drop in the quality of content. It's understandable, since the community is growing rapidly. But with this rapid growth we can lose something more impornant than plain numbers. Quality. I suggest restricting posting to level 3 and above. If a person is dedicated enough, they will boost their levels through providing value under other people's posts for a little bit. And that will bring quality of content and conversation back. Let me know if you noticed the same problem and have any other ideas on how to address it.
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Community Issues
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Fedor, this is a great idea. I found myself coming to the place it all began, less and less. Not because I was not still doing my synthesizer thing...your point may be exactly the reason...
Hey guys, I’m Angel, and I am starting a ROI SMMA. I’ve made a whole plan, currently I’m learning till the end of June, and then I’m implementing everything I’ve learned. I hope I can get that 10k$/mo at the end of this year.
New comment May '23
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Good luck Angel. You’re supported here
Start Here
Hello! Welcome to the Synthesizer Skool. The goal of this skool is to help Educational Content Creators and Consultants reach Financial Freedom by mastering the META for the Great Online Game - Synthesizing. Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Roadmap - Mission - Resources - Impact, Income, Fun - University - Work with Andrew To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What project you're currently focused on See you in the comments!
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Start Here
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@Nikoloz Kobakhidze welcome. Looking forward to learning more about your through the content you share.
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@Pam Yang, she-her exciting vision. Looking forward to seeing it unfold. Please let the group know how we can support you
How to develop the skills of the future
You say there are four key skills. What course would you advise to learn how to learn, create, communicate and manage yourself? If you want to find a good use for your money, you can always pay me. However, you can work on your skills and qualities right now. For free. And here's how. Let's start by developing your creativity. Finding your own activity that will make you fulfilled and wealthy, is a creative process. I would compare it to sculpture, where with each hammer blow, the unique outlines of that activity are revealed beneath the layers of marble. No matter how boring your work seems now, there is always room for creativity. Spotting processes that you can improve is an art. Finding tasks that only you can do is an art too. The process of creative exploration is impossible without autonomy. You learn to think and act independently when you follow an untrodden path. Along the way, you encounter the unknown that invite you to unravel and settle into an unfamiliar environment. It's a great chance to learn new things. You'll understand what it's like to learn something out of interest and creative necessity, not for the sake of a good grade or approval. In every skill, there's always someone who's one step ahead of you. By talking to them, you will learn how to communicate: to trust, to help, to ask, to ask, to suggest, to frame your ideas and to share them. It will be a unique journey. And it will begin with a creative question. What can I do better right here, right now with what I have?
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@Fedor Favorsky this essay fits perfectly as I am in a year long mentoring program. The key point being stressed here is to discover and build on one’s unique ability. Often a person in the group has spoken that it is hard to settle on just one ☝️ unique ability…but it is key. Once a person does settle in, the amount of time given back is enormous. One other share. While we will want to do things that require different skills, instead of spending time learning these new skills and being just above new with them, producing average results, find who’s to do the work for you. So ask, when the demand for a skill set outside one’s unique ability is required, “who do I need to hire to do this, versus how do I learn this”. Look forward to your thoughts 💭
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