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If you have people that are VERY willing to give testimonials, one thing that would be important is maximizing that value and willingness. What I mean by that is capturing it in multiple forms of content. I’ve got two right now but im sure there are more - looking for a list! -video content, zoom etc. can be repurposed in many ways. -Trust Pilot review - trusted platform, I can’t repurpose video content to this, so I need the user to do it. What are other ideas?



@Austin Ford saw your post and just thought I would create this one for visibility. I'm still a newbie at Skool, but wanted to share something that is working well for group engagement. There is a balance you have to achieve between driving engagement through your own posts, and leaving space for members to post. I don't want the forum to be full of me or my team posting, as then members feel like they are just there to listen. What I have done is created a predictable pattern for mod post - what I call "Weekly Conversation Starter". Every week on Monday, someone on my team poses a question to the group with follow ups "if yes ... if no ..." this conversation starter can be following up on other conversations going on in the group, the calls we have, or a completely new topic. We even pepper in some personal questions to try and get the networking side going. These conversation starters should be thought provoking - thus driving conversation! What this does - it provides structure, and if you tell members "try to reply to the conversation starter at some point every week" it gives them some direction. Sometimes new members need some direction to get their feet wet. Further - since it is at the same time every week, it is expected. So the members have that "space" to post throughout the week, instead of waiting on the sidelines wondering when mods will post. Last - I have someone on my team do the post, this allows me to be the participant instead of the poster. As I am making other posts, it helps mix things up. I'm still just getting started - but using the 'weekly conversation starter' played out exactly as I hoped it would. Provide structure, drive engagement, stay out of the members' way to drive community. Thought I would share!



Jared Egge
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe this is another use case for scheduled posts. We make these posts every Monday at the same time. It just allows my team flexibility - instead of having to ensure this is a part of the Monday morning agenda, they could create the post any time during the week, and even queue up multiple weeks of them in one working session.

If you could wave a magic wand and add one feature to Skool, what would it be?



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    @Benjamin Nabers any reason for using Samcart over stripe? I'm new to payment processing so excuse ignorance.

maybe this already exists and I don't know how to do it? Couple use cases for this: 1. If I want to touch base with a member of the group and I want to include a member of my team, so 3 people in the chat. Alternatively, if I want members of my team to follow up with members via DM, but I want to be CCd so I can track conversations. 2. If I want to connect 2 members of my mastermind, potentially 1 is having an issue and another is strong in that area, I'd like to create a group chat to introduce/ connect the two people (so there would be 3 of us on the chat.



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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe is there any way to know where features are in the pipeline? For example if something is 2 months or less away, we may wait for it, but if say its 6+ months away, exploring an alternative may be wise. I say that because it looks like people have been asking for this feature for a couple of years.

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