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Please do the following ASAP: -1- Watch the attached video and read the "Welcome" post. -2- Introduce yourself (make a new post in the "presentation" category) -3- Go a like and comment 2-3 guitarists' introduction on the JG Fellowship. Welcome aboard! 🎸 PS To consider this "action as complete", write a comment below such as "done!"

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Paul Baldovin
Julián Castro
Kevin Enny
Larry Woods
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Hello My Name is James! 64 years old and picked up the guitar a few years ago with no knowledge of it I still struggle to learn but I keep going. I love Jazz music and want to play Jazz guitar for myself but I need to get better so I welcome any help.



Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Colin Gardiner
Víctor Murgó
Rene Avenant
Ian Goodwin
New comment 8d ago

Hi Everyone. 50 Years old, been listening to jazz for years. Looking for some more consistency and good pathway to progress in my jazz guitar.



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Telmo Mendes
James Powell
Sevrien Schreurs
Colin Gardiner
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    Hello Danny! I struggle with " consistency " I think it is because I struggle with other things like cords and notes on the neck.

Sorry for the rough performance. This is an arrangement of the head for the song that I enjoy playing. This is not one of my better renditions, but in the spirit of the site, it is the “first cut” video. Looking at it, it seems like nerves have removed any dynamics and timing that I would like to think I usually have. Anyway, I thought I would lay this downas a benchmark. Thanks, John



Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
John Cole
Ian Goodwin
Colin Gardiner
Rene Avenant
New comment 21d ago
  • 3 likes • Aug 6

    Awesome job John, I look forward to even getting that good.

Hello, My name is Ryan and I'm a guitar beginner. Since the pandemic's start, I've noodled on guitar with random books and songs, but have found without structure that progress is slow and inconsistent. My hope is that joining this community will be a milestone! I look forward to learning with you all.



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James Powell
Carys Roebuck
Colin Gardiner
Víctor Murgó
New comment Aug 21
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    Hello Ryan, I relate to you when you say " without structure that progress is slow and inconsistent" It is for myself a well.

Are there any Julian Lage fans in the Jazz Guitar Fellowship? World's Fair was my first beloved jazz record, and I've been a devoted listener since. Please, any fellow fans, I'd love to hear your covers or read your comments.



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Ryan Robichaud
James Powell
Pablo Cuzco
Don Rice
New comment Aug 20
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    Ryan this is awesome from him I have listen to it a few times " Incredible intro to Emily- Julian Lage (LIVE)"

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    I hope he comes close anywhere to me like Seattle I will like to see him live.

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James Powell
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63 years old and really wants to get this playing Jazz guitar not for a band but for myself.

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