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Finding Your Niche or Target Audience
This is my explanation to @Jack Zenert 's question about Rule #5 of How to Start Your Community. This approach will help you come up with your answer more naturally and quickly. Ninja tip: watch the video on 1.5+ speed to save time!
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Finding Your Niche or Target Audience
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Yesss.. Thank you
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@Chuck Ellis you bet, thank you Chuck!
How to Start a Community
If you are struggling to start your community here on Skool.. here are 9 things I promise will help. 1️⃣ Rule #1 - Take The Pressure Off In the grand scheme, what we do is not brain surgery but we make it that way. Almost no decision is fatal. Don’t worry about screwing up. You can’t improve on what you don’t start. “A big part of the pressure comes from this idea that you have to get it right the first time. So get your wrong idea out as fast as you can until eventually it’s actually right.” - Alex Hormozi 2️⃣ Rule #2 - You Don’t Need To Be An Expert There are 2 approaches you can take starting out: 1. The Leader (Expert) - Leaders teach unapologetically about the journey from point A to point B by telling compelling stories that influence their followers to take action. They provide the guidance, empathy, and clarity. 1. The Curator - If you can’t provide your audience with the answers from your own experience, gather the answers they need. Maybe interview hundreds of people. Take your audience on the journey. 3️⃣ Rule #3 - Questions That Reveal Value - What is a current/past profession you love? - What are your hobbies / interests?   - What excites you most to talk about every single day? - What life experiences have you overcome? - What do you want to become known for?  4️⃣ Rule #4 - Ikigai Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "reason for being". The word is a combination of iki, which means "life," and gai, which means "value" or "worth". Ikigai is the intersection of 4 primary elements: - What you love: Your passion - What the world needs: Your mission - What you are good at: Your vocation - What you can get paid for: Your profession 5️⃣ Rule #5 - Don’t Choose A Market & Niche You don’t choose based on what will sell. You can’t find your “target audience” because you aren’t looking in the mirror. “We are most qualified to serve the person we used to be.” - Ed Mylett 6️⃣ Rule #6 - Start with “Who” not “How” When you get clear on who you help, they will show you how they want to be helped.
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Really awesome post @Chuck Ellis Can you explain further > Rule #5 - Don’t Choose A Market & Niche You don’t choose based on what will sell. You can’t find your “target audience” because you aren’t looking in the mirror.
Maximize the One-Time Payment Feature
LONG TEXT POST (but worth your time). The “running ads” part might not apply, but the rest is filled with nuggets. These are direct words from Hormozi (the 🐐 himself). We’ve unlocked this new feature. And. It’s awesome. Here are three paths you can follow to use it: 1) Free communities can have a paid course inside. This is the fastest path to money if you’re a beginner because: 1. Don’t have attention 2. Don’t know what to sell 3. Aren’t an expert 4. Aren’t positioned well Alex Note: Free group + one-time solves MANY problems in one elegant solution. →You now have a great lead magnet →You ask the free group what to sell →You practice your skills in your free group until you’re good enough to charge →Because you’re the group owner, you’re automatically positioned with authority Ex: 100 members costs $250 in ads. $2.50 per group member. 5 members buy a $200 course. 5% x $200 = $10 per group member So you spend $2.50 per member and make $10. Scale to the moooon. To get them to buy, you would still use the same 4-part conversion process: 1a) Weekly webinar with soft CTA at the end 1b) On-boarding call with all new members (provide value then sell) 1c) 5-Video Module VSL (Free course sits next to paid course) 1d) DM the members in your community. How many buy will give you the economics you need to know how much you can spend to advertise. 2) You can use the paid course one time feature for more than courses. You can sell packages of calls - or - 1-on-1 consultations. Just include your private booking link inside AND whatever prepwork you want them to do with those calls (or between calls) in the case of the bundle. You can use this in a paid or free community. Ex: You have a community built on teaching people to make better YT thumbnails. The community is free. You put 3 and 6 calls as your one time purchases. The 3 call course comes with your link, prep before first call, a jotform for them to fill out prior. I recommend selling more than one so you can keep the price higher - they’ll also likely want a follow up.
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Awesome Stuff - Thanks so much @Chuck Ellis
Bio change
Yes I did it again., it all growth, and clarity Focus and my confidence is building
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That is great Lucinda :) @Lucinda Cox
Welcome - Introduce Yourself
Don't forget to introduce yourself to the group and let me know what you are looking forward most to learning. Also feel free to drop any specific questions here. Welcome to Packaging your Knowledge Once and Selling it Forever - Let's Grow 😁🚀💰
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Welcome - Introduce Yourself
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Hi there, Jack here from Alberta Canada - yes the future home of the Stanly Cup (one more win to go). I have been in the marketing and business consulting game for many years, helping business get more profitable, more clients in the door, and making things Easy. I'm here to explore how Skool can help myself and my clients build their networks in a more effective manner.
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