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How does Skool manage duplicate content? Or when a member posts a question that has been previously posted? Can the admin merge with the existing post? Does the tool suggest the user that this topic has been published before? @Sam Ovens



Sam Ovens
Ivan Lares
Alex Williams
Lucio Guido
New comment 12d ago
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    Tool is great @Sam Ovens looking forward to see it improve. To your & the team's success! ❤️

Ive asked a variation of this in the past, but I’m curious as to why you guys chose to limit it to around 30 posts per page and archive the content into Pages, instead of having an infinite feed? (Or ability to expand # of posts / page). Personally I have never went past the first page (I’ve been in Skool since first days of beta) — is that Intentionally designed that way to limit users focus on 1 page? Curious to hear your thoughts and thinking on this. And if any other users think the same?



Nick Guadagnoli
Mitch Gonsalves
Ivan Lares
New comment Feb '21
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    Solid team :) @Nick Guadagnoli @Sam Ovens

You may have noticed a "New" button at the top of your feed leading you to a cool feature we deployed this week, recent activity sort mode! This sorting method will arrange the feed by posts that have recent comments/replies, and posts that have just been created. Now you can keep up with posts that may be older, but are still getting valuable responses, as well as the newest additions to conversations. The timestamp on the posts in this sorting method will reflect the time of the most recent activity. How do you like this feature? We're always happy to hear your thoughts whether good, bad, or indifferent.



Ivan Lares
Chris Legendre
Kerry Hopkins
Aaron Klein
New comment Dec '20
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    Hey @Nick Guadagnoli it's great to have more control over our feeds. Depending on what I am looking for, on a particular skool session, it's nice too have the option to sort.

We are starting a school for social change leaders and we want a better community experience than FB groups provide. So we're looking around for alternatives. Relatedly, I'm guessing you have a business model in mind with Skool? What is it? Thanks in advance @Sam Ovens



Alexia Schlueter
Sam Ovens
Jeff Barnum
Zahida A Khan
Ivan Lares
  • 1 like • Jan '20

    Amazing :) @Sam Ovens as you may have considered - a 'white labeled community' (URL, brand colors, and login) would be a feature we would be interested in and would pay for :)

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