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Back on track
Hello, beautiful breathers! I was away for a while due to several recent events, including surgery and a challenging recovery. I got very ill 🤒, and I had to leave Israel where I was working due to the war. This shock affected my entire nervous system, and I felt like I lost my mind. I couldn't function, and my entire system seemed to shut down, leading to depression and isolation. It's been a lot to handle! But now, I'm trying to return to my responsibilities, regain my focus, and catch up with everything. I've also joined 9D and obtained certification. Currently, I'm working on my BMC. I'm delighted to see how everyone here continues to inspire and keep this community alive!
Svein Ove Halvorsen
Yvonne Bignall
Michelle Aurets
Daniel Felipe Moncaleano
Joana De Almeida
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Hope you're recovering well, Daniel. Know that we are here for you.
Back again
I have been in and out of connections so been grabbing Journeys on the fly so to speak. Not able to engage much has been a huge issue and hoping to be more interactive with everyone now will be awesome and to hopefully enjoy more Journeys more regularly.
Han Alcantara
Michelle Aurets
Liezel Bredenkamp
Joana De Almeida
Yvonne Bignall
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Welcome back!
I’m at my daughters Halloween celebration where we all dress up as something we’re not. Tonight, I’ll take my kids trick-or-treating where they’ll collect treats as they show off their costumes or masks. The whole ordeal reminds me that we’re in a perpetual state of “dress-up”. We don a mask, throw on some make-up, get in character and off we go to collect our treats of praise, acceptance, belonging, etc. I love breath work because it helps me pull off the masks and costumes, and revels the beautiful authentic self that always resides under it all. My mask that I’m breaking with breathwork is that of a victim. Hurt by others and needs healing. It’s just a mask… What’s your mask? Happy Halloween
Ani Lang
Mel Lord
Joana De Almeida
Han Alcantara
Michelle Aurets
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Awesome share! Thank you for this!
Breath Quote for today...
“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”― Amit Ray
Yvonne Bignall
Ani Lang
Han Alcantara
Michelle Aurets
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Ahhh yesss!
Getting back in the groove...
Hello fellow BMCs and BMCs to be, Just wanted to give you an update on what's happening with me as I used to be quite active in this forum and then suddenly dropped out of sight. (No reflection on you) After I graduated as a BMC and 9D verified facilitator in June, all of the hectic learning stuff stopped and I ended up in a vacuum with no clue as to what I had to do or where I wanted to go. I even stopped doing breathwork for a couple of months, starting to doubt the path I had placed myself on over 3 years ago. Imposter syndrome also kicked in (certainly didn't help) and it took a lot of soul searching to come to the place where I'm at today. So, here's where I am. Guiding journeys via both Zoom and in person gave me some of the best feelings I've ever had so I will continue that. I've arranged for Breathwork Wednesdays so that every week I dedicate one day to spreading this "medicine". Wednesdays are free so that more people can join and I can do what I love to do (which keeps me in practice). If you'd like to join me you can sign up here Upcoming Wednesday (Nov 15) I'll be guiding the 9D Abundance journey at both 8 am and 2 pm (Bali GMT + 8) Looking forward to seeing you there. Let's breath together and make the world a better place. Emile p.s. I wil be more active in this forum
Christopher Hutchison
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Michelle Aurets
Han Alcantara
Henrik Thinggaard
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Glad you're back in the forum mix. Looking forward to more of your good vibes and insights. Wishing you all the best on your breathwork journey this Wednesday.
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