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Christmas goodies
Let's start a chain of people who want homemade Christmas goodies. I would love to send out 🩵
Morgan Frost
Bridgett Osmotherly
Hailey Harcourt
Carrie Lensing
Richie Hill
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Ooh meeee please! I can also find a way to send out cookies I love to bake!
Who’s your Birthday Twin??
When is your birthday???? Let’s start a Birthday thread
Jess Dalleo
Samantha Henke
Amanda Leissner
Charice Brown
Ellen Wilson
New comment 3d ago
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August 21!
Texas 24’ Itinerary ideas
Hey everyone so we started writing down ideas to put on the official itinerary when we take our trip next summer, but if y’all have anymore ideas put them in the comments! We will end up voting when the time gets closer but until then here’s what we have and don’t be afraid to offer up suggestions!!
Zachary Owen
Kaytlyn Kieffer
Morgan Frost
Mandi Bass
Patience Evans
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stock yards!
Snap Group?
I am going to create a Club Bulletproof snapchat too? What y'all think?
Andrew Gohl
Nick Luciano
Charlee Blair
Diana Hamister
Lily Koon
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I would love this idea!
What is everyone's birthday? Mine is April 25th
Stephanie Parkinson
Kevin Zimmerer
Samantha Henke
Patience Evans
Kaytlyn Kieffer
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August 21!
Okay so I am gonna be watching the leaderboards heavy! In order to level up you need to engage, like, and comment. Top Three people on the leaderboard at the end of the month will get free merch!!
Nick Luciano
Andrew Gohl
Charice Brown
Baylee Clayton
Diana Hamister
New comment 8d ago
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Are the bulletproof mindset items going to be able for purchase?
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@Nick Luciano
Anyone readers in this group?? If so drop your faves!
Nick Luciano
Gianna Prohoroff
Bridgett Osmotherly
Carrie Lensing
Gail Burgess
New comment 13d ago
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@Nick Luciano my therapist and I have been working on this book! It’s very helpful
Comfort Shows
Just wanted to create a list of all of our favorite comfort shows so that those of us looking to try new ones or connect over similar ones can. Here are my top 5: 1) Friends 2) NCIS 3) The Office 4) New Girl 5) That '70's Show
Gianna Prohoroff
Jess Dalleo
Carrie Lensing
Bridgett Osmotherly
Cameron Bean
New comment 14d ago
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Honestly it sounds weird but Christmas makes me happy so when I’m sad I will put on any good Christmas movie!
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@Nick Luciano I’m almost finished with this series! I love it
My Best Friend Abi
So I wanted to share this because I’m not quite over it and I’m not sure how to grieve in a healthy way. I need a little help. I’m sure everyone here has lost family and friends. This year has been one of my worst for losses. In July of 2023 my bestfriend was in a 4 car pile up. She was placed under sedation and on a ventilator for two weeks. Then eventually moved to a medically induced coma on her third week. She was expected to make a full recovery after her body had time to rest and heal. A doctor attempted to perform a trach on her knowing he shouldn’t. He created a second hole on accident and it got infected with necrotizing fasciitis. A week later the infection had spread to her brain. Ultimately leading to her death on July 25th. The wound of her passing still feels fresh as if it just happened today. She was 20 years old. Her mother is a drug addict and used the money we raised to bring her body from Texas to home in Indiana for drugs. As far as I know her body is still in the morgue in Texas. I have resorted to unhealthy ways of coping due to this. And I have lots of pain and anger towards her mother and the doctor. I am not entirely sure what to do with my feelings. I feel as if everything I try to do to help myself doesn’t work. And I’m at a loss. I’m always in pain and I’m tired of hurting. And I just need someone who has experienced this to help me and lead me down the path of healing. She was a beautiful soul who saw the good in everyone and everything. And she got me through some of my darkest times. And now I do not have her to get me through those times. Here are some beautiful pictures of my bestfriend and I. She was very connected to nature so I tend to go on walks and watch the sunset to connect with her but it’s just not enough it feels like. She was an amazing aunt to my little boy as well.
Brittany Hunt
Nick Luciano
Kaytlyn Kieffer
Nicole Northcott
Bridgett Osmotherly
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@Kaytlyn Kieffer I lost my grandma and brother in 2020, I cope with knowing that they are ok now and aren’t hurting. I try to find things outside that remind me of them or go to places that make me think of them and sit and think about them. That’s how I have grieved. If you ever need someone to talk to please reach out
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@Kaytlyn Kieffer it’s never easy loosing a loved one. But hopefully that can give you a piece of mind that she’s okay, and don’t ever forget she’s always with you!
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My favorite quote is to just breathe
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Gianna Prohoroff
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Hello, my name is Gigi, I struggle with mental health on the daily and would love to communicate with others.
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