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Digital Distractions and Beyond: Unmasking Your Subtle Addictions with Microdosing 🍄🧠
Your Monday Microdose: In this era dominated by the digital realm, it has become glaringly clear that we all harbor an addiction of some sort. Yet, when the term "addiction" crosses our minds, it is often substances like drugs or alcohol that we envision. Seldom do we acknowledge the more nuanced addictions: the incessant scrolling on our devices, the irresistible urge to multitask, or the compulsion to drown every moment of silence with noise. These habits, though they might appear trivial, all share a common objective: to evade the present moment. Be it the exhilaration of receiving a notification or the dopamine surge from ticking off a task, we are perpetually in pursuit of that exhilaration, the subsequent captivating diversion. 📱✨ However, while these addictions grant momentary delight, they are merely transient remedies for more profound dilemmas. Nonetheless, upon acknowledging this pattern, we can surface with a rejuvenated enthusiasm for existence. The truth is that our culture has morphed addiction into a concept synonymous with negativity and condemnation. We visualize the destitute, attaching to them negative labels. Yet, fundamentally, addiction is merely a device—a method to evade, to manage. Whether it manifests as a podcast, a beverage, or even a narcotic, these are instruments we employ to detach ourselves from our immediate reality. The peril materializes when our existence becomes subjugated by these routines. This is the juncture at which microdosing makes its entrance. 🍄Microdosing has the potential to tackle the essence of our addictive inclinations, illuminating the traumas and fundamental motives that drive us to seek refuge in diversions. Whereas traditional treatments may neglect these ingrained issues, concentrating solely on superficial conduct, microdosing presents a distinct angle, empowering individuals to face and make amends with their history. The advantages of microdosing for addiction include: - Mental emancipation 🌟 - A state of tranquility and lucidity 🌿 - Equilibrium and interconnectedness 🌍 - Overcoming anxiety and advancing with intention 🚀bridging the voids in recovery and restoration 💖
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Pearls of wisdom!
Hey everyone ✨
New here, started my journey a few weeks back. Looking to add a little more structure around it. [If necessary] Been doing a hybrid Stamen method 2-3 on 3-4 off with 1 here and there in the middle if the intent is there. Listening to my body. Great to meet you all. 🍄
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I’m new here…
I’m looking to connect with people who have had success with micro-dosing using the 90 day journey that Brian has put together. I would love to connect with you. Have a Blessed Day, Kari Travis Lynch
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Welcome Kari❗️
Community Meeting-6/27
Welcome back @George Siffri ! Tonight, during our session, we delved into the topic of the inner critic and explored how self-judgment arises when we lack awareness of our thoughts 👁️ The practice of microdosing offers a valuable tool to observe our thoughts, perceptions, and emotions with greater clarity. By enhancing our awareness, we can recognize the transient and arbitrary nature of thought. In truth, thought is a construct of the human mind and lacks inherent reality. This realization prompts us to question: what is truly real 🍄 By embracing the understanding that our thoughts are merely products of conditioning, social constructs, and personal biases that often shape our experiences and judgments without us even being fully conscious of them 👁️ However, through the practice of mindfulness and microdosing (aka M & M~!) we can cultivate a heightened level of awareness 🍄 Microdosing, provides an opportunity to observe the mind and its processes from a different perspective. It allows us to step back and witness the flow of thoughts without attachment or identification. This vantage point enables us to recognize the impermanence and illusory nature of thoughts, freeing us from the grip of self-judgment 👁️ By sharpening our awareness through microdosing and mindfulness practices, we gain insight into the arbitrary nature of our thoughts. We begin to understand that thoughts are merely mental constructs, influenced by our past experiences, societal conditioning, and cultural narratives. They do not inherently define who we are or the nature of reality. I REPEAT, they do not inherently define who we are or the nature of reality 🍄 In this exploration, we open ourselves to a more expansive understanding of existence. We start questioning the nature of reality itself and the boundaries of our perception. Terance McKenna, known for his insightful perspectives on consciousness and altered states, invites us to contemplate the limitations of our ordinary perception and consider the possibility of a more profound and interconnected reality beyond the constructs of thought 👁️
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Community Meeting-6/27
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Great community meeting!
Happy Earth Day Everybody!!!
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🌎 🌍 🌏 ❤️❗️
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