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Hello! Welcome to the Synthesizer Skool. The goal of this skool is to help Educational Content Creators and Consultants reach Financial Freedom by mastering the META for the Great Online Game - Synthesizing. Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Roadmap - Mission - Resources - Impact, Income, Fun - University - Work with Andrew To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What project you're currently focused on See you in the comments!
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@Andrew Kirby Awesome..
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Hi! I've been around a while, loved the movement, chatted with Andrew and taken inspiration to do a few things in my business but not taken on a mission in the true synthesiser mindset. I am now relaunching my Youtube channel focused on high performance and growth for small business owners. I will be starting by interviewing successful business owners in my "podcast" 'Business & Beyond: The Inside Story', have set up a group but the same name on LinkedIn and will be doing Shorts to YT and LI. LI is going to be my daily channel for chatting, networking and sales. Youtube is the long term play, focusing on what business owners need to maximise productivity, accelerate progress on priority projects & be their best: exploring mindsets, systems and processes. You can find my stuff here: Website LinkedIn Youtube As you can see, Youtube has been cleared out a bit to make way for the new stuff! Exciting times.
The Synthesizer Roadmap
Here's what the journey ahead looks like: Step 1: Make your first piece of content Step 2: Get in the habit of creating Step 3: Make your first dollar Step 4: Get 10,000 followers Step 5: Make $10,000/month Step 6: Financial freedom A note about habits: Reaching all six steps is possible, but it's a long road ahead. If you're only creating content for views, followers, or money, then you probably won't make it. In the beginning, you won't get those things. So you'll quit. The solution is to fall in love with creating. To create out of intrinsic motivation. Because you enjoy it. And just the process of creating helps you. A note about money: Money is important. But I don't think it's our end goal here. Content is growing exponentially. Our attention is limited. The role of the synthesizer becomes more important every single day. Our end goal is to commit to solving the 'disjointed knowledge problem' full-time. Now that's a meaningful goal. A note about $10,000/month: It is possible to earn much more than this through synthesizing, but this is roughly the point where your happiness stops increasing as you earn more. A note about Financial Freedom: The goal isn't to sit on a beach and drink cocktails. The goal is to use this freedom to make art. To create something beautiful for the other people on earth. At this point significant impact can be made. A note about "Celebrations": This community has exceeded my expectations in terms of energy and aliveness. I didn't quite realise how strongly being synthesizers would resonate with you guys. Thank you, sincerely, for your response. I've added a "celebrations" post category. I think this will add to the energy of the group. Whenever you hit part of the roadmap, make a post! We will keep track of how many people are at each level. Also feel free to post other celebrations not on the roadmap. Final notes: This roadmap is definitely not final. If you see any problems with it, comment below. If you can think of anything you think should be added, comment below.
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Great plan. I like it. For me, this is a passion/hobby type thing... Will be linked to my business, for sure, but is not being looked at as that. Keeping it separate from revenue building activities :-).
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Gamified road map. Love it. Like the simplicity of this one too. Need to do something similar for my IAM10 group :-).
A Message To Consultants: Things are Changing
This is a message for Consultants. Specifically someone who sells coaching or a course to help people solve their problems. In 2022 I: - Spent two days in LA with Sam Ovens (on track to become billionaire) - Spoke with Alex Hormozi ($200m/year portfolio) - Spoke (and worked) with MrBeast (130m subscribers) - Spoke with Cole Gordon ($2,000,000/month) - Met Bas Slot in Lisbon twice ($1,000,000/month) My conclusion after all of this was simple: This industry is changing… The smartest people have noticed, and are already taking advantage of this shift. Everyone else will be left behind. Watch these clips (5-10 mins) to spot the shift. - Clip from Sam Ovens - Tweet from Alex Hormozi - Another tweet from Alex Hormozi - Clip from Cole Gordon (making $2m/m+) - Clip from All In Podcast (all four are Billionaires) - Clip from Alex Hormozi Watch those clips before reading on. They're short. Here's how I see things changing: - Direct Response → Brand - Ads → Content - Selling → Giving And to me, this is a GREAT SHIFT. Thank fuck this industry is FINALLY maturing. It's no longer enough to have flashy marketing and great sales skills. You have to build a brand. Over the past few months I’ve hinted at this shift quite a few times, and how I've used it to make $100,000/month profit (and sometimes even $90,000 in a day). I've made a: - 33 minute Loom video explaining this new model - 21 minute Loom video explaining how I got 600,000 subscribers using this model - Free course explaining how to build a great community - Loom video I sent to Alex Hormozi about using trends to grow an audience when he asked me to help him grow his YouTube - Notion page explaining the lessons I learned about YouTube growth from speaking with MrBeast - Google Doc explaining the content system that grows your audience in just two hours per week
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Is there any answer but "YES"?!
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Me too. Are we doing this?
Hey guys. Serious question. Why the love for Twitter? I like the idea of it as it’s low rent compared to Instagram or YouTube, but the interaction rates and chances of people seeing you seem much slimmer. I’d probably use it as a kind of daily talking to myself thing, with updates, thoughts, stories, and ideas. Kinda like it for the few days I’ve played. But curious as to why others are driving into it when, say, for example, Instagram seems much easier to get following. If you look at anyone from Cardone to Hormozo et cetera, who are on both, the figures on IG blow out their figures on Twitter. The very fact we have a Twitter tag on here… Love to hear thoughts…
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@Andrew Kirby What’s the reasons, Andrew?
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@Martin Lilly Well done, Martin. The one thing I would say about my initial play around with Twitter is that it's a lot easier to find people who are active, posting, sharing and who effectively elevate each other IF you're writing about growing Twitter, audiences, social media and copywriting. There seem to be a lot of genuine and active accounts in these areas. As someone focused on sales, it is a lot harder to find actual real accounts. I am literally stumbling over the first lot but they don't get me traction. Finding my audience is hard because so many "big" accounts seem to be more using Twitter as a shouting arena and not much else.
I closed a $300,000 deal. Here's how:
A while ago I was stoked to share with you the most money I'd ever made in a day. $89,591. So you can only imagine my reaction when just a few months later I closed a deal more than triple the size. $300,000! From one client! What a time to be alive. In this post I want to cover: - What was the deal? - Lessons it's taught me - How you use those lessons to make more money --- WHAT WAS THE DEAL? I signed an NDA, so here are all the details I'm comfortable giving. Feel free to make guesses at what the company is in the comments. - 8-figure info-business - Productivity niche - Makes it's money through ads - Believes in my thesis that investing in content produces the highest ROI, just the time-horizon is longer than other investments like ads - Wants to go from (pretty much) 0 to 500,000 subscribers in a year - Wants to go from (pretty much) $0/m from content to $1m/m from content in a year - Comes to me and pays me to maximise the likelihood of goal being achieved. And, thanks to a few unfair advantages they have, I think it's possible. If we can pull it off it'll be the case-study of the century. And even if we just get 1/10th of the goal, they'll still see a huge ROI. - If you're trying to guess the company, they lie in the overlap between Sam Ovens and Deep Work --- LESSONS FROM CLOSING A $300,000 DEAL Lesson 1: 3 years ago I made a video called "This Graph Changed My Life" In the video I make the argument that every action you take is far more important than it seems on the surface. Going to the gym once doesn't change anything. But going to the gym once increases the likelihood you'll go again, because of habit formation. And maybe because you went to the gym you're feeling more energised for an interview the next day which makes you 1% better but that 1% better puts you above the competition and you get the job. Or maybe you meet the girl of your dreams at the gym.
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