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Blue Bossa
One take
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Sideman Joshua Sicot
Frank Dernoncourt
Cass Weller
Mario Villarreal
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    Cass, if that's a 1st take, then you have a talent for improvisation: well-inspired melodies, that evolve from one loop to the other. Did you play both the guitar and bass parts?
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    @Cass Weller so the bass part is not you playing, but you chose every note of it, is that correct?
Playlist - Guitarists I love
One song each from my faves....
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Mario Villarreal
Frank Dernoncourt
James Rumora
Mark McInerney
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    Hi Mark, thanks for sharing . Can you clarify how you picked those songs please? Your list is called "guitarists I love" but there's only one song per artist and some of the artists are not guitarists so we don't know who's playing guitar on those.
November challenge 1
I've known Blue Bossa for decades. So I'm going to work on comping it with shell cords (which I'm just starting to discover thanks to teacher Marc}.
Mark Jennings-Bates
Rene Avenant
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Frank Dernoncourt
Thomas Gore
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    Thank you guys.
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    @Thomas Gore Hi Thomas, I'm just a beginner in that area. Here are a couple of videos from teacher Marc where he explains what I mean by "shell chords":
Hi, I am Mert- a newbie to jazz playing and I would like to express myself through playing the notes to convey feelings and stories as a storyteller I was but mostly in the literal form and visual one. But I think I want to explore the sound aspect as well. And I would like to be part of this community. Be inspired and to inspire.
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Graham Dixon
Mark Jennings-Bates
Mert Izcan
James Rumora
New comment Oct 27
Autumn Leaves September challenge
This is my 1st video contribution to this community. I welcome your feedback on my guitar playing -- isn't that what this community is for?
Mark Jennings-Bates
James Rumora
Frank Dernoncourt
Rene Avenant
Stuart Marshall
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    Thank you guys
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    @Stuart Marshall yeah! That's the way you do it: constructive feedback. Thank you for writing that much. Your advice (yes, let's give one another advice) is relevant and much appreciated. I was of the mind to start integrating those "shells"that Marc teaches about, and also that having a jazz guitar would contribute to my motivation. So thanks for your "few comments" -- they're encouraging.😊
Favorite jazz artists
A lot of people have said they were new to jazz so to help them... and all of us, I thought it would be a nice challenge for us to choose 3 of our favorite jazz artists. Only 3!!! So choose wisely! This will evetually make a list for people to go discover new players.
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Colin Gardiner
Graham Dixon
Juan Herreros
Robert Redden
New comment Sep 28
Excited to learn more jazz guitar
Hi Everyone. 50 Years old, been listening to jazz for years. Looking for some more consistency and good pathway to progress in my jazz guitar.
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Telmo Mendes
James Powell
Sevrien Schreurs
Colin Gardiner
New comment Sep 16
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    Hi Danny, your presentation could be mine! I trust this community will provide much-needed accountability.
Septembre challenge Autumn leaves
After posting the autumn leaves challenge, Rene told me it would be cool to do it with you guys. Here's what i suggest. Everybody interested works on the song and posts their result before the end of september. You can learn an arrangement, make your own, solo, just melody, just chords... whatever you feel will help you improve. We are here to help each other so i suggest that for one thing to work on we say 2 things we liked... we can also just like. That way we don't end up discouraging others. We are not all at the same level and we can all work on so many things. So if you're interested please respond in the comments... if there's only two of us we might decide to just not do it.
Alain Picard
James Rumora
Matthew Berry
Laura Guilbault
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
New comment Sep 13
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    okey-dokey, I'll post a video by the end of September.
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    Sorry @Joel Nelson and Marc-Andre, the joke is lost on me; can you explain "dotted 8th delay line" please?
Plectrum or fingers... What's your pick?
My 1st guitar hero being Mark Knopfler, I've always played with no plectrum. But a few years ago, my manouche jazz teacher said "you have to play with a pick". I started to follow his advice, but so far I'm still a better player without a pick than with one. And in the jazz realm, I see conflicting advice. So, do you think one can play jazz guitar with no pick all the time? Or is there a music or context that requires using a plectrum? More broadly, what's your take on the pick/no pick issue?
James Rumora
Sideman Joshua Sicot
Colin Gardiner
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Alain Picard
New comment Aug 31
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    @James Rumora it's not what it sounds like: I'm still a beginner jazz guitar player. I had that manouche jazz teacher for 4 months only -- learned 1 song only ("Minor Swing").
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    @Nick Albano "sticking at what you're good at" sounds good -- I'll stick to fingerstyle and focus on developing my jazz guitar skills instead of spending energy on learning to play with a pick.
500 miles high
This is my latest assignment in the accelerator, thought i would share it with you.
Rod Isnoyou
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
John Cole
Rene Avenant
Barry Backhouse-Smith
New comment Aug 21
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    love the song... and the shirt!
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    I love Pat Metheny! Despite his being my favorite artist, I've only ever been to 2 of his concerts (I live in Europe).
Ideas on away?
Does anyone have any ideas on activities to do whilst away from a guitar for 2 weeks? Obviously listening to jazz and basic theory.....but any unique out of the box ideas?
Telmo Mendes
Nick Albano
Ian Goodwin
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Víctor Murgó
New comment Jul 31
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    If, as Marc recommends, you keep a journal of your guitar practice, review your notes.
My Introduction
I have played classical guitar for a few years. I was part of Classical Guitar Corner for the past 5, and I liked the fact that there was a structured curriculum. I was also part of Marc's online school, and I appreciated that he had organized the learning of jazz into a structured curriculum. i am currently working on the exercises that were part of Improv 101, and while I can play scales against a ii-V-I progression, they still just sound like scales. I am hoping to break through and make the leap to jazz in the near future.
Chip Patterson
Mentor Marc-Andre Labelle
Colin Gardiner
Frank Dernoncourt
Richard Kordel
New comment Jul 30
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    Hi Richard. I love classical music. Regarding your penetrating the world of jazz music, I wish you to find the right balance between the theory and your creativity when you express yourself on guitar.
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When I was 14-18, I got piano lessons from a great teacher who did not only teach me piano, he taught me music. The guitar is my favorite instrument.

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