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🤔 Jeremy Made 2.3M Selling This...
I was doing research on the world of Michal Oliver and found some stuff from early days of Jeremy career. 11 years ago Jeremy used to be a 7 figure earner for a company called... Wealth Masters Internal Consulting 🙌 Pretty cheesy name if you ask me... Wealth Masters International (WMI) promised it's members health and wealth education through buying their vast array for WMI Products that would pay you commissions as you sold the trainings to others who were destined to create wealth for themselves 😎 You could purchase the Mp, M1, M2, M3 or buy any combination of them within the premium and custom packages 🎁🎁🎁 ranging from $1997 to $20,000+ (These types of business are most commonly known as MLM, network marketing, or pyramid scheme depending on how much success you had... 😂) However for Jeremy these proved lucrative as he scaled his income from $115,098 to a staggering $2,370,486.79 in W2 income! I found an old youtube channel where he posted some of his early success: But it's not all sunshine and rainbows on your way to the top... WMI had legal trouble late 2013 after failing to go public. Most of WMI's affiliates moved to different offers, and the pyramid dissolved from the top down. 🫣 Who would've thought that a "system allows anyone, anywhere to turn on a profit faucet that spills out an income that never stops." would run dry... 💦 (quoted from jeremys personal site) What unfolded for Jeremy next... i'm not sure 🤷‍♂️ - but regardless of the company, offer, or ethics the one thing in this world that'll keep the lights on is skill! Jeremy's underground mentor Michael Oliver can be credited for helping Jeremy cross his first $500,000 y/r in income using Natural Selling.
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@Tamaz Adamson Where exactly?
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@Tamaz Adamson No, just nepq
(🏁 Start Here) - Welcome To Persuasion Academy
Watch the welcome video below 👇 Complete the action item in this video so you can get the most out of this group...
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Yo! Filip here (26 yo from Serbia 🇷🇸). Closer by day, learner by night. Always down to connect with other sales peeps!
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@Tamaz Adamson LFG
Great Opp
Need a North American based & European based Closer & AUS based Setter, for the account Im on, if you are keen let me know and I will get you in touch with the big fella Financial Services, Closer OTE 8-16K USD + backend commissions once company is funded Top closer made 100k 2 months ago
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Check dm @Riley White
Get A Job Sales Job In 7 Days! (free mini course)
This past week I've had dozens of you reach out to get hired 😵‍💫 While not everyone made it through, lots of you have potential to get with a great company! ❤️ So I uploaded a mini course of exactly what I'd do day by day to land a sales job! Works even if you have... - NO network - NO friends who work in sales - NO prior sales experience - NO sexy social media profiles I did the equivalent of "undercover boss", and created a new identity and struggled my way through the scams, and other junk. Sure enough I got hired! 🤝 They were pissed when I told them It was for a program & I wasn't actually wanting to work... 😬 Comment "job" below & I'll send it to ya for free! 5 years ago I was in your same position, I get how hard it can be. And making this course brought me back to those days. However... Once you build your resume (follow what I teach) every job you get after is easy + I put in a list of 3 great staffing agencies that are taking applications (lil bonus for ya) 🎁 Comment "job", and I'll give you access. P.S - those of you who asked to be on my waitlist for other offers, i've already granted you access ;)
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Thanks boss!
The ONE trick he used to close a 15k client in 30 minutes | agency owner
This is the power of sales! Most agency owners have it backwards thinking they need more leads before they begin developing their sales skills. This is like pouring more water into a leaky bucket. When you can close consistently you'll never have to worry about getting more leads because you'll have more cash to spend getting them! One of our top students Dan copied the "identity closing" process into his agency and closed a client for $15k in less than 15 days after joining! The best part... this lead had sat in his pipeline for 8+ months, and using what we teach dan got him signed & paid with 1 zoom call. I've just re-created the identity closing training, where you'll learn how I used the same process dan learned to clear over $28k m/o profit for myself personally You'll also learn... - ✋ Concern Navigation: how to go under the radar and pre-handle objections before they arise, allowing your customer to persuade themselves - 🔥 Last Minute Urgency: how to trigger desire so that your customer feels comfortable making a decision today. (this saved me hundreds of hours from not needing follow up calls) - 🧠 Psychology Of Influence: How to level up your persuasion and influence quickly even if you have little lead flow using a little known secret only our students have Comment "Dan" down below, and I'll send you the updated training! 📲
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