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60 contributions to Expert Coach Community
How To Unlock The Program (£5,000 Certification FREE)
How you unlock the program (watch this video) to get certified as an Expert Coach (*************IMPORTANT*************) . . . UNLOCKING THE PROGRAM If you want to be a great coach Then you have to interact and practise your coaching skills as you go through the whole program. without practice, you will not get better. . . . The whole program can be unlocked within 2 1/2 weeks (average) Some have done it in 8 days. Some have done it in less than that. . . . Level 4 unlocks the entire program. The Expert Coach is gamified so you get the most from it. Modules get unlocked as you go through the program The more you do the more points you earn You earn points by interacting within the group. . . . How to earn points: -Post questions on your tasking If people engage with your post or question you earn a point per like/engagement. . . . CLICK THE CLASSROOM ICON AT THE TOP TO ACCESS THE MODULES AS YOU EARN POINTS YOU WILL UNLOCK MORE OF THE PROGRAM> . . . WELCOME TO THE EXPERT COACH COMMUNITY My name is Ed and I hope this is going to transform your life like nothing else you have experienced before. . . The Expert Coach Certification is sold for £5,000. This is not some fake marketing technique to get you to trust me. The truth is the online space today is not that empowering. There are few communities available for coaches and consultants That provides real value and most are just spam communities. . . Day in and day out my ads get bombarded with negative comments about coaching I get tired of people commenting negative things. how all coaches just want to make money etc Coaching is a scam etc Making money is not why I decided to become a coach. There is nothing wrong with making money from coaching However, if it is the most important factor to you as a coach You are most likely going to fail. . . Money is a by-product of being an amazing coach. Money is a by-product of being able to create amazing transformations with clients The truth is most coaches/consultants are just not that good at the skill of coaching
Tom Brooks
Dave Mutter
Rachel Dean
Raj Dash
Shane Harada
New comment 7m ago
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@Tula Bischof Welcome to the community Tula you're in for a ride!
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@Melissa Blake Welcome Melissa!
No way!!!
What is something I wouldn't believe about you?
Tanya Brunello
Russell Hemmings
Shuaib Jabbar
Raj Dash
Shane Harada
New comment 22m ago
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@Tanya Brunello OMG I wish I'm able to do that woww
I unlocked the whole course in less than 3 days!!
I did it!! And I feel so excited!! I’m actually amazed by it 😁 Just immerse yourself into this experience, put in the effort and you can do it too 💪 Next goal is to go through the whole course before this week ends and then start again from the beginning next Monday to really drill the frameworks and the tools in!!
Mika Mäki-Leppilampi
Steve Allen
Dana Safatli
Martha Acevedo
Samantha Swann
New comment 2h ago
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Yoo let's goo @Mika Mäki-Leppilampi
Please help me welcome a new member
I invited @Alessandra Albertini to this community and she just joined! Will you help me welcome her? I am so happy to be part of this community with you! :-)
Fady Milad
Roland Tamini
Sabrina Friedrichsen
Elena Zanfei
David Walter
New comment 5h ago
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@Alessandra Albertini Welcome you are in for a ride!
Objection #1 : 'Not enough money"
How do you respond to Objection # 1: "I don't have enough money!"?? This is a community effort that I am initiating - a sales resource for when we all address this issue BEFORE your client vocalizes it (PROACTIVE, then reactive). The ideas mentioned need to be incorporated Into your initial presentation of your coaching package before the client articulates the objection. Ed actually handles this skillfully in his training when he asks the client: "What would happen if you didn't? What wouldn't happen if you didn't address this problem ?" (Yes, i'm aware of the double negative.)... etc. For example, "How much money would be wasted on expensive wallet crushing lawyers if you didn't even attempt to address thèse issues in your marriage ?" The Idea is to awaken the client to greater potential cost (monetary, emotional) they would incurr if they let the problem continue. What is your response?
Zofia D
Russell Hemmings
Hester Regoort
Fady Milad
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 7h ago
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Basically give the understanding to the client that they can do the work to afford it, like let's take me as an example: Too ambitious and I can't affort anything but I'm doing the work and taking the neccessary measures to build my portfolio and make him realize that people need his skills, Only when he realize he's worth more would he only think about the steps to afford it instead of completely limiting himself to just not affording it.
Book club
what are some books that has helped you in your journey?
Fady Milad
David Walter
Alanna Jordan
Olympia O dea
Sue Cullen
New comment 9h ago
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I read book summaries nowadays like a lot of books but every single one is more compressed but if I would read one book it has to be Meditations by Marcus Aurelius it's just so good.
Time to Shine
Super excited for tho opportunity hopefully I can learn how to implement my skills and learn more to be Bmw to feel confident enough with myself to e capable of finally taking my life by th reins and doing exactly what I feel is my calling in life to help others all while keeping my dreams alive and making it work thank u so much for making all of this possible I look forward to joining you and learning how to turn my dreams into reality like I’m super stoaked. That you once again this really means so much to me because this really I priceless and money has always been an issue for me but thank to u I’ll be givin the knowledge and credibly that I needed to finally fulfil my life purpose thank u sooo sooo much I loving forward to working with you ….. Thanks again
Fady Milad
Roland Tamini
Sabrina Friedrichsen
New comment 9h ago
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@Paula Schmidt You are ambitious and you seem hard-working and you are in for a journey here welcome!
Where are you guys all joining from?
Let’s call it survey Thursday. 😉 I am based in London, born in France but from Italian roots. (i.e. citizen of the world). What about you? 🙃
Sarah Clayton
Linda Brown
Amber Kosmas
Maryna Rosen
Melinda Williams
New comment 15h ago
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Egyptian :)
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@Melinda Williams
Do you need to remind yourself everyday?
If you have something that you feel like you need to remind yourself of everyday, then what is it and what do you do to remind yourself about it? For example ''I feel good enough'', ''I am a great coach'', ''I know I am on the right path'', ''I am loved by my partner'' what do you do?
Søren Stausholm
Fady Milad
Lars Desmet
Patrizia Wennerholm
Amber Kosmas
New comment 18h ago
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Remind myself that I'm no dummo and I can start making money by helping other people after learning a lot of methods for years!
Anyone wanna be my practice client?
So as you know for certification I have to book a meeting with a client. My coaching service is called Growthic and it's about helping newbie content creators and business owners have a structure and system to their work so they can scale it easily and explain it for others and earn doing so, also for people that wanna improve their lifestyle and really stand out.
Olympia O dea
Savciuc Elena Lia
Fady Milad
Amber Kosmas
New comment 20h ago
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@Olympia O dea Thank you!
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@Savciuc Elena Lia Sure thanks <3
❤️Sending love to the community❤️
Hi people how is life? I just wanted to introduce myself in order for all us to get the most out of this amazing opportunity Ed and his team have laid out. My name is Simone currently living in London, I have Albanian origins but born and raised is Italy (yes I do love pizza too). Currently coaching bilingual/multilingual on how to leverage their language skills using the power of the internet. And you guys what do you do?
Sandra Graham
Simone Racaku
Fiona Brown
Priscilla Mugo
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 2d ago
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Hey man welcome to the community!! I'm doing amazing <3 I'm a blogger and a digital marketer and wanna make my coaching program around that
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@Simone Racaku Thanks Simone <3
Getting to 5 was easy.... but 6 well that's another story
Need some help my mother always said if you need help just ask for it they can only say no and if some one helps you remember to repay them.Mother always knew best.
Markus Henne
Russell Hemmings
Martha Acevedo
Karen Turner
Antony Abel
New comment 2d ago
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@Fiona Brown Yep true once I reached lvl 4 I'm zoomed in on getting the certifications.
Beginner's Mindset
Beginner's mindset - Do you approach every new client with the beginner's mindset? I do my best to do this.
Kevin Gillespie
Fady Milad
Sue Cullen
Patricia Revuelta
New comment 2d ago
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Just resonate with the client problems and just feel like almost they were your's, you are gonna put yourself in their shoes but ofcourse now you have coaching experience so you'll provide them value and results.
What are you finding the most challenging in the course?
What are y'all finding the most challenging as you're working through the courses? I find there's a lot of great frameworks and models that build on each other, and my mind is still working through how and when to apply them in a way that is responsive to my clients, rather than rigidly working through steps. What are y'all experiencing as we go through this?
Mathieu Fortin
Olympia O dea
Serg Rodriguez
Antony Abel
Fady Milad
New comment 3d ago
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@Antony Abel Business and lifestyle niche, specifically helping newbie content creators and business owners have a structured layout to what they do so they can understand how they can scale it.
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@Antony Abel Sounds clean and crisp dudee!
Don’t Just Rely On Facebook🤔
What I mean is Don’t just put all your leads & prospects into Facebook likes, followers and a Facebook Group! Have a platform you control outside of Facebook I know so many people who have been struck by the curse of Facebook where a page and group gets deleted or hacked and they have lost their tribe Better to Get your followers onto another platform and have full control if the inevitable happens👌😊
Terri Wilson
Sophia Habibeche
Kevin Gillespie
Fady Milad
Jessica Stolte Bender
New comment 3d ago
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@Sophia Habibeche I think he means a Skool community since it's very similar to Facebook in UX and it can be paid too, Discord/Circle work the same too.
2 likes • 3d
@Jessica Stolte Bender Discord is completely free to create groups on, though Skool requires $99/month to make a community
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