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Journey on
9D letting go and moving on...another effective journey experience. The process is easier to settle into now...allowing for more exploration of the inner terrain and the intentions of the journey. Such a similar experience to shamanic journey experience that uses drums and/or rattles to access this same terrain.
Kevin Smith
Elias Gaveta
Sherry Zamora
Joel Oyer
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I enjoyed it too, really transformative
12 minutes 9D
I did the 12 minute breathwork and it just reenergize my thought process. Though I used to feel uncomfortable with the numbness and finger locking in the past, I miss it, these days it doesn't really happen....have you noticed the same?
Ryan Schief
Elias Gaveta
Mike Swaney
Joyce Harris
New comment Sep 20
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@Ryan Schief Thanks for sharing your experience, very helpful
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@Joyce Harris after such tetany and stuff my monkey mind gets really soft and I open up to new ideas I didn't think of. I guess it meant am working through unprocessed stuff
The 9D Breathwork Revolution Masterclass + NEW Journey Launch 🚀
Breathwork Revolution Family! ✊ The time has come! My team and I have been working effortlessly behind the scenes for the last two years to create the perfect delivery vehicle for bringing the power of not just breathwork, but 9D Breathwork to the world stage 🌎 Our goal is crystal clear: to touch the lives of 24 million individuals every week with this therapeutic wisdom by April 2024. This goal is not merely an ambition, it is an assurance from us to you. Yet, a mission of this caliber is going to require a communal effort. That's where our extraordinary community steps in, the community that I envisioned as a beacon of shared transformation. Look at what we've done here already 🔥 If you’re here to simply reap all the benefits that breathwork can offer alongside connecting to like minded/hearted souls also on the same mission, then you keep doing that either way. But for those of you who experienced, that “holy fu*” moment the second you came out of your first 9D session with a desire to scream it from the mountain tops how infinitely powerful this sh* is, then we’d like to invite you to a special 9D launch session this Friday… 🚀 I’m going to be guiding my latest 9D experience; a 75-minute abundance activation journey, freshly off the production shelf, to align you all to the frequency of abundance, which means shedding all those outdated subconscious money blocks, and limiting beliefs 💰 This journey is an absolute game changer. Don’t take my word for it, just check out some of the feedback we’ve already received inside the 9D community below. The shifts people experience in just one journey are truly jaw-dropping. If you feel called to awaken your highest potential and step into your destiny as a leader in the breathwork revolution, now is the time. Comment "9D" below and I’ll send you the zoom link for the live group zoom call this Friday ✊ We’re not calling it the 9D Breathwork Revolution for no reason. We’ve never been more lit up and inspired to get this work out to the world than we are now. And we’re gonna need a small army of revolutionaries who are as passionate about the potential impact of this work as we are.
Dhruv Mehta
Farlee Walker
Kevin Smith
Mike Swaney
Elias Gaveta
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I wish I attended it, I will on the lookout
I can't go without a breath
I have become to depend on breathwork to get through any day. An amazing feeling it brings.
Han Alcantara
Mike Swaney
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