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Become an Expert Coach (Value $5,000) accredited through 2 governing boards. Level up your coaching skills so you can transform your client results.

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Private client group to help you scale your coaching/consulting business


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Movie recommendation, please?
What are your favorite movies or series that help you embrace the coaching mindset and elevate your life?
Diana Savei
Talia Tamblyn
Ed JC Smith
Russell Hemmings
Søren Stausholm
New comment 50m ago
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@Diana Savei Great question I love movies Here is my top list in no particular order Ideally following Joseph Campells 12 steps to the heros journey Star wars Wolf of wall street The founder The social network Money Ball Avengers End Game Jerry Maguire Devil Wears Prada Erin Brockovich Dark Night Bad Boys The Purist of happiness The Big Short The God Father There will be blood Goodfellas The Dark Night Shawshank Redemption The Green Mile Rocky Pulp Fiction Seven Any Given Sunday Hack Saw Ridge Fight Club Geez my list is never ending lol
How To Unlock The Program (£5,000 Certification FREE)
How you unlock the program (watch this video) to get certified as an Expert Coach (*************IMPORTANT*************) . . . UNLOCKING THE PROGRAM If you want to be a great coach Then you have to interact and practise your coaching skills as you go through the whole program. without practice, you will not get better. . . . The whole program can be unlocked within 2 1/2 weeks (average) Some have done it in 8 days. Some have done it in less than that. . . . Level 4 unlocks the entire program. The Expert Coach is gamified so you get the most from it. Modules get unlocked as you go through the program The more you do the more points you earn You earn points by interacting within the group. . . . How to earn points: -Post questions on your tasking If people engage with your post or question you earn a point per like/engagement. . . . CLICK THE CLASSROOM ICON AT THE TOP TO ACCESS THE MODULES AS YOU EARN POINTS YOU WILL UNLOCK MORE OF THE PROGRAM> . . . WELCOME TO THE EXPERT COACH COMMUNITY My name is Ed and I hope this is going to transform your life like nothing else you have experienced before. . . The Expert Coach Certification is sold for £5,000. This is not some fake marketing technique to get you to trust me. The truth is the online space today is not that empowering. There are few communities available for coaches and consultants That provides real value and most are just spam communities. . . Day in and day out my ads get bombarded with negative comments about coaching I get tired of people commenting negative things. how all coaches just want to make money etc Coaching is a scam etc Making money is not why I decided to become a coach. There is nothing wrong with making money from coaching However, if it is the most important factor to you as a coach You are most likely going to fail. . . Money is a by-product of being an amazing coach. Money is a by-product of being able to create amazing transformations with clients The truth is most coaches/consultants are just not that good at the skill of coaching
Tom Brooks
Dave Mutter
Jennifer Bailey
Martha Acevedo
Fady Milad
New comment 2h ago
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@Fiona Brown awesome to have you Fiona :-)
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@Jesús Parada-Rivero Glad you like it :-)
Replay Link - Who Earns More?
Here you go if you missed tonights session On how to get clients and realistically add an extra 10k /20k here it is Your going to love the case study My 2 piano teaches 1 does organic marketing and has 555,000 subscribers on youtube and sells a $67 program 1 runs ads to 1 piece of content to book a call to a $1500 program Who earns the most? Who makes the biggest difference? Lets goooooooo
Sue Cullen
Mathilde Junge
Guerda Pierre
Caroline Rüfenacht
Martha Acevedo
New comment 1h ago
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@Patricia Careau Super glad you can see that. I think it's going to be a game changer for people to see where to focus their time and what works for where they are right now.
Get Your Certification - Plus 3 Live Interventions FREE
Warning Don’t Miss Out on This! I want to do something to help you fast-track your certifications keep you motivated and help you grow yourself and your ability to grow your coaching business This can be completed in less than 20 minutes per day. . . The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring have contacted us to say they will be closed between 18 Dec and 7 Jan for certification approval. . . This means we have 5 weeks to get you through and certified if you complete everything before 18th December If you do that as a BONUS I am going to give you 3 Live Strategic Interventions I have recorded from my annual transformation retreat in Bali. These are deep-dive live sessions which people loved watching. You can learn so much from watching coaching live. It will blow your mind. . . Clients paid $5,000 to come to the retreat. All you have to do is complete the Expert Coach Certification requirements and you will get them for FREE . . Here is what you have to do: - 1. Complete all modules of the Expert Coach Program (Less than 20 mins per day) - 2. Email us your tasking - 3. Email us a recording of one of your coaching sessions for us to review - 4. Complete the Coaching -Assessment document of that coaching session  Who's up for it? Let me know
Terri Wilson
Lakesha Cole
Savciuc Elena Lia
Dr. Alvin Miles
Martha Acevedo
New comment 3h ago
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@Russell Hemmings How you getting on? When do you think you will be complete?
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@Alicia Angel Very kind of you Alicia How you getting on? When do you think you will be complete?
Would you like it?
hey guys, during the Pre transformation class i had one idea- i would like to have under every video a comment section/ public or private, to complete my homework. What do you think about it?
Ed JC Smith
Savciuc Elena Lia
New comment 4h ago
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Great idea @Savciuc Elena Lia on the next updates I ll add this in for you Anything else you would like to see?
🔓Level 4 Unlocked... Thank you!
Not bragging guys, but I've unlocked the course in 3 days 😁 Honestly, I couldn't have done it without everyone's support, so thank you! I wanted to see how fast I could do it so that newbies don't feel disheartened and stop engaging with the community. Plus, I love a challenge 😁 Next step, get certified! I'll continue to share my insights and encourage other's along the way 🙏
Michelle Robinson
Elena Zanfei
Tourae Martin
Martha Acevedo
Bill Ringle
New comment 20h ago
12 likes • Sep 23
@Steve Allen Love this dude I have posted it at the top of the group very helpful and thank you for smashing through it and proving it can be done. LETS GOOOOOOOOOO
Inspirational quote you use often.
As part of my coaching I like to share inspirational or motivational quotes. What are some of your favorites???
Elena Zanfei
Steve Allen
Maryna Rosen
Griselle Paz
Martha Acevedo
New comment 21h ago
10 likes • Oct 28
Well done @Elena Zanfei raining champ :-)
Unlocked the whole course in 18 hours.
If I can do it you can do it.
Steve Swift
Fady Milad
Nida Fazli
Sue Cullen
Martha Acevedo
New comment 21h ago
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Wow very impressive dude
Tonight’s Event
Ed you did well 2 hours plus none stop Loved it!
Marwan Alforjani
Ed JC Smith
Patricia Careau
Sue Cullen
Russell Hemmings
New comment 2d ago
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@Russell Hemmings thank you dude glad your liked it, off to bed now :-) @Marwan Alforjani Glad it helped for you dude
Is Taking 100% Responsibility Always Possible?
In the Purpose of Coaching Module Section 1: PreTransformation - Module 7 Why do you think some people just cant seem to take responsibility for their actions? Just curious to your thoughts?
Dave Mutter
Ed JC Smith
Catherine Wright
Fady Milad
Linda Brown
New comment 2d ago
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@Jerome Forman I like blaming @Dave Mutter it definitely makes me feel better lol 😂
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@Oscar Rodriguez Yes makes sense, how many leads do you need per week to hit your target etc?
Who Earns More? Revealed On Tonights Get Clients Session - 6pm GMT
The truth is when it comes to getting clients You are overwhelmed and are most likely doing things that dont work. It's not your fault You just dont know what actually works in today's online space and you dont have the right focus It's not about doing more It's about doing less But doing those specific things that work . . In tonight's session - Tuesday 6 pm GMT I'll answer any questions you have about getting clients I'll show you what you need to do so you can realistically add an extra 20k -100k in your coaching business without organic marketing . . There are 3 problems that stop you Unreliable lead flow Inconsistent sales And Lack of scalability and freedom In tonight's session, we will fix these. . . I am always looking for new ways To help you understand what works I have some new case studies to show you . . My 2 piano teachers Both are amazing at what they do Both have very different strategies to get clients Both earn very different . . - 1 has 555,000 Subscribers on YouTube - sells a $67 program - 1 runs Ads to 1 piece of content and then to sales consultations - Program $1500 . . Question Can you guess who makes more? As you know it's not just about money Who makes the bigger difference? . . Comment "HELL YES" I'll send you the link for tonight's live session If you have not got it already
Nina McLeod
Antony Abel
Maryna Rosen
Lizzie Bedford
PinguSimba Ps
New comment 2d ago
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@Bill Ringle
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@Lizzie Bedford
HOW TO Realistically Get Clients - Live Webinar - Tuesday 6pm GMT
Hi team I have had sooooooooooo many personal messages about how to get clients especially as we had about 300 new people join over the weekend :-) So tomorrow I am going to a live session on.... . . How To Get More Clients So you can realistically add 20k - 100k to your coaching business Without organic marketing. . . Its for you if: - You’re burnt-out from the endless search for clients every month and you’d prefer to have new clients contacting you each week, so you can focus on coaching instead of marketing . . - You’re not getting paid what you’re worth, and you know your life could be much more enjoyable (and profitable) if you could attract quality clients who don’t won’t think twice about investing $1,500+ to work with you . . - You’re not 100% sure where your next client is coming from… and you’d like a predictable system to land at least one new 4 Figure client per week--without spending all day posting and chasing people on social media . . - You’re tired of “posting” on social media everyday, and would prefer to get pre-sold and pre-qualified clients coming to you and auto-booked on your calendar for as little as $10/day. . . There are 3 problems stopping you 1 - Unreliable lead flow 2. - Unpredictable sales 3. - Client Scaling I will show you what you need to fix them Register for the Live Session Here: Ps Register and if you do not make it I ll send you the replay Let me know you are coming With a " LETS GOOOOOOOOOO" Register Here:
Luandre van Wyk
Ed JC Smith
Ronnie Vincent
Terri Wilson
Maryna Rosen
New comment 3d ago
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@Susan Murphy Yes I will do a Q&A at the end, so anything you want to know ask and I will answer it
Unlocking the full EC training course
For those of you desperate for it ALL the course now unlocks fully at Level 4 💃 It's super easy to do, I've done it in literally 8 days just by interacting with the group, being honest, genuine and supportive (thats what community is all about). The reality is, the life of an entreprenur can be incredibly lonely with lots of up's and downs... therefore having a supportive community in the same space is incredibly powerful so take the opportunity, a lot of businesses charge a LOT more for a whole lot less - the rising tide lifts all ships, let's goooooo
Lucia Santa-Maria
Christina Johns
Steve Allen
Elena Zanfei
Mathieu Fortin
New comment 3d ago
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@Jerome Forman Love this dude well done you deserve it
Tiny Favour: If You Are Enjoying The Expert Coach?
Hi team I am blown away with how much you all are crushing It it's going to be such an amazing community. I get tons of lovely messages from you and it warms my heart. Thank you all for being here. I appreciate you xxx. Could you do me a tiny favour If you are getting lots of value from being here and you love the Expert Coach Program I know 50% won't do this and that's ok However, I would really appreciate it if you just took a little time to do this. Because it means as we grow as a community I give back to you more I can arrange cooler stuff like live in-person events, add fun bonuses etc It does really help. So if you can Could you write a short testimonial underneath this post Won't take you more than a couple of mins To encourage new people to join us? -Why do you love the Expert Coach Community? -What do you think of the Expert Coach Program? -Why should someone join? Or whatever you want to say Thank you so much I do really appreciate all of you here growing this together Big love Ed
Tracey MacLean
Emmanuel King
Maryna Rosen
Zofia D
Tom Brooks
New comment 3d ago
*question about the terms and conditions
Could someone explain this part to me: 5. NON-COMPETEThe Client undertakes not to compete or seek to compete, either directly or indirectly or in any other capacity whatsoever, with the business of Clients On Automation or in the provision of products or services directly competitive with any aspect or part of the Products and/or Services, resulting in actual or anticipated loss to Clients On Automation, to include as to itsreputation.
Kik Rekveld
Antony Abel
Catherine Wright
Ed JC Smith
Miguel Caballero
New comment 3d ago
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@Simon Minett Well explained sir :-)
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@Kik Rekveld All your clients are my clients is what is means lol ....kidding It just means as Simon states above. Please dont use the group to harvest clients thats all in essence and copy our name of our business (I have had people do that in the past lol)
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