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Automated Content System
Hey everyone for the past month my team and I have been spending most of our time in making this content system which literally runs on the click of a button. I would appreciate it if you guys could give me some of the features/functionalities that you would expect from an automated content system (all the way from ideation to analysis) Thanks.
Hey everyone, just joined this group and excited to share and learn from everyone here. I have an AI automation agency where we help businesses to scale using automations and chatbots. I see that most of the people are going through problems that can be solved through automations. Will be posting about automations and how anyone can implement them. Feel free to message if you need to talk about AI and automated systems. Have a great day!
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@Michelangelo Mignone sure man, shoot me a message
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@Dhaval Balsara absolutely, feel free to send me a message
Take your outreach system to the next level
No I dont have a lead gen agency dont worry. Use this system if you keep on getting ghosted or get almost no response from your leads. 1. Form submitted on tally 2. GPT creates a hyper-personalized email + subject line based on the responses 3. Eleven Labs takes that email and converts it into audio in your voice 4. Saves it on Google Drive 5. Creates a draft ready to be sent out to your lead
Course funnel for Youtuber
I recently got an offer from a youtuber/agency owner(around 10K subs), he wants to sell his courses around SMMA, he wants to build a funnel for his courses that can help him get an extra revenue, I won’t lie his content is good and if I’ll help him build his funnel and get sales, he’ll share profits with me he can invest time and money in the beginning but for the long term he wanted to save his time and increase his revenue(of course profits too) How can i build a funnel or any what should i do, please help
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@Nikhil Jamdagni then tbh get someone who has or else you will lose this client
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@Nikhil Jamdagni yeah, shoot me a message
How important is it to have both setters and closers?
We currently sell our courses ($1.8k) by calling up the people that signup from the Ads directly. This means we don't have separate setters and closers. It's the same person doing both basically (we try to close on the first call - or reschedule if they're busy now). So it's always a normal phonecall, not Zoom. We have around 3.5% conversion rate. Are we leaving a lot of money on the table?
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You most definitely are, you can easily free up time of your sales team by creating an automated system to text your leads as soon as they sign up from your ad and personalize each message with a custom lead qualification system so now your sales team will only get qualified prospects that they just need to take the credit card details of. By doing this you remove the time difference that a human takes to reply back to prospects which can massively impact the conversion rate. Hope that helps
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