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Hey Sam and the Team, I am thinking of moving over to Skool from Kajabi, but was wondering if you guys were working on a mobile app for students/clients to go through the modules on their phone? This is one thing I love about Kajabi because you can listen to courses on the go. I imagine you will be coming out with an app sometime in the near future?



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New comment Oct 12
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    @Lisa-Maree Walker Also... one more thing. You can make a shortcut to your Skool community on your smartphone. It is mobile responsive, so it effectively acts like a web app. I use Skool on my phone all the time, but I do it "in browser".... but - for functionality purposes - I can't distinguish it from an app. I click the icon. It opens. It functions like an app would. So - I'm not overly excited for the iPhone app, because the web experience on mobile is already really really good. Just an FYI.

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Am I just blind? Is there a support button anywhere here? I'm trying to figure out how to get in touch with the team. I am in two Skools under this email address, we just signed up for a Skool account ourselves, but my team members did it under a different email address. Is there anyway to link the accounts?



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New comment Aug 22

I was replying to a comment in WeTube... and I put so much effort into it, I thought I would post it here in Skool and expand on it. For context... I have two Skool groups and will likely have a 3rd before the end of the year. So - I like the product. It's unique. But - I think it would be more helpful for LEARNING if we IMPROVED the Newsfeed. I think that a "Newsfeed" style of community isn't nearly as effective as a "forum" style. Just hear me out... and DEFINITELY read the case study below. It's eye opening. FORUMS Forums allow for massive sub-categorization of topics. You can go into a sub-forum (like "sales" or "launches" or "Course creation") and just go through pages and pages of threads on that topic... and very quickly scan titles and find threads that are useful. This can be done so easily and quickly. Great threads keep coming to the top of that SUB-CATEGORY in the forum, as people continue to add to it days, weeks, or even YEARS later. Forums also tend to be more compact... you can see more threads on a screen in a shorter amount of time. It's more efficient. The DESIGN of the forum encourages better thread titles. NEWSFEED Whereas Newfeed style... There's a massive and lopsided RECENCY bias. Great threads get buried... and - honestly - great threads never even get CREATED because people know that it's going to get lost within a few days. Why bother? Why take the time to contribute something meaningful when there's NO GUARANTEE that it will be found by the search function? What if someone doesn't type in a phrase that would bring that to the top? The "Newsfeed" was a massive step backwards for digital learning. Another way that Facebook and Twitter screwed us. Obviously, I know the Feed is a core function of Skool... but if there was a way to SOLVE this problem, then you could have the best of both worlds. (I'll get to that below). Also - I know that Skool has a FILTER function... but the lack of more robust categories means that a lot of posts get jumbled together in giant "catch-all" categories. And - it encourages frothy, more "social" type posts than posts where people go deep. (also more on that in the case study)



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New comment Aug 9
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    @Sam Ovens Thank you, Sam :) We just uploaded a MASSIVE course into one of our Skool communities. We are using Classroom for a learning sequence in our licensing program... which we're using Skool as a homebase for the licensees of our software / business system. We're going to use the Community to answer common questions about using the software / business system.

How do you create these clickable time tags for videos? If somebody could kindly guide through.



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New comment Jun 24

Here's the recording from today's call. See you next month! See when the next call is happening on our calendar here



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    @Ted Carr This just saved me 40 minutes (since I watch everything at 1.5x speed)

We have many health industry professionals creating specific "therapy" programs for different systems and areas of the human body. With the current Skool pricing model, our investments for all these groups would go through the roof. Is this tier pricing something that could be done or negotiated? - Pay x for 1 group - Pay xx for 10 groups - Pay xx for unlimited groups Option 2: If we use 1 group and create many courses within, then is there a way to limit the course access inside that one group?



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    Yes, this is a huge sticking point for me. I have multiple courses... if I had a group for each course, I would be paying $500 per month for all the various courses that I sell - that's unacceptable when I pay $200 per YEAR for a plugin for Wordpress where I can host unlimited courses, and it's directly connected to a cart software that (depending on what they buy) they are given access to the appropriate course, and it's INCREDIBLY professional looking. The only downside is that it doesn't have the "group" interaction component that Skool has... but I can't have one Skool group for ALL of my clients because the course topics are so divergent.

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