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Venus cazimi- what?
So I keep on hearing that a beautiful astrological influence is happening tomorrow, and I am really curious.. please tell us more? I think I may have this conjunction in my chart but not via a retrograde.
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@Louisa Tanner Munson Thanks for explaining the ‘cazimi’ much appreciated, I had an emotional beautifully supportive weekend but felt incredibly tender and sensitive. Phew it was full on..After watching some of the show tonight I’m also feeling ‘the switch from evening star to morning ⭐️
How are you doing?
What a crazy week, of visitors and beautiful experiences. How have you been...? Please share your funny memes here x
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@Bernadette Lakey haha I can resonate with at least of that list in the space of a day..
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LIVE show tonight at 7.30 UK/Lisbon time
Hey everyone Happy Full Moon. How are you doing. Today is the exact full moon, I always see it as a 3 day event 😁😂(the day before, THE FULL MOON and the day after), or at least my sleep pattern feels like this. Am I the only one who struggles to sleep when the bright moonlight is streaming in? Anyway, on tonight's live show, I'll be looking at the chart of community member @Bernadette Lakey, so pelase join us in the chat room if you want to take part. You never know when there are similarities between your charts and others. As it's part channelled, am sure there'll be something useful to come forwards. And I'll have a look at another aspect of 'love coding' in your charts and top off the show with another relaxed and slightly piss takey look at a popular music tune with Mr M (My better half). @Carl Munson is a real music guy (was once on Top of the Pops!), and so it's our way of hanging out and having a laugh, whilst the kids are doing their own thing. It can get a bit naughty / irreverent. But hey astrology can get a bit up it's own arse and a bit too serious, am I right? Hope to see you later on, and feel free to let your pals know if you know someone who might beenfit from a new agey, hang out with a healthy dollop of good cheer! Much love to you ❤
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I tend to release stuff before every full moon especially the week before. I feel more myself today, but I wasn’t sleeping either. I’m loving the energies today. @Penny Albertella 5D sounds interesting, is it a new healing modality?
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hmmm interesting..I have heard of this shift in consciousness, I just took a bit of break from the spiritual for a while. I think Gigi young talks about it on her youtube channel.
Potential Venus retrograde Q
Is this a good time to get into making some extra cash through passive income/side hustles or financial trading? What signs can I look for in my own chart to check whether this might be a viable option? I have a Stellium in my 5th. Also really enjoyed your recent Venus retro vids and wondering how this may apply to my chart after realising all my chart angles are mutable rulers. Just realised earlier this year that I can be loved through a safe healing connection and now I really want to find a compatible partner. I didn’t realise how wonderful it can be to love and be loved, truly.
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Fab, looking forwards :)
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Thank you @Louisa Tanner Munson for the Venus retro 5th house interpretations, that was v interesting, I related to some of it. But it does make me wonder whether my birth time might be different. I was advised to double check my birthdate using a pendulum or perhaps I’ll meditate on it. But I’m aware it was an isolated interpretation too, there’s much more to me than just my 5th house, but oh boy can it get intense over there, so it has been easier to just avoid the area. Thing is I have to find a way through it all, part of the journey…
Tonight's show postponed until Tuesday 18th at 8pm UK time
I have suddenly come over a bit weird. And am admitting it haha...... I have a new feature or 2 on the new show format. My question is...... Would you like me to feature something about a current event or world leader, celeb on the next show please? X
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Missed the live tonight, but that was such a fun show, that song and lyrics 😂 plus astrology, super fun guys! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next week! And chart interpretation was amazing as usual. I remember Desirees song about astrological signs from 2000 maybe?
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