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Elephant and the Rope 🐘 - Monday Motivation
Hey everyone, just wanted to quickly share this short story with you about how limiting beliefs and conditioning can hold us back from reaching our full potential. " In the story, a man comes across an elephant that is tied to a small rope. Despite the fact that the elephant could easily break free from the rope, it does not even try to do so. The man is curious and asks the trainer nearby why the elephant doesn’t attempt to break free. The trainer explains that when the elephant was young, it was tied to the same rope and was not strong enough to break free. As a result, the elephant became conditioned to believe that it was not capable of breaking the rope, even though it could do so easily as an adult. " The story is often used as a metaphor for how our own beliefs and conditioning can hold us back from achieving our full potential. Just like the elephant, we can become so conditioned to our own limitations that we may not even try to break free from them. The lesson of the elephant and the rope is to recognize the limiting beliefs and conditioning that hold us back and to challenge them in order to achieve our full potential. Wishing you all a wonderful & super productive week ahead. Let's set some goals & crush them!🔥
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Welcome New Members 🎉
Hey Ad Men! Happy Thursday! Let's welcome the new members of the community who have joined in the last week! Don't forget to check out the classroom for our free YouTube Ads mini-course and thank you for joining our community! 🥂 @Axl Gonzalez @Lawe Mamundi @Venus Loraña @Maxime Dupont @Monish Vij @Riccardo Termini @Christianne Parrott @Wilson B. @Brian Leonard @Mahi Khan @DenzeL Chirinda @Juan Garcia @Waqas Ahmed @Moin Chaudhary @Ugo Edits @Troy Boyette @Tracy K n @Md Al Mamun @Ilyas Rauf @Catrina Jones @Kile Lyn @Thash Suntharalingam @Adam Bailey @Kay Layer @Zakaria Abdirahman @Alfie J @Joshua Andre @Mohammed Hasan @Mohamed Osama @Chloe Normem @Miguel Campos @Gary Wark @Jacob Simons @Volodymyr Marusych @Luka Lacoste @Alex Miles @Sam Waite
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3 Things That Separate The Losers From The Winners
There are 2 different types of people. There are people who succeed and go above and beyond to be better and change the world. And then there are those that lose and are content with mediocrity. Greatness does not come by luck but by hard work and working smart at that. Knowing that different challenges demand different strengths to be used in different situations in order for you to excel. You may not always have the qualities or have the skills in order to traditionally win but if you have a mind of a winner you will always be victorious. There is a certain mindset that a winner has that separates them from the average. The winners in history are always the ones that are left to tell the story. The winners are always the ones that survive. (1st Thing) How you respond to criticism... Everyone makes decisions that they are not proud of. Not every action someone makes truly is a reflection of who they really are. And also not every action is well thought out. However. something that separates the losers from the winners is how you react to making a wrong decision or someone giving you criticism. If someone criticizes you, instead of automatically jumping to your defense mechanisms, stop and listen. When someone who really cares about you gives you criticism, it is not to hurt you - it is to help you. You can either take the things they are saying and not think much of it or you can use that as motivation and work on what they are mentioning. Own your shit! Taking responsibility and truly listening doesn’t make you weak. People who jump on the defense usually never take in what is being said. They are not listening to understand, they are only listening to respond. Always take in what someone is saying to you even if you don’t necessarily agree. And, make the necessary actions after to improve the situation not taint it. Someone who is in the constant cycle of letting the same thing happen to them over and over again are most likely people who don't want to grow. Complaining about your circumstances always wastes time from improving it.
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