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Get Your Certification - Plus 3 Live Interventions FREE
Warning Don’t Miss Out on This! I want to do something to help you fast-track your certifications keep you motivated and help you grow yourself and your ability to grow your coaching business This can be completed in less than 20 minutes per day. . . The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring have contacted us to say they will be closed between 18 Dec and 7 Jan for certification approval. . . This means we have 5 weeks to get you through and certified if you complete everything before 18th December If you do that as a BONUS I am going to give you 3 Live Strategic Interventions I have recorded from my annual transformation retreat in Bali. These are deep-dive live sessions which people loved watching. You can learn so much from watching coaching live. It will blow your mind. . . Clients paid $5,000 to come to the retreat. All you have to do is complete the Expert Coach Certification requirements and you will get them for FREE . . Here is what you have to do: - 1. Complete all modules of the Expert Coach Program (Less than 20 mins per day) - 2. Email us your tasking - 3. Email us a recording of one of your coaching sessions for us to review - 4. Complete the Coaching -Assessment document of that coaching session  Who's up for it? Let me know
Terri Wilson
Lakesha Cole
Rachel Aponte
Nikki Meyer
Sue Cullen
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@Marusya Yordanova welcome this is a great place to be
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@Burak Seven welcome
How To Unlock The Program (£5,000 Certification FREE)
How you unlock the program (watch this video) to get certified as an Expert Coach (*************IMPORTANT*************) . . . UNLOCKING THE PROGRAM If you want to be a great coach Then you have to interact and practise your coaching skills as you go through the whole program. without practice, you will not get better. . . . The whole program can be unlocked within 2 1/2 weeks (average) Some have done it in 8 days. Some have done it in less than that. . . . Level 4 unlocks the entire program. The Expert Coach is gamified so you get the most from it. Modules get unlocked as you go through the program The more you do the more points you earn You earn points by interacting within the group. . . . How to earn points: -Post questions on your tasking If people engage with your post or question you earn a point per like/engagement. . . . CLICK THE CLASSROOM ICON AT THE TOP TO ACCESS THE MODULES AS YOU EARN POINTS YOU WILL UNLOCK MORE OF THE PROGRAM> . . . WELCOME TO THE EXPERT COACH COMMUNITY My name is Ed and I hope this is going to transform your life like nothing else you have experienced before. . . The Expert Coach Certification is sold for £5,000. This is not some fake marketing technique to get you to trust me. The truth is the online space today is not that empowering. There are few communities available for coaches and consultants That provides real value and most are just spam communities. . . Day in and day out my ads get bombarded with negative comments about coaching I get tired of people commenting negative things. how all coaches just want to make money etc Coaching is a scam etc Making money is not why I decided to become a coach. There is nothing wrong with making money from coaching However, if it is the most important factor to you as a coach You are most likely going to fail. . . Money is a by-product of being an amazing coach. Money is a by-product of being able to create amazing transformations with clients The truth is most coaches/consultants are just not that good at the skill of coaching
Tom Brooks
Dave Mutter
Cathy ONeill
Rachel Dean
Raj Dash
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@Antony Abel
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@Karen Christine Sengupta Hi Karen just pop up.
Wow wow wow, what a day this have been.....
I HAD A HUGE VICTORY TODAY! I was paticipating in a workshop for coaches here in Denmark, and it got recorded, and there was around 100-120 paticipating and besides that it's going to be send out to over 2000+ coaches! AND I SHARED MY KNOWLEGDE AS A ROOKIE, and people loved it, the hosts loved the knowlegde and the things I contributed with, SO MUCH that I have a meeting with them on Monday 10:30 my time, to eventually get to be a part of their team behind there success, and that gives me access to all the tools that they provide so that I can scale my business! I needed to share this, because I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF🔥
Terri Wilson
Søren Stausholm
Roland Tamini
Martha Acevedo
Priscilla Mugo
New comment 23h ago
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wow. That's great. keep going for more victories like this..
Live Expert Coach Session You Coming?
This Tuesday -5pm GMT I am doing a live session answering your questions. Plus I will be doing a live Demo of the Expert Coach Breakthrough coaching sessions What personal limitations would you like me to coach you on? - Lack of personal belief? - Money earning? - Procrastination? - Overwhelm? - Anxiety? - Productivity? - Fear of not being good enough? Comment " lets gooo" if you want the link and I ll send it to you Ps Remember You have 5 weeks to get your certification before Dec 18th All you have to do is - Complete the Expert Coach Modules - (Less than 20 mins a day) - Record and evaluate a coaching session - Send in your coaching evaluation so we can asses it - Complete the Feedback form send it into us
Ashley Green
Sarah Clayton
Maryna Rosen
Terrance Waddell
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 2d ago
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wow a demonstration on how to work on procrastination sound great 👍
Is Taking 100% Responsibility Always Possible?
In the Purpose of Coaching Module Section 1: PreTransformation - Module 7 Why do you think some people just cant seem to take responsibility for their actions? Just curious to your thoughts?
Dave Mutter
Ed JC Smith
Catherine Wright
Fady Milad
Linda Brown
New comment 5d ago
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For taking responsibility at any situation is necessary to have the maturity and be willing to commit in the resolution of the same. So taking 100% responsibility is possible just when it exists a commitment . That is mine personal opinion.
Keeping going!
I’m a bit slow as my mum is in hospital, but I am able to keep going while she is sleeping. Just wanted to send everyone encouragement. We can do this!!
Jed Sheldon
Cath Hanna
J.c. Osorio
Shane Harada
Melanie Gamble
New comment 6d ago
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Blessing for you and your Mom. We all have different circumstances but wit our personal work and mutual support we can keep going.
Would love to know...
I would love to know... 1) where you are from 2) ONE thing that no-one would guess about you 3) your BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal). That was the acronym we used in my corporate days 🤣 I'll post mine in the comment
Elena Zanfei
Eva Snijders
Antony Abel
Hamid Acharrab
Karen Christine Sengupta
New comment 10d ago
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@Elena Zanfei I love Canada, I just doesn't get too used to the cold weather on winter. About the retreat I don't have a place in mind yet... working in build a program first. 💪 🙌
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@Elena Zanfei Thank you. About the cold. you need to live it to understand it. LOL.
Wooow I felt like we went from 300 to 550 in like seconds!
Welcome to all of you new people here, hope you're excited to embark on this amazing course that @Ed J C Smith have provided to all of us! From my experience this far it have been an amazing journey and the community here is loving and encoraging to see every single of us GROW and become a better version of ourselves! Besides that, go through the different posts here, you will see so much great knowlegde just spilled out for you to take in! And if you need any advice or guidance for it all, feel free to reach out to me also!🙏
Martha Acevedo
Elena Zanfei
Fady Milad
Roland Tamini
Søren Stausholm
New comment 12d ago
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thanks Soren. Yes too much to learn that is exciting.
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@Søren Stausholm Thanks you, of course I take your word to heart.
💹 Personal growth 💹
Hello guys, What do you recommend as a morning practice to get active?
Lawyer Wells
Daniel Vazquez Ramos
Agnes Pecjo
Ionel Claudiu Cernat
J.c. Osorio
New comment 12d ago
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I do Tapping meditation and exercise.
let’s grow together
Hi my dear coaches partner. I am really excited for this new challenge we have up from. Now I set the question. Ho is willing to work with me as a practice client to go through the certification process?. Please DM me and let see if we can make our schedule works. Thanks everyone and Let’s Goooo!
Shane Harada
Cruz Vazquez
New comment 14d ago
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Yes we can.
With every problem
Inside of every problem there is a seed of equal or greater benefit - Tony Robbins. Who agrees? Who has a great example they would like to share?
Cruz Vazquez
Elena Zanfei
Griselle Paz
Eva Snijders
Leila Lloyd-Evelyn
New comment 18d ago
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I totally agree, we just have to be willing to learn the lesson hid in every situation.
Be Gentle with Yourself💕
Be gentle with yourself" means to treat yourself kindly, with patience, compassion, and understanding, especially during challenging times or when facing difficulties. When you're overwhelmed, drained, and sometimes not feeling like showing up for the day due to personal issues, starting the day with prayer grounds me. It helps me embrace self-care, self-compassion, self-awareness, and forgiveness towards my own mistakes or limitations. How do you practice being gentle with yourself, especially when not feeling like showing up?
Elena Zanfei
Terri Wilson
Mokgadi M
Melissa Chiew
Sarah Clayton
New comment 20d ago
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I am been through a very rough time from some years to now what takes me to find Tapping, that helps me work in my panic attack and failure core beliefs, I am still working its a daily process, on the road I find another modalities but definitely Tapping is my number one on my tool box or first aid kit.
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@Matthew Simons welcome
How do you convey your messages?
Hi everyone 🥰 What are your best experiences in getting your messages out into the world? I have so much I want to share. I have used my social media and want to buy in help from Ed and advertising, but do you have other good suggestions and experiences on how you come out with your knowledge and wisdom?
Yolanda McClure
Elena Zanfei
Maria Garcia
Dahlia Dahlia
Søren Stausholm
New comment 21d ago
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@Elena Zanfei I really can relate with that, I am exactly at the same situation.
If life was a lesson...
If Life was merely a platform for you to learn a lesson, what is the lesson you believe you came here to learn?
Martha Acevedo
Mokgadi M
Maria Garcia
Elena Zanfei
Shane Harada
New comment 21d ago
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what a good and tricky question indeed. May lesson to learn coul be to let's go and worry less.
Almost 1/2 (3/4 now) way to level 7 😱
Wow! Getting from level 6 to 7 is like a triple marathon- phew 😮‍💨. And from 7 to 8 even more so. Thanks for all your comments to my posts and all the likes 👍. It’s a fun ride for sure.
Jed Sheldon
Elena Zanfei
Lawyer Wells
Terri Wilson
Leila Lloyd-Evelyn
New comment 22d ago
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@Terri Wilson For sure a jarr of Gold 😉🥰
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@Catherine Wright that's very good news ¡keep up the good job.!👍
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