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Would be great if Skool would be SCORM or xApi (Learning Management Systems standards) compliant so course content from other LMS systems can be imported to Skool.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Cody McDowell
Cosmin Cosmo
New comment Oct 12
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    SCORM or xApi compliance are LMS standards. I have uses cases in which a client already has some of the content in another LMS. What I want is just import it in Skool with a click and not hire a VA for additional leg work. Thanks, cosmo

Now you can monitor the health of your group with three simple metrics: 1. Total members: How many members are in your group over time 2. Active members: How many members visit your group on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis 3. Daily activity: How active your group is daily over a 365 day period I think we all agree, the most important metric is active members. It's a measure of engagement. Check out your own group metrics and let me know what you think in the comments?



Mitch Wilder
Natu Myers
Cody McDowell
Lucio Guido
Kieza Silveira De Sousa
New comment May 12
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    Downloading reports with metrics in csv format, including graphs for group and individual level would also be great. I have a very specific use case in which I need to provide the client (corporate) weekly reports regarding engagement, progress and completion.

I know Skool is never going to be a CRM and it's better like this but what is the best crm ?



Saqib Rasool
Daniel Luke
Bruno Domingues
Danny Mallinder
Jim Pellerin
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    What are the jobs the CRM should do for you? Start with a list from most important to the least important. Then it would be easier to find what fits you needs. I've used CRMs from a self made in Notion (there's a template for it), to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and the uses cases for each are quite different.

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