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Hello! Welcome to the Leverage for Growth (LFG) Association. The goal of this skool is to help Marketing & PR Agency Owners to reach Financial & Time Freedom by working smarter rather than harder through Leverage for Growth (LFG)! Start by checking out these links - Classroom (Free Courses - Mindset, Leadership, Time Management & More) - Roadmap - Invite Other Agency Owners - Apply to Be a Podcast Guest - Accelerator (Knowledge) - Alliance (Implementation) - Work with Jesse To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. Niche 3. What project you're currently focused on See you in the comments!



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    Hey Jesse! I'm excited to be here. I have a 25-year career as an entrepreneur, sales leader, and, most recently, Chief Marketing Officer for Scorpion, a digital marketing agency serving SMBs where we grew from $20 to $150M in recurring revenue in 6 years. Today, I help agencies and SaaS grow from 7 figures to 8 by doing less, not more.

When you have questions on building a vertical in your agency, who better to ask than the vertical building expert, @Corey Quinn ? Corey has a 25-year track record of extraordinary success as an entrepreneur, sales leader, and Chief Marketing Officer for Scorpion, a $150M+ agency serving SMBs. In this episode, Corey gives an overview on how and when an agency should start building a vertical and specialize on a niche market. Sign Up for Corey's Newsletter! Connect with Corey Quinn on social media! #howto #advice #management #success #agency #vertical #business If you want to be a guest on our podcast, you can apply here. Here are the links to view the podcast as well - Youtube: Link - Web: Link - Spotify: Link - Apple: Link



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I help B2B SaaS and Agencies grow from 7 figures to 8+ by doing less, not more. Former CMO at Scorpion ($20-$150M in 6 years).

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