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The best foundation for growth is to be aware of where are we starting from at a given time. A few days ago when talking with a fellow HoD friend of mine, he mention this test and I thought I would share it here as I believe it to be directly related to professional growth. This is basically an assessment that measures the proportion of your time you are thinking positive healthy thoughts vs the proportion of your time you may be thinking unhealthy, negative or unhelpful thoughts. All of that contributes to your own self-awareness which is paramount for success. https://assessment.positiveintelligence.com/pq/overview I invite you to share your scores and expand a bit about them as a group. I’m sure there will be some patterns amongst all of you that could be interesting to unveil!



Christopher McCullough
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Pedro Andrade
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    Really interesting test to learn more about myself and how I deal with stress/failure. I scored a 61, which they labeled that level as being burdened. Based of the meaning there is some mental recovery practice I have to work on in order to not spend too much time in a negative mental space.

Hello everybody! To get the ball rolling, let's see how spread out is our community around the World in this new platform!



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Christopher McCullough
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  • Super excited to read this material, it has been around 6/7 years since I looked at any sort of advanced math. Since I started diving into python to better understand nuke its definitely some to get excited to get back into.

Watch this video to begin. I look forward to hearing from you in this community



Christopher McCullough
Mazharul Islam Shuvo
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    Thanks for the update, looking forward to seeing all the great things to come!

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