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My Crafty Win!
Yesterday I successfully hosted my first in-person, multi-generational Art & Crafting class here in my community! Look at some of the creations 😃
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My Crafty Win!
My Wish...
I dream of creating a vibrant community that inspires, uplifts, and facilitates realizing each individual's limitless potential, leading to a life of joy, authenticity, and spiritual alignment. The obstacle is that I need members before practitioners will speak and do courses, but I need interesting events and content to get members. What should I do?
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Some ideas: for outreach and partnership - Get a practitioner with a large following to partner with you and use them to get the attention of people who are not already following that person, people who are new to the field. You might be able to lower the barrier to entry in some way. - interview people who are currently enjoying what they get from practitioners and find out what more they would like. Maybe there is a way to deliver on that need that the practitioner can't or isn't interested in doing on their own. - Maybe having a special unique exchange between practitioners (like your forum) who are also curious about other ways and methods different practitioners use would be interested in swapping and attending each other's courses all conveniently brought together by you and your platform. What do you want to focus on and bring as a practitioner? What are some ways that you can share that in this atmosphere?
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My wish is to create a high-end offering that will move a handful of people to reach out to me to engage in a project. The Obstacle is how should I do this? What should I create? How is this best delivered? What is the key to moving them into action!?
Please Welcome New Member Beverley and Big Thank You to Michelle Swetra
@Beverley Woodman joined our community yesterday after experiencing the magic of our Dream Circle sessions led by Michelle Swetra every Tuesday at 4 p.m. Pacific. These gatherings bring new insights and deeper connections among participants, with synchronicities weaving through each unique meeting. I want to thank @Michelle Swetra for leading these sessions and creating a space for open-hearted sharing. It always amazes me how the right people attend each session and how our dreams interconnect. Our Dream Circle sessions are unrecorded as the magic within stays within. These circles are complimentary for all community members, and you can drop into any of the sessions. You can also submit a dream in advance using this form
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Please Welcome New Member Beverley and Big Thank You to Michelle Swetra
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Welcome Beverley! It's so wonderful to have you here 💖 I have found Dream Circle to be both fun and insightful. Check out some of the contributions I have made in the Ignite Your Curiosity found in the classroom tab when you get a chance to peruse.
I want to give a big shout-out to Michelle Wood for her fantastic coaching skills. I had a chance to work with her for an hour yesterday and have had the privilege of working with Michelle over the years. I always enjoy the incite and caring that comes through with the delivery of her coaching and leadership.
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Congratulations Chelsea!
Congratulations to @Chelsea Murray Faraclas on being approved to lead craft workshops at her community Club House! It's wonderful to see her taking her skills out into the real world. I admire all of Chelsea's events, and I'm especially excited about her upcoming online event for Divine Potentiality on May 1st. Join us in celebrating May Day together! 🌸🎉
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Congratulations Chelsea!
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Thank you, Michelle, and those who attended Cats & Crafts and other online crafting sessions with me! Dog + Cat Crafts will be the first theme for my in-person workshops. Your support is fantastic 🤩
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Chelsea Murray Faraclas
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Pranic Healer & owner of Bring Creativity Home. I design custom creative spaces in homes to support the growth & creative interests of your household.

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